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FCI Ladies III closed this magical FCI weekend that saw all the three ladies teams remaining undefeated, playing, on 10 September, a crucial match against Saint Michel. It was a hot match, not only for the infernal temperature but also for the meaning behind this game. Last year, the match against Saint Michel represented our first win in the league, and also, this season, it represents a good opportunity to make some points.

FCI starts the match focus and maintains control of the match in the initial part of the first half while Liza is warming up her feet with some shots towards Saint Michel’s goal. But a moment of blackout in the FCI defence allows Saint Michel to score the match’s first goal. This goal hits FCI emotionally, and the team seems to lose focus and compactness. Consequently, Saint Michel starts attacking more and finds the second goal. Saint Michel goes close to the 3-0, but Eva, thanks to her traineeship as a goalkeeper, saves the ball on the line. Saint Michel shows to be able to be dangerous in other occasions but Freja, at her first game with FCI, stops them.

The second half starts with the results of 2-0 for Saint Michel. FCI finds again the spirit willing to overturn the score. After taking a ball on her face and a quick break to recover, Alex draws an outstanding pass to launch Liza, who, in front of the goal, cannot miss the chance to score. Galvanised by the goal, FCI puts more pressure on Saint Michel’s defence. On the left side, Ade provokes a mistake of the opponent’s defenders in the penalty area, where Liza takes the ball, dribbles the goalie and scores the equaliser. Liza, in a state of grace and the brightest star that could adorn our Christmas tree, scores again, completing her hat trick. In the match’s last minutes, FCI concedes a goal from a corner-kick, almost identical to the one of the previous match. The final whistle ends the match with the results of 3-3.

The match was an emotional roller-coaster. We went from losing to winning and at the tying. It’s the first point of the season, and we are happy about it. Still, an aftertaste of disappointment is undeniable, especially how the match developed and the last goal arrived. Today’s constant was Freja between the goalposts, who miraculously saved the team on multiple occasions. Details will determine the result of our matches this season, constant focus and dedication will be the keys to bring the result home.

Player of the match: Liza

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