Our history

May 20, 2017 3:10 pm


FC Irlande was founded in ABSSA in 1989. It had been discussed for a number of years previously as the number of Irish players who were playing for the existing expat clubs at that time namely Brussels British and British United was growing. A mid week league where an Irish team had participated in from 1983 – 1988 had proved that it could be possible to have the players required to form a new club to play Saturday football in ABSSA. In our first season in ABSSA we were able to field 2 teams. Both teams started in Division 6 .

The 1st team had mainly players who had played in Div 1 or Div 2 so promotion was easily achieved in that first season. A Ladies team was also formed in the early years. The Men’s 1st team went on to gain promotion in the following 3 seasons so in season 1993-1994 we were already in Div 2. Men’s football continued to grow and more teams were formed. Ladies football only lasted for a few years unfortunately due to lack of numbers.

In season 2010-2011 the Club achieved its greatest goal when it won the ABSSA Div 1 Championship just over 20 years since the Club was founded.

Ladies Football started again and in 2015 they joined the Brabant Provincial League, being promoted in their first 2 seasons. A 2nd Ladies team was formed in 2016 and a third one in 2019. Ladies 1 were promoted to the National League Div 2 in season 2018-2019

The Club now has ten teams (6 men’s, 3 Ladies’ and a Girls Academy) and over 200 playing members. It is very diverse with players from over 50 countries appearing in our Green shirts! Our Club has retained its welcoming spirit from its founding members and has been enriched by the many players who have played for us over the last 30+ years. Long may it continue.


For more information about our history, you can download our 25th anniversary booklet hereunder:

Download the FC Irlande 25 Anniversary PDF