Injury – Help and Support

February 13, 2019 5:51 pm

Injuries are unfortunately common in playing football and the right support will assist in treating them in the proper manner of course.

For injuries such as  muscle strains ,hamstring problems,thigh strains  etc.. Rafa Martinez , a professional physio who plays for the club’s 3rd team, is available to advise you on how your injury should be treated. Rafa speaks Spanish,English and French and can be contacted via  email at

If your injury is more serious such as fractures,knee or ankle ligament problems etc …. then you can contact Sports orthopaedic surgeon   Dr Jerome de Muylder. He stands ready to give immediate medical advice by email to players in case of injury and would receive them in consultations at standard reimbursed rates within short notice.
He is resident at the clinics  Delta (CHIREC) and in Schaerbaek (Lambermont).
Contact can be made via email at    French is preferred but he can also communicate in English