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On Sunday, 12 February, FCI played a decisive game against St Michel. Before the match, the two teams were tied on points and with a similar goal difference. The first-leg match between these two teams represented the first victory in the league for FCI. The goal was not to let them take the bacon home.

The initial part of the first half is quite difficult for FCI. The opponent takes control of the game and finds its way to the goal at the 17’. The goal works as an alarm clock for FCI that, from the moment of the goal, finds more focus and intensity. FCI A-plus defence stops the opponent’s attacks while, in the attacking phase, Virginie finds, for three times, space in the St. Michel defence, but the scoring opportunities are not capitalised.

FCI starts the second half with more determination and hunger, ready to bring the bacon home. The second half is a sequence of scoring opportunities that makes our hearts stop more than a couple of times. Liza shows us her ballistic qualities with two free kicks, with the first one finishing just above the crossbar and the second resulting in a corner kick. Even though, in principle, she runs, yesterday, Bea was also in charge of the corner kicks, and, in principle, she can also kick corners. From a corner kick, the best scoring occasion for FCI arrives. Eva finds the ball after a scrum in the penalty area and kicks, but St. Michel’s goalie stops the shot.  As in the first half, Virginie cut out the opponent’s defence, but her shot again goes out. A post hit my St. Michel makes us lose some years of our life but does not change the result, and the match ends 0-1.

After the impressive last game’s performance, we were hoping for a better result for this game. We gave them a good battle, but St. Michel wanted to bring home the bacon as much as we did. The game left the feeling that we deserved more. Especially considering the second half and all the opportunities created, a draw might have been the best result.

But this match belongs to the past, we have to learn from it, but we are focused on the future and the next decisive matches waiting for us. Considering the busy and delicate time of the season, all the ladies interested in yoga are begged to interrupt this dangerous activity.

After the season’s first win at the Cup game earlier in the week, FCI Ladies 3 faced FC. Saint-Michel in an away match and was looking to continue the winning streak.  And from the moment the team arrived on the pitch, very concentrated and full of good energy, it was clear that there was something in the air – and “it smelled good”.

FCI got a good start for the match, creating some great occasions and putting pressure on Saint-Michel’s defense. Despite the good initial push, the match remained 0-0 but with FCI creating more dangerous chances with good passing and through-balls while the team’s solid defense took care of the opposition’s attacks. Towards the end of the first half, however, FCI lost the focus for a bit which gave Saint-Michel more control over the game. They created some pressure and then, in an unfortunate aftermath of a corner kick, they scored the first goal of the night and went to the half time in 1-0 lead.

However, FCI was determined not to let this cold shower upset them for too long. The team came in very strong on the second half, showing more skill and commitment than ever before during this season. It all culminated around 60′ with Antonia passing the ball through the defense line to Sanda who surprised Saint-Michel’s keeper with her calm and calculated shot into the right corner of the goal, giving FCI their very deserved first goal. This was the final push that the FCI needed to take fully the driver’s seat in the match: with excellent passing, teamwork, and individual talent, FCI pushed the match into the opposition’s end of the pitch. Next goal was hanging in the air.

After many barely-missed chances it was finally Liza, during her debut at L3, who passed the whole Saint-Michel defense and scored FCI’s second goal about 10 minutes before the end of the match. After that, all that remained was to stay calm and focused and make sure that Saint-Michel would not be let back in the game. And FCI’s defense, strong as iron, held until the end. At the final whistle, the party was ready start: it was the second win of the week for the team, but the first one in the league. We finally “brought home the bacon”, aka 3 points.

It was a fantastic match from the whole team with stellar performances all around but especially from the players of the match, Alicia and Eva, the former clearing every attack coming her way and the latter dominating the game in the midfield. This match really showed how much work and effort all the ladies have put into training and matches, as we are now slowly starting to reap the results. FCI played strong as a team, with each and every player showcasing so much commitment, grit (or “sisu”, as the Finns would say) and determination that it is evident that the two victories of this week will not be the only ones this season. Special thanks also to the L2 guest stars, Mariana and Francesca, whose tremendous saves and sharp dribbles, respectively, helped guarantee the victory.

Two wins from two matches called for a proper celebration: it started with the locker-room singalong of “We are the Champions”, continued with sweet convivial moment at the local buvette, then took us to Funky Monkey and finished in Le Corbeau, where the bravest danced until the early hours.


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