May 26, 2018 5:17 pm

Does FC Irlande provide insurance for its members?

The club does not subscribe any insurance. Each member is solely responsible for any corporal or material damage that he causes to himself or others. The Club expects members to be covered by health insurance when taking part in training or matches with FC Irlande. The club declines all responsibility in case of accident, theft or other damages incurred during club events.

However, for its men’s teams, FC Irlande benefits from the coverage of complementary insurance contracted by the A.B.S.S.A football federation for players who are signed up with the Federation and have paid their subscription to the club.

What kind of costs can be reimbursed?

This insurance covers damages resulting from a sports accident, incurred during the activity (official matches or training) or on the way to or from the activity (your direct way from home or work to the pitch), which your health insurance would not cover. This insurance could cover costs of medical treatment, including for dentist or optician, transport costs and invalidity, beyond those already covered by your own health insurance (mutuelle). (It does not cover other costs, e.g. such as damages to your car.)

What needs to be done in case of an accident?

  1. Contact FC Irlande Secretary at
  2. Make available necessary information on the accident as requested and a medical certificate.
  3. The Secretary will open a file with the Insurer and communicate to you your file number and the coordinates of the agent at the Insurance company. You will have to follow up with the agent after this point.

Mutuelle returns: By joining FC Irlande, a registered ASBL Sports Club, you may as well be entitled to a refund on your subscription from your “Mutuelle”. You may need to contact them, but generally forms can easily be found online. The filled form should be sent to to be stamped by the club. The form will be returned to you and you can present this to your Mutuelle for reimbursement.