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Vet 1 had a hard match today versus the bresilian from auderghem, always a difficult moment with this technical team…. The match start with a big pressure of Irish lads, all team were concerned and the opportunity arrived with a nice goal from Yacine… The first half was controlled and finished with tjis score…

The second half start with advises from coach David : we have the wind so shoot!!… Maybe for one time Irish lads hear him and after 10 mn Musti lauch a scud for beat their keeper… 2-0… Auderghem put a big pressure and run in attack, and scored on penalty for continue to believe… Believe in what?? Adi launch the second scud for close the game 3-1…what a result versus a top team…

Motm Clément

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#3 September 23, 2023 FC Irlande Vets 1 3 - 1 Report Auderghem RU