Forestois Sc 4

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Vets1 played forestois, one of the better teams in division 6a but one we came close to getting a result against last year. The first half was fairly close. They went 1-0 up on a rain soaked pitch, and then equalised for us (own goal). Scored a terrific free kick which even our hero of the day Paul J. Couldn’t do anything about. We conceded a few silly goals on the second half and then lost a bit of composure and they ran away with it Djokovic style (6-1). There are lessons to be learned from the mistakes we made and we’ll play better next weekend.

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#4 September 26, 2020 Forestois Sc 4 6 - 1 Report FC Irlande Vets 1
#17 January 16, 2021 FC Irlande Vets 1 - Forestois Sc 4

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