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1sts get great victory over Portugal to dent their title hopes (10/3/18)

1sts beat Portugal by 2 goals to 1 with Nick bagging both in a tremendous win, After the debacle against Brussels British 2 weeks ago  this win against another of the top teams has got us back on track. It was an ill tempered affair with some unpleasant incidents both on and off the field.

2nds lost 1 0 against Forestois with the opposition scoring with their only real chance.

3rds,leaders of their division ,turned up for their away fixture against Etoile but found that the referee considered the pitch not in order and we will now have to wait to see if the match will be replayed at a later date or we will receive a 5 0 forfeit.

4ths continued their good form with an emphatic 3 0 win against Elan Evere. This has pulled us further away from the relegation scrap and was a much neded win. It was a solid performance. Opposition played with 10 the whole game and struggled to create opportunities. 3-0 at half time after 2 from Juan and 1 from Mario (and a beautiful shot from Tom that almost made goal of the season...he forced me to write that). Second goal from Juan was splendid after a great 1-2-3-4 between him and Ibo and a cold finish. 2nd half was more on the management side and the game ended 4 minutes early because the ref decided the rain was cold.

Vets 1 were up against one of the top teams Forestois and although they competed early on they were eventually overwhelmed losing by 9 2. We had actually come back twice to equalise but they then were awarded 2 dodgy pens but in the end to be fair it didn't matter much. 

Vets 2 lost 3 2 against Elan Evere in a match dominated by 1 of the opposition's players who scored a brilliant goal and made the 2 others. Apparently we discoveredt that this was his debut and he had played at Provincial 1 level recently. We could have done better though and gained at least a point. Scorers : Antonio and Luuk  

Ladies 1 and Ladies 2 both won their games to round off the day on a winning note.