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4ths had a big game today to stay top of the league. Unfortunately we lost it 1-3 against a good opponent.
Being now 2 points behind top position after losing this opportunity we have 4 games left to keep on dreaming.
About the game, its unfortunately a fair result. We had scored 1st with Draga for his goal 14th of the season after a nice assist from Nick. But we then made too many defensive mistake that put the opponent back in the game. Then a couple of our players injured themselves, opponent scored 1 goal just before the HT, another one just after.
We then took risk playing a back 3 but we conceded an other penalty (6th penalty of the season 🤦‍♂️) that settled the score.
Motm Matteo for a couple of impressive save today again.

4ths stays unbeaten and its the positive point of the day.
We came today to take the 3 points and consolidate our 1st place but unfortunately we ended up with a fair 1-1 draw.
We were better in the first half and had 4 or 5 clear chances but we weren’t efficient so we reached the HT with a 0-0.
We took the lead with 15 minutes left thanks to Draga who enjoyed a gk mistake, managed to steal the ball from him and push it inside.
The opponent then pushed for the equalizer and got a lot of corners and freekick.
We fucked up 2 mins before the end giving them a nice freekick at the entrance of our box. Direct freekick, 1-1.
Let’s continue next weekend!
Motm JC for the 2nd weekend in a row.

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