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Forfait 5 0

Vets2 had to get up unusually early for this game, kick off at 12.30 and the pitch is notorious for the poor parking possibilities meaning time had to be counted in for that.

It was a cold kind of day, 3 degrees above freezing. Pep talk was about showing inspiration and desire, and to keep it simple when in possession. Simple stuff, really.

Reality in Vets2 is that nothing is simple, really. Game started evenly and the hosts showed signs of composure and decent passing, when they were not fucking up things in the back. Unfortunately for us, the attackers of the day were not able to exploit the free gifts offered and score stayed 0-0. Until they played their nifty number 7 on a run down their left wing, he kept Alan at bay and slotted one back across the box that was nicely put in goal. 1-0. Their second was from a corner, and it was pinball machine time before it landed on their guy to sidefoot in an empty net. 2-0 and we had a hill to climb.

Halftime talk was about showing some more spirit, because in fairness we were a bit nice guys out there in first half.

Niceties aside, game stayed even and there was not too much to cheer about. They nicked 2 more goals and Oscar scored 1 from a floating freekick, so game finished 4-1.

Some might have read too much in tea leaves and figured the other team had to be shit since they were bottom of the table. But on this Saturday they were simply the better team. Score could have been closer to reflect the game better, but we cannot complain too much, all the lads worked their best and in key moments it was a matter of misfortune and just one of these days.

Good performance in the buvette, to level things out a bit.

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#11 December 3, 2022 Cornac United 2 4 - 1 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#26 February 18, 2023 FC Irlande Vets 2 5 - 0 Report Cornac United 2