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10 October 2020, a beautiful and sunny Saturday to play football. After 3 losses, FC Irlande 2nds were eager to grab their first 3 points in this season 2020-2020 (no, there is no mistake in those numbers).

The opponent of the day was British United, that the Boys in Green know very well. But first of all, before attacking this beautiful derby, the 2nds had to travel to Bof…Beauch…Bauch…Somewhere in the Brabant wallon, Waals-Brabant, Walloon Brabant, Wallonisch-Brabant, Brabante Valón, Roman Payis, Woals-Broabant, whatever the language you prefer. (the last two languages are Walloon and West-Vlams by the way).

So, the Boys in Green arrived really motivated on the pi… No sorry, I can’t contain myself from making a comment about what’s written above : Roman Payis/Païs, what the hell is that… (more seriously, it’s because the romance language was used in this province in the 12th century. This was the history class of the day).

Anyway, here was the starting eleven : the spicy Josh Harissa in goal (throw me stones for that terrible pun, I deserve it), our half-shiny head Hadrien Valembois at left-back, the “language of Shakespeare” connection in central defense with T-Lion and Selfy, and our favorite spy at right-back (I might “disappear” if  I don’t say that).

In midfield, we had another connection, the “language of Molière” one this time with Brioche, my favorite pastry (let’s just avoid a breakup), and Mathias “Party King” Gineste. On the wings, we had our full-shiny head Gabriel Jacqmin and Benjamin “Suuu” Benjelloun. Captain Dastan was in charge of the offensive midfield position and Ionut Nedelcu was our striker (to be honest, I had to check the family name on SportEasy, sorry Ionut. By the way, is it Yonut or Ionut ?).

We will also note the presence of Lolo’s best friend on British United side.

Some FC Irlande faithful supporters were also present to cheer the team up : big thanks to Pierrone the Python, Rulian Jueda, B2oba, Ale “The Goatfather” Arditi, and a random Flemish girl.

During the first 15 minutes, FC Irlande 2nds showed a determination that they usually lack of at the start of their games. The first dangerous opportunities were unluckily created by British, but luckily they were clumsy in front of the goal. The battle in the midfield was really tough, but FC Irlande proved British United that they could be physically good even if the opponents were taller.

Furthermore, the amount of handballs that were not whistled made everyone forget for a few minutes what sport the 22 actors were playing.

0-0 at half time, no goal scored but an amazing defensive work by the Boys in Green.

In second half, the 2nds went back on the pitch with the same energy. Four substitutions were made during that half : Neil in for Mat G (who came out of the pitch like a injured king), Amadou in for Dastan (good to see the return of the Wakanda King), the flying Dutchman Mike in for Gabriel, and Lolo in for BB7.

Despite the last 20 intense minutes proposed by FC Irlande, the two teams left the pitch without any goal scored. Final score : 0-0. Typically the type of game after which a sport journalist has more interest of talking about everything but what happened during the match.

Positive conclusion : first point of the season for the Boys in Green with a very good attitude.

Negative conclusion : stop f*cking yelling guys.

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