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After three wins in a row, FC Ireland had to confirm their position in the Top 5 to be able to have greater ambitions.
And it has been done,
From the first second, the Irish team stepped on the ball and put pressure on Euro Union’s defence. Unable to get out because of the pressing set up by the Irish, Euro Union logically cracked a first one after a nice collective movement,
Very quickly the second one fell,
We will highlight the very beautiful celebration of the Irish player who, if he continues, will be able to win “Dance with the Stars”.

From the beginning of the second half, despite the tactical change of Euro Union, FC Ireland was determined not to suffer and the tactical change made by the opponent quickly became the shortest path to defeat,
Very quickly, Euro Union conceded two goals again after some very good collective movements,
The 5th arrived later in the second half and despite the reduction in the score, the Irish concluded one of the most successful matches of the season,

4th consecutive win and 21 goals scored in these 4 games,

Beyond that, it’s the first time the Irish club has managed to start a match so quickly and keep it going throughout the game,

If the next 3 games are well negotiated, the Irish will be able to dream: Top 3, Cup ?

In the meantime, their eyes are focused on a fifth consecutive victory at home against LXG.

Man of the match: Kian


Report by coach Thomas

It was a cold afternoon with a bit of rain as we took the field to play newly promoted Higgins. Our objective was made very clear from the start by the coach and we looked that we were up for it.
We had a slow start to the game but we started controlling all the ball from defence to midfield a few minutes into the match.
Sean and Gaston saw a lot of the ball and were spreading the possession very well. We started our pressing game quickly after losing the ball which resulted in mistakes from the opponents and we started coming close to score.
Sigve , Vincent , Tommy, Sylvain all coming very close to score the first goal and eventually it was from a move from the left flank that Vincent found himself in a lot of space to dribble and send a good cross to our Norwegian Beast who outmuscled the defender easily and scored. 1-0
Meanwhile in midfield , their best midfielder upto that time landed awkwardly from a duel and sprained his ankle (first of the many injuries to happen that day) bringing them down to 10 men. ( Also to note that they had a 57 year old playing defensive mid so that brings them to 9 men ?)
So we try to really continue on the good start , we control almost all the possession with some good combinations but we could not score any more in the first half.
Good , Inspiring team talk at halftime which was much needed helped the team to give a much stronger performance in the 2nd half. We pressed them hard , won the ball and controlled all the possession.
Substitutions were done Thomas Peeters and Rutger entered the pitch for Vincent and Sylvain. Fresh legs made a huge difference as Thomas played good  combinations and often found himself in lot of space on the wing.
We start a nice move from defense to midfield with few one-two touch passes and Karim ending up on the ball on the right puts a low cross into the top of the box . Thomas takes it beautifully with a first time effort to the bottom right which makes the keeper to dive and spill the effort in the 6 yard box. Nair was ready to pounce on it to give the much needed 2-0 lead.
After the 2nd goal, we started playing with even more confidence . Again Karim finds the ball in the halfway line puts a good ball to Nair who is now clear of the defensive line and crosses it into path of Sigve who gets his 2nd goal. 3-0
Towards the end we kill the game away with a 4th goal a cool calm finish from Tommy to find the bottom right corner . 4-0
Another great move from the right sees a good high cross from Karim into the box for Tim who jumps in the air only to change his mind and lose the opportunity ( Big discussion about what happened at that time. Apparently, Thomas Peeters calls for the Ball and Tim leaves it. Thomas Peeters has refused to comment/acknowledge this amidst the controversy)

Great result in the end and plenty of things to improve  (defensive skills of Nair among many others)

We need to stay positive and believe as we will face stronger opponents in the coming weeks before the Christmas break.

MOTM: Sigve
Report by Nair “The egyptian” Sourabh

Tourinnois’ famously skinny pitch witnessed a glut of goals, after FC Irlande chewed through a difficult first half to eventually put seven past their opponents.

If the scoreline failed to reflect the true narrative of the game, it at least illustrated the Firsts’ ruthlessness in capitalising on chances and spells of dominance.

Having trailed early on, the lads fought back to lead 2-1 at the break before doubling their lead in the first minute of the second period – and never looking back thereafter.

It could all have been so different, were it not for some top-drawer ‘camera-saves’ from goalkeeper Eike in the first half. Having gone behind to a well-finished long ball after conceding too much space on the halfway line, Irlande faced a sequence of corner kicks – each a scant consolation for the Tourinnois players, who must several times have thought they had scored.

Having weathered the worst of the pressure, Irlande responded swiftly through Sigve. The forward capitalised on a dithering defence, putting his head in where it hurts (not for the last time that day), before powering the ball beyond the keeper.

Still reeling from the equaliser, and moaning that their defensive laxity was the result of some concern for Sigve’s safety rather than their own ineptitude, Tourinnois then fell behind.

Sigve was central again. This time his marker, taking no chances, manhandled him underneath a crossfield pass and started an almighty row. Suitably distracted, the defence allowed Karim to latch onto the loose ball and drill home his shot between the keeper and his near post.

Straight from kick-off at the beginning of the second half, the Firsts set about putting the game to bed. A neat move down the left flank fed Cillian and Nair on the edge of the box, whose efforts to shoot were charged down by the recovering hosts. The ball broke to Sean Gibson, who swivelled to wrong-foot the stricken defenders and keeper, and fire home Irlande’s third.

Tourinnois were off balance and the lads refused to settle for the advantage they had. With Sigve once again bearing the brunt of some robust defending in the centre, Nair was left with space to collect a long cross on the right flank, run at his full-back, and stick another rasping shot past the goalkeeper at his near post from a seemingly impossible angle. Irlande were 4-1 up before the argument in the middle was even halfway through.

The hosts collected themselves, however, hitting the post with a great shot after a sublime combination in the right channel. They went one better soon after, sweeping home a rebound after Eike had saved the initial shot, to make the score 4-2.

Their intensity couldn’t last though; Irlande responded in kind and penned Tourinnois in their own penalty area. First a long free-kick found Sigve in front of goal, who expertly steered the rising, bouncing ball beyond the stranded goalie with his top lip. Minutes later, with even more finesse – if that were even possible – Cillian returned a cleared corner with interest to find the top corner from the edge of the box: 6-2.

And with the hosts resigned to defeat, the lads were able to add a seventh in the closing minutes. Persistent chasing from Sigve down the right yielded a throw-in that surprised Tourinnois; quickly taken, Sean G had time to cushion it down before easily stroking his shot beyond the keeper and in off the inside of the post. Seven-two the final score, after a strange game and a battling performance.

Goals: Sigve x2, Karim, Sean G x2, Nair, Cillian

MOTM: Eike

Another important game at home this week.

2 main objectives asked by the coach: get our first victory this season at home (also for the coach) and be faster specially in the transition phase. Let’s see if we can do that…

The first important fact is that our opponents were playing with 8 players during 25 minutes. However, the first occasion of the game came from them by playing a long ball to our last 30 yards for their striker who control well, accelerate and take his chance by a great shot into our goal. 0-1 for Entente.

After 10 minutes, FCI started to play better and combine well on the left side with Sylvain and Tommy, who delivered a good center for Sigve to equalize. 1-1.

After this, we had the possession of the ball but we were not enough concentrated and another long ball came into our 30 yards to replay the same occasion. Their striker control well, accelerate and take his chance by a great shot into our goal…again (#copypaste). 1-2.

Once again, we were chasing the ball with one simple intention before half-time: equalize.

After some good chances (corner on the head of Nair and so on …) and very good saves from their keeper, we finally equalize before half-time by another good combination between Sylvain and Tommy, who centered into the box for Vince to finish with the toe. Ugly but efficient, 2-2 Half-Time.

We came more determined into the pitch for the second half after a bitter speech from our coach.

Another important fact, Entente are now 11 on the pitch! So, let’s start a new game in a better way !

FCI created some good movements playing faster and the transition was really better. One of our best occasion in the second half came from our captain who received a second ball from the midfield and took his chances with a powerful shot into the goal. Unfortunately, the ball finished on the crossbar, unlucky captain !

Another good combination on the right side with Cillian for Karim who delivered a good ball to Sigve into the box. Our Sigoal finished smartly and give the advantage to the green team. 3-2 for the greens !

The last goal came from the left side after another good combination with Nair and Sigve, who delivered a smart pass to our “French god talent” Sylvain who gave a perfect ball to Cillian to push the ball into the goal easily ! 4-2 the victory is close.

A nice last occasion initiated by our “man on fire” Sigve from the left side who delivered a beautiful center to Vince who decided to give a present to Cillian to conclude a perfect team movement but…unfortunately we were not able to finish ! the next time for sure 😉

Squad: Slava, Gaston, Sigve, Sean P., Rutger, Cillian, Tommy, Tim, Kevin, Lewis, Nair, Vince, Sylvain, Karim

Subs: Cillian, Rutger, Karim

Goals: Sigve (x2), Vince, Cillian

Assists: Tommy (x2), Karim, Sylvain

MOTM: Sigve


Report by Olivier Giroud

Firsts were up against top of the table Portugal and with a good result against Jefke last week we were keen to take them on. The game started in the worst possible way with them getting an early goal after a long ball through which resulted in a penalty. The sun was straight in our face in the first half which made their long-balls difficult to deal with. They got a second goal with a similar long ball 10 minutes later. We then got a goal after 20 minutes after Vincent was played though which he finished nicely. We then created some chances but did not manage to equalise before half time. Second half was not good from our side, however had Sean scored on a one on one early on the result could have been different. Instead they scored 3-1 and not long after 4-1. In short we did not manage to impose our game on them. They scored on their chances and we did not. All in all a disappointing performance against a good but not great side.

Report by Sigve

The 1st played one of the best team of the league. After the disapointing game of last week, the Irish team realised the best performance of its season. Great possession, great animation, the Irish squads just need to improve itself in front of the goal.

Indeed, FC Irlande right from the beginning decided to keep the ball, with success ! Despite a first attempt saved by the man of the match Darragh, the Irish team missed different chances. However, Jefke scored the first goal on a ball lost in the midfield. On a free kick, the Thomas.P equalized.

2nd half and no changes, the Irish team continued to dominate. On a wonderful action, more than 10 passes from the central back to the midfield, to the right wing to finisf on a center from the left wing, Sean Gibson scored the 2-1.

After that, the team had 3-4 chances in one on one with the keeper. No goal and football is tough ! After a long ball, Jefke equalized.

The team needs to continue like this, the results will come if we continue ! I will repeat this objective, before December, we have the quality to be in the top 5 !

Goals : Thomas P. and Sean G.

Assists : Sylvain and Tommy

Motm: Darragh


Report by Thomas O.

Despite the sun and the strong squad, FC Irlande realised its worst game of the season. From the very beginning, Brussels Ltc put a lot of impact to win all the balls and the Irish team was not ready to face this challenge. Although the squad missed a strong chance when we lost the 1v1 against the keeper, Eike had to save the team several times ! End of the 1st half ! Despite the positive message delivered by the captain, the team was not able to change the history of this game. Brussels Ltc scored the first goal after two or three attempts in the box. And it was not finished, on a free kick, one player was alone to score the second one. After the changes, the games didn’t change and on a counter attack, Brussels Ltc scored the third one. The Irish fighting spirit was not there on this lovely afternoon but Cillian reduced the score on a beautiful free kick. The whole team was not there today and we will have to catch up the points we lost at home. We have a good team, we have to work harder and I am sure that we will be able to find the solution !

MOTM : Eike

Goal : Cillian

Report by Thomas O.

After a disappointed 1-1 draw last week-end, it was mandatory to earn 3 points on this sunny Saturday. La Lorraine Rfc, a team that already lost 3 times since the beginning of this season seemed to be the right victim to beat for winning our 2nd game of the year.

After a terrible warmup on the carpark, we started the game with a 4-2-3-1 formation more focused than the during previous ones which gave us more confidence. For the most part of the 1st half, we had the possession and failed to score. Karim and Sean had a couple chances to score but unfortunately they didn’t. Then we started to slow down a little bit and played on their tempo, until a wonderful kick by Mika that took his chance for a long distance and  scored his 1st goal for his first appearance this year. After this goal, we finished the 1st period stronger even though La Lorraine had a huge opportunity to score. After a save by Slava, on the rebound they had an empty net but Thomas E made a big save for us. Without that save, it will be a tied game at halftime.

Starting the 2nd half with a goal advantage wasn’t that easy but we played with the same mentality than in the first half. Still having the possession, we created opportunities without scoring. Until a beautiful team goal scored by Nair. Pretty much all players touched the ball side to side before Karim showed his dribbling and passing abilities to serve Nair. Ten minutes after the start of the 2nd half, the new father Sylvain made his entrance on the pitch creating a chance to score another goal. But on a one-on-one facing the keeper, he felt without being touched by anybody. Later in the game and still with the possession against a team that was totally disorganized we capitalized for the third time with Karim at the finish. Another team goal, with a steal from Sylvain that gave the ball to Kevin that served Nair who passed the ball to Karim. It was now a 0-3 game but we were still hungry. And it wasn’t so long until the fourth goal was coming. Gaston recovered the ball to pass it to Kevin that scored the final goal of this game.

Game is over with a 0-4 win. A complete team effort with goals and the 1st cleensheat of the year for the team and Slava. It was hard for everybody to find the Man of the Match but with his incredible save that avoid a 1-1 game at the half Thomas E. well deserved the MOTM. We are now standing at the 7th place and have the chance to grab 3 points next week at home against the last team in the league (with 5 loss).


Goals : Mika, Nair, Karim, Kevin


Report by Kevin

It was a case two points dropped for the Firsts on Saturday, as despite dominating possession against a 10 man MTM side throughout the second half, they failed to break down a rugged MTM defence.

Pre-match, capitano supreme Tomito decided to stick with his trusted 4-2-3-1 system rather than reverting to the 3-5-2 wing back system which had proven so effective in the 2-2 comeback against Choule.

The first few minutes were a tight cagey affair. The visitors took the lead half-way through a corner. The MTM centre half met the cross, it was cleared off the line but broke straight to the same defender who comfortable placed his header past Slava into the net.

Things got worse as Andrea was forced off with a groin injury (Get well soon Andrea). The injury saw one of our many Toma’s come-on (Toma Otuszewski) with Toma Lecossois (Not Toma Wieme…) shifting across to left back. The shift worked out well for FC Irlande as soon after Tommy scored what was accurately described by Paul Stanton in the FC Irlande Whatsap group as “a wordly”. Cutting in from the left, he let fly with a 25 year screamer which nestled in the top corner, leaving the MTM keeper with no chance.

The second half begun promisingly for FC Irlande as MTM were reduced to 10 men when their striker was foolishly sent off for mouthing to the referee twice in succession – two stupid yellow cards equalling one very stupid red card. FC Irlande pressed. On came Gastan for Cillian, Kevin for Tommy. In the latter stages Sigve was moved up top but to no avail as we failed to get the decisive goal.

Overall, a disappointed point given our procession dominance and positive performance the previous week. Next up is La Lorraine. Let’s get back to winning ways boys!

MOTM: Tommy “what a goal” Lecossois for a solid performance and a contender for the Puskas 2019 award (Well if Mo Salah can win for that goal, then why not Tomito?).


Report by Cillian

Choule Auderghem 2-2 FC Irlande

September 29th, 2018

FC Irlande Firsts put in a late surge to come from two goals down and claim a draw against Choule Auderghem, keeping the lads in the top half of the table after four matches.

Sean Gibson’s equaliser, after Andrea had halved the deficit only minutes earlier, was greeted by the FC Irlande director of football with a due display of exuberance on the touchline – alas, nothing that was caught on camera, however.

The visitors’ turn of fortune stemmed from changes made at the interval, with the side trailing two-nil. Playing more through the opposition rather than over them, with a switch from 4-5-1 to 3-5-2 and with the introduction of Tim in the centre of midfield, Irlande’s efforts began to yield better results.

The team found themselves chasing the game after a low-intensity first half, where a couple of errors received maximum punishment from a Choule team who, while comfortable in possession, were hardly threatening to tear Irlande apart.

The hosts broke the deadlock moments after Sean G had headed a Sean P cross inches wide at the back post; a long punt forward found that sweet spot between all the Irlande defenders, and in nipped the Choule striker to nod past an onrushing Darragh. Chasing the ball in, Sigve was half a step away from hooking it off the line – but it just trickled beyond him into the corner of the net.

The home side then showed themselves to be happy in possession, even more so for a fairly deep Irlande line that allowed them to advance well into the opposing half before meeting serious challenge. At the other end, Choule’s defence was proving equal to Irlande’s through balls and aerial assaults.

Barring one chance – where Karim flicked through to Sean G, who lost his marker in the left channel before drilling the ball into the goalkeeper’s arms – the visitors offered little threat. All the more disheartening, then, when the hosts chucked a nothing cross into the Irlande box, which was met with a scuffed clearance and a poked finish from the Choule forward. Two-nil the score going into half time.

In the second period, though, the changes and Irlande’s new shape allowed more players to get forward and grind down a tiring opposition. All the same, Irlande initially struggled to test the Choule goalkeeper with meaningful attempts on goal, despite their greater control of the ball.

But the lads kept the faith and continued to pour forward. A couple of warning shots were fired at goal from midfield; crosses were cleared with increasing desperation. Eventually the pressure told – Tommy was teed up for a cross from the right-hand side, finding Andrea at the back post who had time to chest the ball down before stroking the ball past the keeper at close range.

With little more time left to waste in pursuing what had seemed an unlikely recovery, Irlande quickly followed up with their second. Playing out from the back, the Firsts executed a brisk passing play via Thomas O, Sean G, Tim and Karim – the latter a step ahead of his man, centring the ball for Sean G at the back post to bury the equaliser.

MOTM: Tim Hoedemaekers

Goals: Andrea, Sean G

Assists: Tommy, Karim

FC Irlande Firsts were sunk by a late goal against Coin Du Balai on Saturday, suffering their first defeat of the season on matchday three.

Having gone behind to an early penalty, the lads drew level only minutes later and enjoyed strong periods of play. Second-half injuries, however, hindered the search for a winner, before a mix-up in the Irlande defence handed the visitors the winning goal with only minutes remaining.

Both sides struggled to muster meaningful efforts on goal, with Irlande centre-halves Sigve and Thomas Wieme never tiring of repelling Coin’s aerial advances. There was one occasion, though, when Thomas was a touch over-zealous in his effort to halt the visitors – who duly dispatched the resultant penalty to take the lead.

At the other end, the Irlande attack looked most promising on the floor, but it was a long ball from Cillian in the midfield, after good pressure to recover possession, that released Nair through the middle to score the equaliser. The whereabouts of those two Coin centre-backs is still unknown, but thankfully Nair didn’t stop to ask any questions before powering the ball past the keeper into the net.

The hosts were in the ascendancy. Thomas Peeters harried a defender into a mistake in the penalty box, but the ball ran to safety. Then a great team move put Tommy clear away down the right – but he wasn’t able to lift the ball past the keeper, who had stayed on his feet well.

In the second half the game got a little more ragged and the visitors fought well to come back into the game. Nair, meanwhile, had begun to struggle with injury and his departure used up Irlande’s only substitution; not long after, Sigve suffered an awkward collision attacking a corner ball. Quickly the Firsts had to reorganise but the tide turned in the favour of the visitors, who increasingly came to control possession.

There were still chances – Sean Plaice met a Karim corner well with his right foot, but the keeper got down well to parry on the line; another corner saw the ball returned to Karim, whose second cross was headed over the bar by Sean Gibson.

Ultimately the depleted Firsts were undone five minutes from the end, when a pass from Cillian to Thor went awry and the visitors swept up the loose ball. The left winger scooped an assured finish into the far corner of the goal and nabbed all three points for Coin.

MOTM: Thomas Wieme

Goals: Nair

Assists: Cillian


Report by Sean Gibson

For our first away game of the season, the conditions were perfect. Beautiful weather, beautiful pitch and very strong 15-men squad!

The pre-match speech was very detailed and well done by our tacticians Tommy and Karim. And thanks to that, the boys in green were in the game from the start, quickly creating good chances by using the full width of the pitch. The first opportunity came from the left with some nice interplay between Thor and Andrea. They combined well before Andrea whipped in a precise cross between the six-yard box and the penalty spot, where Vince was waiting to finish off the move. But unfortunately he kicked the ball just over the crossbar… As Laurence used to say last year: “Mind your body position!”

5 minutes later, the LXG captain won the ball and started a counter-attack with a long direct ball to one of their strikers who was beaten in the air by Sigve. Unfortunately Sigve’s clearing header was intercepted by their second striker who took his chance with a nice long-range volley. 1-0 for LXG.

This was the right time to show them our Irish spirit and quality to quickly bounce back. Unfortunately though, this “lucky shot” gave LXG confidence and some extra energy which resulted in a couple of good chances for their Filipino striker during the minutes that followed to extend their lead. Though we had another good opportunity with Karim upfront, we were not able to quickly equalise.

10 minutes later though, shortly before half-time, we eventually did manage to equalise after Thor cut out LXG’s strong midfielders with a great long diagonal ball from our left half to Vince on the right wing, who managed to get it down, beat their last defender before hitting the back of the net with a neat cross-shot. 1- 1! Alas celebrations were quickly over after Lewis had to come off injured. Luckily with Thomas W. we had a strong replacement ready to come on.

We started the second half as strongly as we finished the first, with very quick, vertical passing from the back through our midfield to our forwards. After 5 minutes, a quick counter initiated by Sylvain resulted in a corner. Vince took it and managed to put a high ball between the six-yard box and the penalty spot that Sigvorano (Zamorano + Sigve) powered in with an unstoppable header. 1-2 for the visitors!

Shortly after, our “capitano” made two more changes, bringing on Thomas P. and Kevin for Karim and Nair.

At this point, LXG decided to change their strategy by putting one more upfront to increase the pressure on our backline.

But this didn’t affect the spirit of the very determined boys in green who managed to extend their lead after another fine ball from Thomas W. to Vince who extended it to Thomas P. down the right wing who adjusted a precise cross to the second post, where Andrea was lurking for his first goal of the season and to finish this nice team move in style. 1-3 it was!

Now one would think the game should be decided, that the Irish had down the hard part and only had to be keep the result. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, after a long high ball from their defence got into our box and the ref decided to give a soft penalty. Slava almost managed to keep it out but with a strong hand that deflected the ball against the crossbar before eventually crossing the goal line… 2-3. In his last substitution captain Tommy took himself off to introduce Thomas O.. Vince got the armband.

As we already experienced during the pre-season games, a strong team performance, with everyone fighting for each other and the green jersey until the final whistle, would be key to secure the 3 points.

And this paid off after another good combination that started on our left side, went through our midfield, from where Thomas W. passed it on to our right wing to Vince who’s first attempt to cross was blocked, but who managed to get the rebound and find Thomas P. in the middle of the box with his second attempt who nicely slotted the ball home. 2-4.

At this stage, our hard work during pre-season bear fruit, as we kept the tempo high while our opponent started to tire and grant us more space. We clearly got the upper hand and applied more pressure on their defence with quick movement and passing. One such move led to the fifth goal after a nice one-two between Sylvain and Vince finished by Kevin with a cracker under the crossbar! 2-5.

The fact that our five goals were scored by five different players, highlighted the strong team performance even more, especially against a team that is known for not conceding many goals.

Squad: Slava, Thor, Sigve, Sean P., Tommy, Lewis, Nair, Andrea, Vince, Sylvain, Karim

Subs: Thomas 0., Thomas P., Thomas W., Kevin

Goals: Vince, Sigve, Andrea, Thomas P. and Kevin

Assists: Thor, Vince (3) and Thomas P.

MOTM : Vince


Report by Vince

FC Irlande Firsts claimed a point from their first game of the season with a late equaliser at home to newly promoted Euro Union.

Sean Plaice’s long-range effort found the visiting goalkeeper off his line, and was fitting reward for the team’s efforts in the preceding 65 minutes.

The Firsts took an early lead through Karim, who tucked away the rebound when the keeper fumbled Nair’s original effort from the edge of the box.

Going behind appeared to fire some life into Euro Union, who swiftly delivered two goals to the turn the match around.

Firstly, a smart piece of skill on the left flank took out three Irlande players, allowing the charging Euro Union midfielder room to pick his pass to the forward, who took a quick touch before firing low into the net.

Buoyed by their equaliser, Euro Union pressed forward and won a succession of threatening set-pieces – but it was from open play that their second goal came. Having seen their first cross cleared, Union kept the ball in play by the corner flag, centring a second time for their centre-back to power a bouncing header past the goalkeeper.

Much of the rest of the game was spent in the visitors’ half, but Irlande struggled to turn their share of the play into clear opportunities. Crosses failed to connect, while a few half-chances were scuffed and blocked. As both sides tired, the game became scrappier and the temptation to match Union’s more direct style grew harder to resist.

But with only minutes to go, the gamble on more direct play indirectly paid off. Throwing the ball back to defender Sean, the visiting goalkeeper set off from his line in anticipation of another deep cross into his area. That was all the invitation the Irlande man needed to loft the ball over the stricken stopper’s head and into the unguarded goal.

There was still time for a Union player, who hadn’t long been substituted onto the field, to leave a horrible mark on the game – and Nair’s leg. A completely brainless lunge in the midfield earned the perpetrator a red card, and Nair a trip to the hospital for some stitches. Having been kicked up and down the pitch all day by some of the less cultured opposition players, Nair more than earned his man-of-the-match award – it definitely wasn’t a sympathy vote. Definitely not.

A good point for the Firsts, then, and a fair result for all the lads’ hard work; with the addition of a little more incisive play in the opposition half, these kinds of matches can be turned into wins throughout the rest of this season.

MOTM: Nair

Goals: Karim, Sean Plaice

Assists: Nair


by Sean Gibson

It is on a beautiful grass pitch and under a warm sun that FCI 1st started its second friendly game this Saturday against Entente for the preparation of the 2018/19 season.

Four periods of 20 min and unlimited subs to test different configurations and players.


Actually it is with a good mix of “old” and new FCI players that Ireland started the first period. The first 10 minutes saw the Entente team mostly absent and disorganized, however FCI did not take advantage of it to bring some danger in front of their goal: only some shots from 20m outside the goal frame.

It is then with more confidence that Entente finished this first period using their good (indoor football) skills to make the difference in midfield and deliver good balls to their strikers who touched twice the posts of Eike’s goal.

After a short break, FCI came back on the pitch with a bit more of aggressiveness and a higher defense line lead by Thor and Thomas O. to press Entente midfielders. This lead to more spaces and balls for Irish strikers: Andrea received a nice ball from left wing, chest control and volley in one move finally blocked by Entente’s keeper; on left wing (again!) Robbie cleverly attracted and spread the opponent defense before to perfectly serve Sylvain, alone in center, who had just to softly win his duel against the keeper with a crossed shot. 1-0 for FCI!


The third period starts with an even higher and more aggressive pressing, lead in center midfield by Moubarrak who strongly disturbed Entente midfield. It is after a such pressing that Robbie found Karim on right wing who adjusted a very accurate cross (right between keeper and penalty spot) to Andrea who closed this superb team movement. 2-0 for FCI. FCI pressure kept increasing on an Entente’s team who started to get overwhelmed and lose its mind. Robbie logically obtained a penalty after a desperate fault from Entente’s center back: Karim took his responsibilities. 3-0 for FCI.

Short break to confirm the strategy: keep pressing high and strong and play as much as possible on ground using our great team organization. The game was definitely into FCI’s hands and except some isolated shots which allowed Eike to dazzle the public with some nice stops, Entente could not create any danger. At mid-period, on  a new collective attack from FCI, Luis got the ball just before surface line and triggered a powerful shot in the opposite top corner, superb! 4-0 for FCI. As it is the culture in FCI, everyone played until the last minute, and it is on a very collective movement enhanced by Moubarrak and Thomas W. passes, that Kevin scored the final goal. 5-0 for FCI!


Very good performance which is a good omen for the beginning of the official season next week.

Moubarrak obtained a well diserved Man of the Match for his impressive game!

Amb. Auderghem 2-3 FC Irlande
FC Irlande took a comfortable 3-2 victory over Ambiance Auderghem in this pre-season friendly, though they could have won by a greater margin.
Nonetheless it was a strong team performance against a possession-hogging opposition.  A strong start saw Irlande stealing the ball numerous times in the opposition half, building good pressure before Vince finished an incisive move, prodding home Thomas Earl’s through pass.
Ambiance kept the ball well thereafter, but were unable to do anything with it in the face of Irlande’s strong positional discipline and alert marking. A little way into the second half Sylvain and Thomas Peeters combined to release Vince, who beat his man on the right side of the area before firing low across goal into the bottom corner: 2-0 Irlande.
The home side looked deflated – but not for long, soon gifted a route back into the game by a very soft handball call by the referee, resulting in a penalty. Ambiance’s midfield playmaker, No. 8, hit a strong finish into the bottom-right corner to reduce the deficit.
As both sides tired, gaps appeared and mistakes became more frequent. Nair appeared to have put the game to bed with a little over 10 minutes to play, latching onto a short backpass and rounding the keeper to make it 3-1 to Irlande.
But only a few minutes later, at the other end, a misjudged header in the Irlande backline allowed the Ambiance winger in, with time to let it drop before powering the ball into the roof of the net.  It made for a slightly nervy, scrappy last few minutes, but Irlande retained their composure well and saw out the victory.
MOTM: Sylvain
Goals: Vince x2; Nair
Assists: Thomas Earl; Thomas Peeters; the Ambiance back-four.

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FC Irlande 1sts

  • Coach : Thomas Otuszewski
  • Captain : Tommy Lecossois

Top goals scorers

  • Sigve 8
  • Nair 5
  • Karim 5
  • Sean G. 4
  • Vince 3
  • Cillian 3
  • Andrea 2
  • Kevin 2
  • Thomas P. 2
  • Tommy 2
  • Sean Plaice 1
  • Mika 1
  • Kian 1

Top goals assists

  • Nair 5
  • Tommy 4
  • Vince 4
  • Karim 4
  • Sigve 4
  • Sylvain 2
  • Cillian 2
  • Kian 2
  • Thor 1
  • Thomas P. 1
  • Gaston 1
  • Tim 1
  • Sean P. 1
  • Rutger 1