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For our 2nd game of the season, we were opposed to Chiefs 2.
Line-up: Francois/Stefan-Nicolas-Villu-Pierre-Antoine-Stefan/Giuseppe-Rafa/Sergiu-Marius-Ionut/AJ
Subs : Virgil (40’) Julian(55’) Pierre (65’)
The game started on an up tempo rythm but very early Chiefs started to put their footprint on the game. They combined a lot using the whole pitch and they seemed capable to accelerate at any moment. After less than 15mn, they scored the 1st goal. One of their winger made an incursion to the center and made a perfect assist to his forward who made a good call and got rid of Francois before pushing the ball behind the line.
Chiefs continued to dominate. We had a hard time building some sequences and it seems our only option was to throw long balls. These were never a worry for the defense of Chiefs never caught off guard. 15 minutes later, the locals added a second goal on a corner. On that action, we left the few Chiefs players that got into the box unmarked including and the same forward who scored the 1st goal made us pay for our mistake.
At half time it was 2-0. On 2nd half we started the game with three midfields. Chiefs was still dominating and creating the best opportunities for the 1st half but progressively the team finally found some dynamic. We touched the bar twice and their goalkeeper made a couple of saves too. To be fair, Chiefs begin their rotation quite early which explained also their less firm grip on the game but it was still positive to see the 3rds playing until the last minute.
Final score: 2-0 for the locals and 1st loss of the season for the Turds. A good lesson for us and a reminder for us that we are no longer in 4th division.
MOTM: Nicolas

A historic day for the 3rd team of FC Irlande, our very first game as a promoted team in 3rd division. And to inaugurate this season, we got to play Sicula AS, a team we know well because we are stuck in the same group for the 2 last years. The oppositions against them are usually very tense and colored with a lot of yellow cards, some red cards. Not a great atmosphere to play football but so far we managed to remain undefeated (3 wins and a draw).

We started the game with the following line up:


Pierre-Antoine Stefan Villu Bruno

Rafa Rodrigo

Sergiu (⚽x1) Marius Ionut

AJ (1 assist)

Subs: Paddy (50’), Julian (55’), Virgil (60’)

Our first 20mn were not very dynamic, Sicula appeared very motivated and got to win most of the 1st or 2nd balls. But as it was the case on their last games, they never managed to have real occasions and if they shot it was by far off target. On our side, there were two problems: we were not agressive enough to put our feet on the ball and when we had the ball we used it poorly trying some long balls or failing some easy transmissions.

Despite a slow start, we started to find some space and opportunities on counter attacks. On our first attempt, we opened the score with style. 25 minutes into the game, we had a counter-attack situation involving 3 of our forwards against 3 defenders and AJ served ideally Sergiu. Without control, Sergiu from the edge of the box found the top of the net thanks to a stylish and curved shot. As usual with Sergiu, when he scores you remember the goal.

With the lead on, we finished strongly this 1st half and could have exploited with more efficiency some situations. Sicula seemed a bit lost after this stunning opener but they remained calm and kept focused while in the past they would have started being nervous and yelling at each other.

2nd half started the same way. Sicula spent most of the time on our side and we had problem clearing the ball away. The wind was this time against us and Sicula used also their wings to attack us. We also started conceding a lot free kicks. On one of them , no player managed to touched the ball and Francois focused on the players realized only too late the ball was going to the 2nd post. The ball touched the 2nd post and then got behind the line.

Sicula boosted by the equalizer increased the pressure. We were definitely dominated. At this point, a change was necessary. Paddy got in and Bruno who started as a left back reinforced the midfield to help Rodrigo and Rafa. After a few minutes, the team found more unity and eventually regained some possession.

In the last 10 minutes, Sicula seemed a bit tired, and defended more. That said, we didn’t create some serious opportunities. Sicula would not either. Final score:1-1. Sergiu was named Man of The Match.

Overall, it is fair result. As usual, it will take a few weeks to be 100% but we are prepared to suffer and to face our future opponents with the right attitude we showed last year.


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