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On Saturday, 8 October, FC Irlande Ladies III faced FC Femina White Star Woluwe Women D in an away game.

The first half of the match was fairly equilibrated. The first emotion of the game was given by Sanda, who, putting pressure on the opponent’s defence, had a brilliant chance to score. This kind of episode was more frequent in this match compared to the previous ones. The offensive line was more coordinated in its movements and provoked the White Star defence into making mistakes. The combination between this attacking pressure and the neat defence led the first half to the result of 0-0.

The second half does not differ from the first: great defensive tactics and pressure from the offensive players. Twelve minutes into the second half, White Star scored the match’s only goal. Despite the goal, the team remains focused and puts the mantra of staying close and tight into practice. Some shots were conceded but neutralised by Marie.

It was a Herculean task to express in words the FCI match; impossible to convey the team’s intensity and passion. For FCI, it was an outstanding result and performance against the team that is third in the league and has shown impressive scoring capacity. FCI played almost perfect in defence, not empty spaces in the middle of the field, always helping each other and not giving much away to the opponent. On a few occasions, our hearts beat fast thanks to the attacking efforts that gave us strong emotions.

The path we walked was winding, and the team had put in lots of commitment and work to arrive where we are today. In the last two games, we played against two overwhelmingly stronger teams than FCI on paper, but we gave the impression of standing up to them.

Excellent first time for Francesco as FCI Ladies III coach.

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#6 October 8, 2022 Femina White Star Woluwe D 1 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3