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On the first bright and sunny day in Belgium for the past 50 years, the boys in Green went to play away at (our former) training home: Auderghem….with the suspension of some players (whom we will not name) and others deciding that they don’t care about winning anymore and went on « holidays », Captain Pep Self had to ~improvise~ carefully crafted my a new strategy : Max in goal and a one-time 5 (Matteo, Villu, Andreas, Ryan and Hadri), 2 (Booba and PA) 3 (Benji, Alva and Georgie)…the boys started the game with a bit of laziness and got several attempts from the opposition (none which were dangerous). The ref decided to get involved and distribute yellow for each and every words spoken by Ireland the same way Jesus (or The Lord according to ⁨Luis Ramos⁩) distributed bread …. An unfortunate fall from Andreas led to his thumb being dislocated and Pep Self to adapt the system by bringing in Gabba and setting for a more
Classical 4-4-2 …the game went on with no clear chances on either sides (and the red deciding not to whistle nor give yellow cards to the opposition despite clear and dangerous faults, including a ninja quick in Max’s chest …the game kept on worth some opportunities for the boys but none that led to a goal. A clear penalty was not whistled by the ref. Neil came in for Hadri and had a couple of runs, including one that led to a cross to Gabba who unfortunately could not score his header ….Alva was sent off for a second yellow and the game ended on a bitter 0-0….14 games undefeated is the only take away from today …
MOTM : Max
DOTM: Alva (because of the
red despite an overall strong performance)

Mud bowl 2023. At a distant cow patch in the middle fuck nowhere an utter mud fest was fought out and football took a back seat..in a game of very few chances the boys went 1 up when a miscued half-volley from Lolo landed at Amadou’s feet (in an offside position) and he tucked it away calmly. Because the goal was allowed by stand-in ref JSS in order to keep the peace the greens showed some fantastic sportsmanship and allowed the position to score unopposed. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long to get our goal as 10 minutes later Benji scored straight from a corner to make it 1-2. The boys rode their luck in the second half but stayed firm for the three points as a couple missed chances from us and a couple close calls for the opponent where the only real highlights of a very turgid affair
Motm : Papiiiii

Another cloudy and cold morning (which for Gabi was perfect weather conditions) and the boys were looking to extend the winning streak. The coaches decided to change the formation a bit playing a not so classic 4-3-3 trying to control the midfield. The game didn’t start as we expected, Enghien was winning the first balls and trying to attack mostly with long balls on our right side. After a slow return from our side and a few missed tackles we found ourselves 1-0. The team spirit of the last few months didn’t let the greens get disappointed, finally started winning some battles and after a long ball from Maxi, Benji took advantage of the miscommunication of their defense and after a good run finished with a nice shot on the left side. 1-1 on halftime which honestly was more than enough for the greens. Second half started with Ama entering the pitch and the team changing the formation in a classic 4-4-2. After a corner from Lolo in the first minutes, Alva got the ball the defender tried to get it away by sending the ball in his own post. That was the last good play from Alva because two minutes later he got fouled and someone stepped on his hand giving him a nice purple colour along with the swelling. George was called in for the sub and he decided to change the game. First came a great save from Maxi with his toe keeping the game tied and a few minutes later after a great ball from Brioche, George ran in the back of the defense and while everyone was expecting a cross he shot it with his left in the first post giving us the lead. 2-1. Enghien has completely turned the game in a rodeo, pushing the lines very high and giving away many chances for counterattacks which were mostly called offside by the ref. Another good pass by Julian, great run from Amadou who beat his defender got in the box and passed it to Benji who scored his second for the day. 3-1. And when we thought the game was over Enghien tried to fight their way back, scoring a second goal and giving us some anxiety in the bench. George had other plans though, another great run another great long ball from Brioche, pass to Lolo, easy finish, 4-2 and the unbeaten streak continues for the hottest team in Europe for 2023. On to the next one !

On a sunny/rain/hail Saturday the boys in Green were ready to celebrate Brioche’s Dad a.k.a Michel from Saint-Brieuc.
After 5 minutes and great passing games someone to Julian (Jules Kounde style) in between the 2 (stones) defenders to Lolo who killed the keeper. 1-0 up we are hot ladies and gentlemen.
But then with the weather changing our mood and fighting spirit declined. Benji and Alva trying to run track and field with 7 offsides in 20 minutes didn’t help that much.
Confusions occured but nothing bad happened in the end and we reached the half with 1 goal ahead.
Coach John made a great emotional speech saying basically that we were retarded and we needed to find the fingers stuffing our asses.
Second half was way more under control. Brioche gave brilliantly the ball to Lolo at the 30 meters, turn fast and hit the net like a proper Giroud.
Game done the special sub JPP missed a 1 on 1 last minute after making love to the keeper but.
Not the best performance/opponents (only 11 players) but the most important was done.
Michel was proud of his son and impressed by this bunch of nice guys.
We can all go to sleep reassured.
The story of our irish remontada is still ongoing ladies and gentlemen.

Sorry for the delay boys, Match report :

Spoiler alert : Losing is not an option for 2023 and not in the FC Ireland Dictionary.

Tough game today vs 2nd of the league, New Arquois who were eager to take revenge after losing the 1st game.
Captain Ryan decided to start against the strong wing to finish like Usain Bolt at the Olympics. After 1 minute, Hadri get the ball back and passed to Benji who managed despite the pressure, to give back to Alvaro, who gave it to Julian in midfield. Like a young Iniesta, he managed to give a beautiful pass behind the defense for Lorenz, who for once, manage to score in his 1st opportunity 😘 What time is it ?
1 min, 1-0 for FC Ireland. Well deserved.

Boys in green were much better when Hadri decided to help the opponent with a wonderful assist for the number 9… 1-1. Not deserved…

Few minutes later, New Arquois with a top corner shot, took the lead. 2-1. Not deserved…

Despite the wind, boys in green where showing a beautiful football and got some opportunities with Benji and Riceputi but couldn’t score. BTW, our best defender-striker could have scored an amazing curly top corner goal if the keeper wouldn’t have decided to turn into 2018 World Cup Lloris.
1-2 at half time. Not deserved…

Second half started with the wind behind the back and boys in green were showing why we are undefeated in 2023. Nice movement, nice intensity.
And then, freekick slightly on the right. Our Loloinho international, took the ball. With the fire in his eyes, we all know. What time was it ? You already know. Booooom. 2-2, well deserved.

Boys in green were pushing to get what they deserved, but number 9 managed to score again. 2-3, undeserved.

Ireland didn’t lose their cool and kept playing their beautiful football they are famous for. After a shot of Alvaro saved by the keeper, what time was it ? Lolo’s time again. Yes 3 goals for Juventus boy.
3-3 well deserved.

Matteo almost produced a super goal with a back heel shot but New Arquois Lloris was there again…

Somehow, unexpectedly, New arquois managed to score a 4th goal. Undeserved…

5 min left, is it going to be the 1st defeat of 2023 for Ireland 🇮🇪?
This is when our lethal weapon named Jean-Pierre Papin/ Gineste decided to shoot with his left foot (usually only used to go in the bus) to score an amazing goal. 4-4, well deserved. End of the game !

Today, boys in green showed again a strong spirit with the hate of losing.
Losing is not an option for these guys.

Now our head are towards Union JP, 3rd of the league, who will come with revenge after their defeat at the 1st game.

MOTM : Lorenz (*3)
DOTM : Hadrien for his super nice gesture with the assist

Sometimes the best exhibitions are not in museums. Wanna learn about Neanderthals? ABSSA league will provide you with genuine specimens.

The boys in Green faced a team formed by a caricature of gangsters overexcited. From the very beginning, the opponents showed a lot of intimidation (their only weapon) and little football. The 2nds stayed calm, only threatened with useless long balls, and managed to create some chances. Amadou controlled the ball, gave it to Julián who, oddly enough, scored on a 1vs1. A bit later, Benji, as an homage to old wingers, ran on the touchline, dribbled and crossed to Ama, who put the ball in the net.

After half time, a unfortunate clearance ended up on the opponents feet and his shot was stopped by Matteo, allegedly with the arm. Penalty and 1-2. The 2nds didn’t panic and kept playing sharply. Actually, the show only started. Lolo scored the third after a smart assist by Gab. And afterwards, lovely one-twos led to electric counterattacks. Lolo returned the gift to Gab, who elegantly switched sides and Benji, surprisingly not offside, scored. In the meantime, Álva could’ve increased the score but decided to emulate Morata. No worries, poetic justice, Amadou’s coup de grace closed the game, assist to Gab and 1-5.

During the celebration, a brawl began because of the opponents spat on Amadou. The opponent and Amadou (unfairly) sent off, which doesn’t tarnish a brilliant individual and collective performance.

MOTM: Amadouuuuuuuuu!!!!
DOTM: He pays the bowlings.

Another cold morning in our home pitch. Our boys lined up with some differences, keeping last games’ winning mindset. The British boy’s lineup consisted of tall players, and Mr. Olympia on their left wing, who gave George some work, and Alva some pre-game orgasms.

A strong start from British United they really pushed us for 20 minutes straight after the kick-off. Our boys were all over the place, making rushed decisions and were unable to keep the ball.
Following a foul, united crossed the ball to our box, and unable to clear the ball fast, the greens conceded an easy, but fair goal, 0-1 for united, who were the only ones in the game until that point.
Determined to keep the unbeaten 2023 streak, Ireland started gaining some ground gradually, and started playing with their head (the one on top). Unable to score despite some chances, the first half ended 0-1.
We came back strong for the second half, and after a magical assist by Gaba, Ama scored for the equalizer, 1-1.
The match continued without any spectacular football from both sides, but Ireland conceded a cheap goal from a cheap foul (again). United crosses in our box, and an unfortunate mistake by Maxi (who maybe fantasized about the DOTM trophy for weeks ❤️) lead to 1-2.
For the last minutes of the match, we pushed hard and won a strategic foul outside their box. Villu run from the back to align for a header, Lolo crosses high, and after an unfortunate madjer attempt by Matteo, Villu pushes the ball to the corner of the net, for a 2-2 equalizer. End of the game. 1 point for Ireland who honestly did not deserve much more.

The crew of Le Gars assembled today to perform one of the biggest heists known to the human world. The news were not in the favour this morning as ‘George Clooney’ the captain of the heist was feeling sick and needed to rest.
The weather conditions were ideal to perform the heist with sun and not too cold.
Determined the crew started playing really concentrated in the first half by controlling the game and making some quite good chances in their attempt to hijack the opponent’s vault.
Alvaro and Gaby had good chances and shots but they were unlucky. Opponents tried to score with long balls on the wings but defence was keeping strong. In one of their efforts a ball crossed the Defence, Papi tackled the ball and on the rebound they managed to shoot and scored. Despite their undeserving goal based on their appearance the crew of Le Gars didn’t back down. We pushed again and made some chances closing the first half 1-0.
Concentrated, determined but above all united they came in the second half to prove that they could perform this Heist with success.
The second half was a show with one protagonist. FC Irlande. The opponents did not manage to make a single chance on the second half and it was a matter of patience for the crew to steal the game. After some very good chances a corner was executed by Lolo the ball passed from their whole defence and Papi Chulo was there just to tap in and losing his virginity on goalscoring.
After this point, everyone in the field saw who was the best team. Continuous chances, 2 crossbars and the attacking squad of Le Gars being unlucky missing many chances for a big score. Until the point that a foul was won in the midfield. Brioche made a cross to the left side finding Hardi who with a sweet cross found Fabi who with one touch scored the 2-1 which was also the final score of the game.
The best Heist I have watched this team to perform and everyone gave their 100% and performed in their greatest standards!!!
Allez les Gars 💚💚💚

Good afternoon, first of all, happy birthday to Mushu’s owner.
It wasn’t the best game but we competed, fought and, most importantly, got the 3 points for the first time at home all season.
The first half we were in control and our second top scorer and motm (Matteo Sochaux) managed to put the ball in the goal in a play full of rebounds inside the box.
The second half was a bit of an apotheosis, we lost control and the game became a back and forth affair. Despite this, the opposition only managed to threaten our goal through a direct free kick that hit the crossbar.
Finally, through a counter attack and a great pass from Clement, the person who pays the bowlings dribbled the keeper and scored to seal the game in favour of the green team.
I think that’s it, see you at 17:00 at my favourite place.
I pay the bowlings


First game of 2023 on home turf and Nossegem welcomed the boys in green and their today’s opponent La Lorraine with typical January conditions – light rain and stormy winds, making the whole playing-quality-football element of the game much more difficult to achieve.

FCI, starting downwind, took the initiative, but did not manage to create much danger in the opponents box. Rather after the first 10-15 minutes La Lorraine started to get more into the game and contributed to the first half highlights by hitting the outside of the post and, luckily for us, blowing a 1-on-1 after a bad pass and a turnover in the midfield. First half ended 0-0.

Second half and FCI prepared itself mentally for the wind and rain in their faces and difficulties in getting the ball up. Similarly to the first half the team playing upwind suffered more in the beginning, but then started to recover. No major chances from either side, until 15 min into the half La Lorraine received a free kick from 20 metres and their forward curled it beautifully over keeper’s fingers to the back top corner. 0-1. This made boys in green just more frustrated and this time this frustration was put in the right place. FCI continued to press and about 5-10 minutes later, after a fight for the ball in the midfield, the ball ended at Amadou’s feet on the edge of box. First shot was a bulls-eye in to the defenders jewels, but reacting fast, Amadou put the rebound neatly next to the post for 1-1.

Though FCI still managed to get the ball dangerously to the box a few times, that’s where it ended. Overall a good game, against good opponents, although faces in the locker room showed that there was hunger for more. But we’ll bring this hunger to the next game next week.

!!! Match Report !!!
New year, new line-up for the boys in GREEN with Mike⁩ and Neil⁩ rejoining the ranks. Also from the Isle of Ireland, “fresh” in the flesh Brendan⁩ and ⁨Lughaidh, with the latter eager to officiate the match. Sun shining bright, les Gars kicked off against Besace hoping to press them high and fast but ultimately the first half finished uneventfully. Limited changes and little possession caused a rift between a few lads. Subsequently, John kicked the shit out of the life-less white board and ‘enough was said’. The second half started on the same basis. Then unexpectedly, their fullback decided pass across his backline and long-legged ⁨Amadou⁩ intercepted, swiped right on the keeper and confidently placed it in the back of the net. The boys were up 1-0. Besace tried throwing anything and everything forward but without any luck. Thus sealing the first of many wins for les gars in 2023!!!
MOTM Amadou⁩ & ⁨Nate

A beautiful day of football ahead for the boys in green. Foggy weather, negative temperature, Gineste late, Scheut at home, one of the league’s best ref (no joke) and an English fiasco in sight. Ireland started pedal to the metal, with Alva hitting the post after barely one minute and total control of the game. 0-0 halftime, no chances at all for the opponents, except a little mistake at the back. Second half started on the same basis, bringing a lot of danger on Scheut’s goal. Alva, Matteo, Ama… many were close, but none beat the keeper. Lot of dirty plays from Scheut, who finished down to 10, but it was not Ireland’s day. 0-0 FT, it didn’t come home, and it won’t tonight either. Hasta luego

⚽ *Match report* ⚽

In one of these Wallonian towns, the boys in green fought against all the elements.

Following the instructions of their captain, the team started the match being aggressive and stepping up efforts. And it worked. Gab did one of his classic winger runs, outplaying the left back, and made a beautiful cross to Amadou, who put the ball on the net with an impeccable header. A few minutes later, Lolo gave a lovely pass over the defense with pinpoint accuracy to Julián, who finished the action in one touch. 0-2. The team didn’t really suffer.

In the 2nd half, the boys in green had to double the efforts. An unbreakable defense maintained the score and some good counterattacks could’ve ended in the 0-3. The opponents scored in the final minutes but the 3 points had already an owner: FC Irlande. Come on!!

MOTM: Gab, Matteo, Nate ex aequo.

A great philosopher once said « you need to score more than you concede »…
On a cold but bright day in Anderlecht, the boys in green were playing against arch-enemy (Union JP)
The boys started very well, spirit high, concentrated and fighting in every ball with the grinta of Saudi Arabia (but while caring about human rights) the Lads were controlling the game but after a fault not whistled and a lack of clearance from our boys, Union managed to score a goal out of nowhere totally against the course of the game …the boys kept their heads up and kept fighting until the end of the first half …the second started as well, no drip in intensity …the opponents had no opportunities and then came the light : Gineste was pissed off to realize some had mistaken the « JP » of Union JP for Jean Pierre Papin and set on correcting that mistake: he score a nice goal in the left of the keeper proving he is the one and only JPP. The boys kept the intensity high and kept pressuring the opponent. They could not clear a ball from their box, and inadvertently put the ball in their own goal…2-1….you think the boys were finished …No, sir…that ain’t enough …we kept pushing and ultimately got a 3-1 from Gabi …who still was not finished and almost score the 4-1 in the end …
A beautiful team spirit and intensity with each an every player fighting on each and every ball…the win was totally deserved …
In the end, we scored (much!) more than we conceded :3-1 …then end (…for now…)

Lovely weather to play a nice game vs Tourinnois.
Solid starting line up from the boys in green with one of the strongest bench of the league
Energy was not really here first half where a couple of mistakes made Tourinnois led 1-0 at half time.
Few minutes after second half, a red card toward FC Irlande followed by 2 others goals from the opponent and we thought the match was over.
But this is not knowing les gars, where they decided to show a bit of intensity and fighting spirit. Nice counter attack from Lorenz, great work from Amadou, nice unselfish pass from Gabi to Lorenz, and lucky goal from Lorenz.
Few minutes later, the best center back / striker of the league, that would have been selected for the World Cup if Macedonia wasn’t too strong as opponent, Matteo managed to score another goal with 3 minutes to play. But it was too late
3-2 for Tourinnois.

I could copy paste what Gabi wrote, this is exactly my mentality right now and it should be the same for everyone.
Love you

The seconds were travelling to Enghien with a dire need to get a win. Despite a late arrival and a short warm up due to a an administrative confusion, the boys in green started the game seriously as a block. The game was even with some chances on both sides until a deadly counter attack: Ionut with a long ball from the left to Gaby on the right who gave the ball to Lolo at the entrance of the box for a beautiful shot with a bounce that left the keeper jumping on the grass/swamp in vain. Some minutes in the second half, the opponent obtained a free kick 20m away, the guy shot right in the wall (which Donald Trump wouldn’t have been proud of), the ball passed through it and one of their strikers just had to shoot leaving no chance to Max. A few minutes later, Brioche got the ball back in our half, immediately launched Lolo with a nice pass on the right side, who then had a solo run, entering the box and shooting to the second post making it 1-2 for Ireland. Brioche then almost scored one of the goals of the season with a stunning volley from 35m away which unfortunately ended up on the cross bar. The last 15min of the game saw the opponent pushing hard with a couple of chances and only counter attacks for the boys in green. A couple of yellow cards on both sides but no other goal in this game and the final score was 1-2. A great win for the team that desperately needed it!
MOTM: Lolo

On a calm and cool Saturday morning, the seconds had an important task in front of them to put an end to the series of losses. The pressure was on and the team got pumped up for the game by some neatly selected Black Sabbath tunes.

The game started with a rather low intensity, with some half chances for both sides, mainly from set pieces. The opposition played through the Greens’ lines with some smart one-two combinations. One of these proved fatal for Ireland, as their striker was played through with a double one-two down their right wing and finished calmly with a low strike. The first half ended with some better movements from Ireland and after a minor collision between the keeper and Amadou the former produced a racist slur, after which he was rightly sent off.

Even though the Greens had some issues with discipline in the first half, the half time helped to regain concentration. During the second half, the Greens were producing some good passing, without being enough clinical in and near the opposition box. The opposite team made their bets on parking the bus, wasting time and occasionally counter-attacking, being a man down.

The answer from the Irish did not seem to be coming, until Alex picked up a loose ball outside of the 16-yard box, controlled the ball nicely, slalomed past three defenders and guided the ball in the top-left corner. With five minutes remaining, it was the opposition that reacted and with 10 men tried to push for the winner. The goalkeeper Christian also had to step up on one occasion. It ended 1-1 and the boys in Green managed to end the losing streak, while being disappointed with not getting more out of the second half with one man up.

In a beautiful summer (ooops November) afternoon the Seconds faced Braine Storming, high ranked in the league. There were all the conditions to have a tough match, hot weather, one sub obly for us, tough opponents with many subs available and few men available for the boys in green. Kepa J Rueda was protecting the goal of the Irish. From the beginning of the match the men in green showed their fighting spirit and the match was even till we made two unlucky passes and the men from Brain l’Alleud scored twice in the first ten minutes. This didn t put us down and we fought courageously till the moment that Alvaro put a brilliant corner and Ryan with a strong header put the results on the 1-2. With few minutes to go we created more occasions with a couple of corners for us, great finish of the first half. The two teams were at the same level in the game. The second half started well with a great pressure by us but after ten minutes a shot from outside the box by the Braine team ended in the top corner of the goal of the Irish. The men in green were still in the game and Alex with a great kick hit the post at the right side of the keeper. Few minutes later an unlucky bouncing in front of our box produced the 1-4. Again, we did not give up and beautiful actions were created by us and we hit a cross bar with a great header of Lolo. Great courage! Just before the end we got the 1-5 in a obvious counter attack by l ‘Alleud boys and soon was the end. Tough loss, but many positive points to bring with us with all the opportunities created by the Green boys! Heads up we will come back stronger!

Bitter, bitter, bitter loss against Beans on Toast United. Completely underserved. The Seconds adjusted the lineup and were in total control through out the affair. The Brits capitalized on two speculative crosses in the Irlande box to take home as many points as they’ve had prime ministers in the last three years.

Back at home after two weeks playing away. The game didn’t start well for the Seconds as they concede the first goal after a few minutes. But we kept pushing and managed to score just before halftime thanks to a header of Matteo. 1-1. Unfortunately the boys in green were again down one goal after a lucky goal of the opponent. Final result : 1-2.

Short report: Tough day for the boys in green vs. Curtis L’Ausele. Started off on the back foot, went down a goal after a couple minutes, 0-1. The situation didn’t improve, and shortly after FCI conceded a second, 0-2. Play continued, and a bright spot in the form of Benjamin Benjaloun presented itself, slotting home a clinical finish from a Gaby assist, 2-1. Before the halftime whistle, Curtis was able to put away another goal, 3-1. After the half, FCI had a multitude of chances but no resulting goals. Final whistle blew, 3-1 full time score.

During one of the maybe last splendid Saturday’s of the year, the Irish convincingly showed their determination at the Lorraine’s pitch to follow up with their good start into the season. A good half was early on marked by strong pressure on the opposite defense. Gaby, in a sly way, seized the ball from the last defender and got it in the low right back. 1-0 for Irelande. The first half was pretty much dominated by the Greens. Amadou and Benji had opportunities, our midfield dominated.However, Lorraine attacked severely at the beginning of the first half and surprised our team with an early equalizer. The Greens started to lose a bit of discipline and the easy game flow it displayed in the first half. Some opportunities in the box have not been seized and Lorraine consequently scored the winning goal. Final result, 2-1. Fc Irelande 2 knows they can do better and will rise next week, without a doubt 💚🤍

Unfortunate 1-1 draw at the fortress of Nossegem against a decent Besace (pronounce Italian style Versace) side. The boys in green had the control of the ball most of the 1st half but struggled to create proper goal scoring opportunities. 0-0 at half-time. A cross at the beginning of the 2nd half and Irlande were 0-1 down but heads up. Quickly after another cross now from Gabi and a header by Amadou and it was 1-1. Then a dominating last 20 minutes with several chances here and there but the score didn’t change. Final whistle.
Onto the next challenge at home next weekend!

Comfortable win in the end for the 2nds in the season opener. After a 0-0 first half lacking quality, the 2nds burst into life the 2nd, going 0-2 up through Mathias Gineste and Villu. Scheut pulled one back through a dubious penalty, before Amadou ran through to bury a third goal and kill the tie. Could have been 6 or 7 in the end with more clinical finishing, but a great start to the new season all round!

All fixtures and results

#1 September 17, 2022 Scheut FC 1 - 3 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#2 September 24, 2022 FC Irlande Men 2 1 - 1 Report Besace RFC
#3 October 1, 2022 Lorraine RFC 2 2 - 1 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#4 October 8, 2022 Curtis L’Ausele 3 - 1 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#5 October 15, 2022 FC Irlande Men 2 1 - 2 Report Azur RCS 1
#6 October 22, 2022 British United 1 2 - 0 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#7 October 29, 2022 FC Irlande Men 2 1 - 5 Report Braine Storming
#8 November 5, 2022 FC Irlande Men 2 1 - 1 Report Etincelle FC 1
#9 November 12, 2022 Enghien Amical 1 - 2 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#10 November 19, 2022 FC Irlande Men 2 2 - 3 Report Tourinnois FC 1
#11 November 26, 2022 Union JP 1 1 - 3 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#12 December 3, 2022 New Arquois FC 1 1 - 2 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#13 December 10, 2022 FC Irlande Men 2 0 - 0 Report Scheut FC
#14 January 7, 2023 Besace RFC 0 - 1 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#15 January 14, 2023 FC Irlande Men 2 1 - 1 Report Lorraine RFC 2
#16 January 21, 2023 FC Irlande Men 2 2 - 0 Report Curtis L’Ausele
#17 January 28, 2023 Azur RCS 1 1 - 2 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#18 February 4, 2023 FC Irlande Men 2 2 - 2 Report British United 1
#19 February 11, 2023 Etincelle FC 1 1 - 5 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#20 February 18, 2023 FC Irlande Men 2 4 - 4 Report New Arquois FC 1
#21 February 25, 2023 FC Irlande Men 2 2 - 0 Report Union JP 1
#22 March 4, 2023 FC Irlande Men 2 4 - 2 Report Enghien Amical
#23 March 11, 2023 Tourinnois FC 1 1 - 2 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#24 March 18, 2023 Cobra Team 0 - 0 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#25 March 25, 2023 FC Irlande Men 2 - Cobra Team
#26 April 1, 2023 Braine Storming - FC Irlande Men 2

FC Irlande Men 2

  • Coach : John-Simon Sparks
  • Captain : Ryan Self

Top goals scorers

  • Lorenz Blanco 10
  • Amadou Boubacar 8
  • Benjamin Benjelloun 5
  • Matthias Gineste 3
  • Gabriel Jacqmin 3
  • Matteo Riceputi 3
  • Julian Rueda 2
  • Villu Varjas 2
  • Fabian Figueroa 1
  • Alvaro Lopez 1
  • Andreas Papadopoulos 1
  • Alex Redmond 1
  • Ryan Self 1
  • George Smyrlis 1

Top goals assists

  • Gabriel Jacqmin 8
  • Lorenz Blanco 4
  • Amadou Boubacar 3
  • Benjamin Le Coz 3
  • Benjamin Benjelloun 2
  • Julian Rueda 2
  • Clément Dillies 1
  • Alvaro Lopez 1
  • John-Simon Sparks 1
  • George Smyrlis 1
  • Hadrien Valembois 1