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It was a beautiful autumn day– the kind with a crisp chill in the air, golden and amber trees casting long shadows on the pitch, and L2 ready to defend their turf at home! The preceding week had been one of increasing intensity, as explained so eloquently by Eli with her “FCI L2 Fighting Level Chart.” According to this chart, L2’s intensity level has been steadily building, being only at 5% for the 1st half of the last two games, then moving to 50% for the 2nd half of the last two games, moving up to 60% after Thursday’s training, and reaching 110% up until the final whistle on Sunday’s match. With help from L1 (Sarah, Viriginie, Ebba, Juliette, and Sephora) Irelande had a strong team, ready to battle. From the first whistle, Irelande brought heart and determination, dominating the pitch, while moving the ball and playing cohesively as a team. The first half was marked by FCI maintaining possession and getting a few shots and good crosses off. None of which, however, were successful up until the 37th minute, when after a brutal foul outside the penalty box, Virginie struck a beautiful shot just above the keeper’s gloves as it floated into the net. Finally with the score reflecting more of how Irelande was playing, L2 finished out the 1st half strong, hungry for more. And more is what they got. Within the first 5 minutes of the second half, Eli sent a sharp cross into the box, where Juliette cracked the ball past the keeper. The intensity kept building as the strong central midfield relentlessly attacked, dribbling the ball down the middle and passing through-balls for the wings. Despite some rough physical play from Mt. St. Guibert, Irelande kept fighting and Adina took an open shot from the top of the box where the ball sailed into the top right corner of the goal. Only a minute later, the final whistle blew and Irelande took home the victory! Irelande’s performance really showed the level they are capable of playing at and the intensity and determination that make them the fighting Irish.

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#10 November 13, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 2 3 - 0 Report CS. Mont-St-Guibert A
#21 March 3, 2023 CS. Mont-St-Guibert A - FC Irlande Ladies 2