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Injury Prevention Program

Hi, I'm Rafa Martinez Neira, FC Irlande's physio. 
I would like to share some interesting information I've come across in my day-to-day practice. I think it's a perfect chance to put some of these principles in our football knowledge and therefore improve our game and health.
Stretching has been in many ways a very controversial subject in the past years.
As you know, there are different types of stretching (static, dynamic...) , but in order to get a more global idea of what should be done, let's focus on some major points: 
- Stretching BEFORE a game/ training session is important. 
We all know this, however, we should privilege dynamic (in movement) stretching to static, as the muscle prepares better for physical exertion. This should be done progressively in order to increase muscle temperature and let the muscle adapt to the needs of the effort. There should be no passive stretching at this stage. 
- POST effort stretching is good but should be done in a very gentle way. We could start by some dynamic stretches (cool down) to help tissue repair , followed by some light passive stretching. 
-  The most important thing to recover quicker and better after a training session is to eat a good portion of slow release carbohydrates to restore glycogen levels within 2hours of post effort. (We can ask the staff from the funky monkey or the hairy canary to give us some low fat pasta snacks after the games :) ). 
Having a good hydration before , during and after is super important. We often neglect this part but it s a must. Stretching can help but its not essential. 
- In order to prevent injuries we should forget about the idea of doing passive stretching before a session/game. 
The best way is to stretch on a daily basis to gain flexibility and therefore the range of movement. Dynamic stretching prior to the posture/passive  stretching could do the trick. Of course , healthy eating habits , good night sleeps and good hydration are as important when trying to prevent injuries.
As you are aware , I'm available from 18h45-19h30 at Auderghem training location on Mondays to assess and give advice on what can be done as well as on Thursdays where the IPP  also takes place. ( Doodle sign up : )
If your injury requires further treatment , you can book a session at my practice. 
If you want to know more about this program I can be contacted by email at or by phone at 0494.752333.


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