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Vets2 went to La Hulpe to play top of the table LTC. After 15 minutes we broke through and Oscar scored. 5 min later Yacine score our 2nd, a beautiful volley from a corner. Just before HT they scored from a penalty. In the 2nd half they pressured high but without much danger. When with 15 minutes to go we scored our 3rd (Oscar, with some help from their defender) we thought we could win it. But somehow they then managed to score 4 before the end. Final score 5-3. A proud performance vs top of the table. Special thanks to JP for an excellent work in goals.

Vets2, again with 5 or 6 key absences, were up against top of the league. Things started badly and we conceded one in the first 5 minutes. We had a couple of chances, but they scored another. 0-2 at half-time. In the 2nd half Xavier H. scored 1 and it looked like we could come back, but they soon scored a 3rd. Still, a 2nd goal by Xavier H. made for an exciting and close end of the game. End result: 2-3, which is an excellent result against such competition. Special mention goes to John Sparks’ excellent refereeing of a typical bunch of grumpy, whiney old men🙂

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#11 November 13, 2021 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 3 Report Brussels LTC 7
#25 March 12, 2022 Brussels LTC 7 5 - 3 Report FC Irlande Vets 2

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