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Good afternoon, first of all, happy birthday to Mushu’s owner.
It wasn’t the best game but we competed, fought and, most importantly, got the 3 points for the first time at home all season.
The first half we were in control and our second top scorer and motm (Matteo Sochaux) managed to put the ball in the goal in a play full of rebounds inside the box.
The second half was a bit of an apotheosis, we lost control and the game became a back and forth affair. Despite this, the opposition only managed to threaten our goal through a direct free kick that hit the crossbar.
Finally, through a counter attack and a great pass from Clement, the person who pays the bowlings dribbled the keeper and scored to seal the game in favour of the green team.
I think that’s it, see you at 17:00 at my favourite place.
I pay the bowlings


Short report: Tough day for the boys in green vs. Curtis L’Ausele. Started off on the back foot, went down a goal after a couple minutes, 0-1. The situation didn’t improve, and shortly after FCI conceded a second, 0-2. Play continued, and a bright spot in the form of Benjamin Benjaloun presented itself, slotting home a clinical finish from a Gaby assist, 2-1. Before the halftime whistle, Curtis was able to put away another goal, 3-1. After the half, FCI had a multitude of chances but no resulting goals. Final whistle blew, 3-1 full time score.

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