Forestois Sc 4

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Vets 1 faced Champions Forestois with an improvised team, many thanks to vets 2 for lending us 2 players so that we could be 12, but without much needed reinforcements from other vets playing for men’s teams it was an uphill task, even though Forestois were strangely disjointed and given the fact that we had nice spells of play they still went 1-4 up in the first half (Armands outfoxed everyone including his own attackers to score for us), we battled in the 2nd half and should have had more than the one goal to show for it (courtesy of Jeff!) but ultimately this ended up as a training match where we tried to make sure not to pick up injuries for the 3 relegation battles ahead – MOTM Rodri

Vets 1 played Champions Forestois, a very strong and well organised side, we conceded a silly goal but held on for 0-1 HT, 2nd half was more open, we scored 2 (Matt and Rafa C) to their 4, final score 2-5, MotM Francois with some great saves

Very good first half with many new faces where it finished 1-1. Virgil with the goal.

They were much better in the second half.

Good test after all.

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#0 September 10, 2022 Forestois Sc 4 4 - 1 Report FC Irlande Vets 1
#10 November 12, 2022 Forestois Sc 4 5 - 2 Report FC Irlande Vets 1
#23 March 4, 2023 FC Irlande Vets 1 2 - 7 Report Forestois Sc 4