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On Sunday, 08 January, FC Irlande Ladies III played against Black Star FC.

Could you think of a better way to start 2023? First game of 2023, first victory. FCI dominated the match, and everyone, on and off the pitch, could smell that today there was only one result possible.

From the first to the last minute, there was only one team on the pitch, FCI. Starting with a 4-4-2, the team managed to be dangerous both on the wings and in the middle of the pitch, creating plenty of scoring opportunities that lead to Louise’s goal at the 28’. FCI obtains several corners thanks to the continuous pressure on the opponent’s defence and all the shots from inside and outside the penalty area. From one of those corners, the clearest occasion arrives to score the second goal. After a big commotion in Black Star’s area, FCI finds its way to shoot on goal. The ball dances on the line, but in the end, the goal is not awarded. The first half finishes 1-0 and with zero shots conceded.

While in the previous matches of the season, the beginning of the second half has always been a delicate moment for the team. In this game, FCI starts focused and aggressive, finding the goal at the 47’ with Amina after an assist from Bea. After that goal, FCI becomes unstoppable, and in seven minutes, FCI finds three other goals with Patricia at the 59’ and 66’ and Louise at the 63’. Black Star finds its first goal of the match from a corner at the 80’. The game ends with the second Amina’s goal, assisted by Antonia, setting the result at 6-1.

This report can never be exhaustive of the team’s performance and convey how much FCI has dominated and controlled, so much that for 90’, Eva was basically the loneliest goalkeeper on earth. For sure, FCI has never played so well, and the ranking has never looked so beautiful. Indeed, with today’s victory, we jump to 10th place in the league.

According to Sicilian superstition, 2023 is a year full of luck, being the number 23 “il culo” (literally the ass, but meaning actually luck). FCI’s victory was not a matter of good fortune. Behind this victory is a long path of work, commitment, cold training, questionable sandwiches and, at times, disappointment. The luck of 2023 is to be part of FCI, fight for it, and see its immense improvement. If this is the start of the FCI’s year, we can’t wait to see how it continues.

Most importantly, we did not miss a throw-in.

On Saturday, 25 September, FC Irlande Ladies III faced, in the first of a series of Brussels clashes, Black Star FC.

FCI started the match with a bit of confusion, with the Black Star putting pressure on the team and obtaining a corner soon after the kick-off. FCI players organise on the pitch in a few minutes and demonstrate an excellent ability to control the game. FCI scores the first goal of the night with Antonia, which is disallowed due to a substitution made by the opponent team. A few minutes later, the first valid goal will be scored by Black Star at the 30’.

The second half begins 1-0, and FCI starts with the belief of catching up with Black Star. Except for some occasions conceded, FCI dominates the second half, and we can smell the goal was about to come. Following a corner, Teresa gets a penalty for a handball in the box. Madde places the ball on the spot and perfectly converts the penalty at 89’. Not much time left for other emotions, and the referee blows the final whistle ending the match 1-1.

The so badly craved and deserved FCI III first point has arrived, and it will represent an incredible motivation to keep on working.

It was the first match of the season in which FCI created more chances and game compared to the opponent demonstrating remarkable growth and improvement after one month of training together. Match after match, the players are more confident and talk more with each other. The increased communication is beneficial for both the defensive and offensive phase, with more offside tactic applied and more ball circulation to arrive at the opponent’s penalty area.

Even though disallowed, Antonia’s goal will always remain in our hearts.

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