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Time has arrived to wear our green jersey, shin guards and boots again, ready to fight for this team we all love. It was not FCI season’s debut on 4 September against BX Brussels B, but this was the moment we were all waiting for… the first match in the league.

The first opponent of the season is a challenging one. BX Brussels B was playing in P1 last season, and it is supposed to be one of the best teams in the league. But, as proved throughout the previous season, FCI consistently delivers outstanding performances against strong opponents.

The beginning of the match is blocked. The teams cannot hurt each other and find their way to the match’s opening goal. The teams are well-organised and do not leave space for the strikers to sting. But, after the cooling break, BX Brussels finds two goals in quick successions on the 25’ and 28’. FCI has some chances to score the goal that will open the match again. In particular, thanks to Liza’s free-kicks, that allows FCI to put some dangerous balls inside the opponent’s penalty area, one of them almost finalised by Antonia. During the first half, we also witness a home supporter’s pitch invasion. It would be a regrettable fact if the invader had not been a lovely dog happily scampering on the field.

The second half starts with the result of 2-0 for BX Brussels, but FCI is determined to score a goal to get back into the game. As in the first half, the teams do not concede many scoring opportunities. FCI controls well in defence and goes up, trying to find some good shots. It is Béa to find the first goal of the season for FCI. With an incredible long pass, Alex finds Béa, who, with a long-range lob, gets over the goalie not perfectly positioned. (Béa claims to have scored with her eyes closed, and we like to think it is true). FCI goes close to the equaliser twice: first, with a free-kick from Liza that ends outside of a few inches, then with a shoot from Anna that from outside the penalty box tries to surprise the goalie. BX Brussels also goes close to scoring another goal, but the ball dancing on the line decides not to go inside the net. The match finishes 2-1 for BX Brussels, but FCI leaves the field with a solid performance.

The work in the pre-season training and matches has begun to bear fruit, and the new christmas tree formation makes the team more solid and consistent. Also, being the second season together for most of the players in the team, finding and trusting each other is easier. A bit more concreteness around the penalty area can make this season memorable.

Honourable mention also the unexpected wraps at the end match that set the bar high for future buvettes.

Player of the match: Alicia and Angela (ex aequo)

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