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“Wining never dies” ! It took the last James Bond 18 months to reach the theaters…it took the same time for the Seconds to reconnect with sweet victory…On a very Belgian day (soft crappy rain), the 2nds went to Anderlecht to face Copains Réunis…it was a must (must must must) win as it was a 6-points game…the Boys in Greens started very well, although positioned a bit too low…but very quickly the game went into our favour …Lolo scored two in a row, quickly followed by Dastan (2 as well) ending the first half (an all time first!!) with 4-0…. Then the second half started as great (spoiler alert: we did not concede in the first 10min) but rather scored once more (Lolo, the fox of the box!) …then we got a tiny bit complacent and conceded one…then the return of Neuken in the Keuken smashed a nice shot top bins to make it 6-1…it felt it was not enough so Lolo pushed one more in…endgame 7-1….Brioche
.Brioche sang his victory song, the boys “interacted” in the showers…it i back to the sweet taste of victory ….hopefully the start of a winning row…come one Ireland !!

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#9 October 30, 2021 Copains Réunis 1 1 - 7 Report FC Irlande Men 2
#13 November 27, 2021 FC Irlande Men 2 - Copains Réunis 1

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