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On Sunday, 4 December, FC Irlande Ladies III played a home game against FC Ronvau Chaumont.

The match was the first in which FCI faced the same team for the second time. With the first leg match finishing 6-1, this match was a significant opportunity for the team to test and show its progress since September.

Despite suffering the opposition pressure and passing combinations, FCI can call off almost all the Ronvau strikers during the first half. At the 20’, Ronvau scores the first goal of the match. However, FCI is not passively waiting for the opponent; before and after conceding the goal, the team builds offensive actions and scoring opportunities. During the first half, FCI manages to be dangerous with Liza, whose shot does not go far from the door, and Antonia, receiving exceptional support and boost from the sidelines.

The second half starts in the best way possible for FCI, with Liza scoring the equaliser at the 50’ on Noami’s assist. The draw lasts only five minutes. In 15 minutes, Ronvau finds three goals. Instead of losing heart, in the last 20 minutes of the match, FCI stays focused and keeps on defending and being propositional with its offensive players. The game finishes 4-1 for FC Ronvau Chaumont, but FCI’s players can be proud of their game.

The FCI’s progress compared to the first leg match is visible. Not only in terms of numeric results but especially in the overall team’s performance. Two fewer goals conceded probably mean fewer defensive mistakes, fewer shots conceded, and more pressure in midfield. FCI lined up a never seen couple of defensoras centrales that did not make regret the numerous absences in that part of the field.

The third half of the day became less Irish and more Nordic, thanks to Anna’s warm hospitality, which welcomed the team at her home to make us enjoy an early Christmassy taste and atmosphere (and reindeer quiche).

On Friday, 9 September, the FC Irlande Ladies football weekend started with Ladies III facing FC Ronvau Chaumont.

The match that took place yesterday, 9 September, was a challenging game against an opponent steadily putting pressure on the FCI. FC Ronvau Chaumont opened the scoring at 25’, making other 3 goals in the last 15 minutes of the first half at 30’, 40’ and 45’.Despite some incursion in the opponent’s half of the pitch, the first half finished with the result of 4-0 for FC Chaumont.

As in the previous match, Ladies III showed an impressive commitment and fighting spirit entering the field in the second half, not giving up despite the adverse results, encouraged and guided by the words and directions of the coach.

A change in the FCI tactics during the second half helped the team to defend better. Alice in midfield took care of the number 29 of FC Ronvau Chaumont fiercely growling on her ankles. Thanks to this move, the opponent became less dangerous, and the FCI could maintain a more solid defence. At 55’, the first goal of the FCI Ladies III season arrived. The goal-scorer was Naomi, elected player of the game, that in front of the goalkeeper, could not miss the chance after a beautiful assist (avec ses boobs) from Amina. FC Ronvau Chaumont will score again at 70’ and 82’ with a spectacular free kick, and at the final whistle, the match will be 6-1.

A work-in-progress team with lots of new players, conscious of the difficulties and pitfalls this season will reserve, FCI Ladies III constantly work to improve and be ready for future challenges. Another game played, even if it is a defeat, means more experience, team spirit and awareness in its own means.

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