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In a beautiful summer (ooops November) afternoon the Seconds faced Braine Storming, high ranked in the league. There were all the conditions to have a tough match, hot weather, one sub obly for us, tough opponents with many subs available and few men available for the boys in green. Kepa J Rueda was protecting the goal of the Irish. From the beginning of the match the men in green showed their fighting spirit and the match was even till we made two unlucky passes and the men from Brain l’Alleud scored twice in the first ten minutes. This didn t put us down and we fought courageously till the moment that Alvaro put a brilliant corner and Ryan with a strong header put the results on the 1-2. With few minutes to go we created more occasions with a couple of corners for us, great finish of the first half. The two teams were at the same level in the game. The second half started well with a great pressure by us but after ten minutes a shot from outside the box by the Braine team ended in the top corner of the goal of the Irish. The men in green were still in the game and Alex with a great kick hit the post at the right side of the keeper. Few minutes later an unlucky bouncing in front of our box produced the 1-4. Again, we did not give up and beautiful actions were created by us and we hit a cross bar with a great header of Lolo. Great courage! Just before the end we got the 1-5 in a obvious counter attack by l ‘Alleud boys and soon was the end. Tough loss, but many positive points to bring with us with all the opportunities created by the Green boys! Heads up we will come back stronger!

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