Ladies 1 seeking new head coach

We are recruiting a new Head Coach to lead a talented and motivated group of women in the Belgian Second Division. If you are interested in taking part in this exciting project and would like to be a member of our fantastic community, then please get in touch!     Nous recrutons ! Notre superbe première équipe féminine recherche un -e nouvel-le entraîneur / se pour se charge d'un groupe de femme talenteuses et motivée en deuxième division nationale ! Merci de nous contacter si vous êtes intéressé - e.

FC Irlande Launches Girls Football Academy

The Club will launch a Girls Football Academy at Auderghem on Monday September 7th at 5.30. More details on our Facebook Page

Resumption of Club Activities

As of Monday June 1st we are still not clear  when club activities will be able to resume. It is possible that some pre season training  may be permitted to start in July but this is not certain. The date when the new  season will officially start is also not yet confirmed either although it is hoped that if there is a delay it will not be too long after the beginning of September. Further updates will be made available to the club membership when we have the go ahead from the football authorities.