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On this foggy Sunday morning, the FCI ladies made their way to BX. The first challenge of the day was making sure everyone was able to make it to the field as the metro and Google maps were not on our side.Once arrived, the players got ready and put on their Irish green uniforms. The coaches gave the lineup, tactics and the classic warm up was underway.After a great warmup the ladies were excited to get the game started. However, this proved to be another challenge as there were referee complications. In the meantime, the players were able to say hello to some familiar faces on the opposing team. Once the complications were sorted, the sun began to shine and the match was finally able to start.FCI proved that they were able to compete in the game with the first 20 minutes showing some promising runs on the right and a couple of attempts on goal. Unfortunately, giving her all, Sarah was winded and during this time, BX was able to take advantage of our one man down and scored. Shortly after, BX were given a free kick which led to a cross and another goal was conceived. FCI had a couple more opportunities, and the half time whistle was blown.During the half time the ladies received some encouraging words and were ready to take on the rest of the game. Playing a slightly higher line, FCI was able to move the ball, keep possession and show some nice constructive football. After Mel’s tenacity to win the ball back and perseverance, she took a beautiful shot from outside the box which landed into the back of the net. It was now 2-1.With FCI outrunning BX and a close score, a strategic decision was made to play more offensive and change the formation. With 25 minutes left the FCI players were determined. After some terrible calls by the referee, one of BX’s players, who ten seconds ago was lying on the floor, injured, suddenly seemed to be ok again and dribble through the field and score. Shortly after another goal was conceided. The game ended with an underserved 4-1.FCI showed some great skills! Games like these are frustrating, but as Marie said after the game “We have heart” and we will continue until the end.

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#3 September 11, 2022 BX Brussels 4 - 1 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1