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Another cold morning in our home pitch. Our boys lined up with some differences, keeping last games’ winning mindset. The British boy’s lineup consisted of tall players, and Mr. Olympia on their left wing, who gave George some work, and Alva some pre-game orgasms.

A strong start from British United they really pushed us for 20 minutes straight after the kick-off. Our boys were all over the place, making rushed decisions and were unable to keep the ball.
Following a foul, united crossed the ball to our box, and unable to clear the ball fast, the greens conceded an easy, but fair goal, 0-1 for united, who were the only ones in the game until that point.
Determined to keep the unbeaten 2023 streak, Ireland started gaining some ground gradually, and started playing with their head (the one on top). Unable to score despite some chances, the first half ended 0-1.
We came back strong for the second half, and after a magical assist by Gaba, Ama scored for the equalizer, 1-1.
The match continued without any spectacular football from both sides, but Ireland conceded a cheap goal from a cheap foul (again). United crosses in our box, and an unfortunate mistake by Maxi (who maybe fantasized about the DOTM trophy for weeks ❤️) lead to 1-2.
For the last minutes of the match, we pushed hard and won a strategic foul outside their box. Villu run from the back to align for a header, Lolo crosses high, and after an unfortunate madjer attempt by Matteo, Villu pushes the ball to the corner of the net, for a 2-2 equalizer. End of the game. 1 point for Ireland who honestly did not deserve much more.

Bitter, bitter, bitter loss against Beans on Toast United. Completely underserved. The Seconds adjusted the lineup and were in total control through out the affair. The Brits capitalized on two speculative crosses in the Irlande box to take home as many points as they’ve had prime ministers in the last three years.

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#6 October 22, 2022 British United 1 2 - 0 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#18 February 4, 2023 FC Irlande Men 2 2 - 2 Report British United 1