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Tough conditions for Ladies I on Saturday. After driving all the way down to Wallonia and beyond, there were barely some sunrays to welcome them. The uniqueness of the pitch didn’t go unnoticed, rather muddy and hilly.

Ladies I were determined to play their football but the pitch made that difficult and the game looked like ping pong more often than not. Mid-way through the first half, Ladies I conceded a penalty for a handball, and the opponent scored the first goal of the game. Shortly after, the ladies in green scored an amazing goal thanks to Sydney after a perfect cross from Mel. Back-to-back again, both teams tried to find their way around a recalcitrant pitch.

The opponent found the back of the net once more, but Parker made sure they didn’t remain ahead. Very well positioned after a shot released by the keeper, she pushed the ball into the opponent’s goal.

The first half ended on a 2-2 draw. The second half looked very similar to the first one, with Parker making sure to keep ladies I afloat once more. Unfortunately, Manhay scored once more at the end of the game and the score didn’t evolve anymore, ending up on an extremely frustrating 4-3 for the locals.

Great start for our newcomers Sydney and Parker with respectively one and two goals. (Well, technically rough start for Parker who seems to have some issues with that carpool app. Hang in there, you will get it right eventually!) Big ups to AJ for joining this trip with only a 1-hour notice, excellent sub on top of that! Overall, not even the fluffy cows were enough to lift the mood. (Yes Mel, that part is for you.)

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