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A strong and clean start of the season for the seconds. It was 11v11 in Auderghem (no subs on either side), in what looked like a real challenge against a team coming down from 1st division.

It actually turned out to be much easier, with Higgins showing not much quality and low intensity. Ireland was head and shoulders above for the first 25 minutes, and got rewarded with 2 goals : opener from Ama (who came back from pre-retirement to help his old mates out – big up) and a clean finish from Gabby making the most of a “pass” from George he was the only one to believe in. Also, he’s so fit, which helps.
Last 10 mins of the first half were more difficult as taking a breath started to become an issue, but the boys in green held strong.

Second half wasn’t much more of a struggle, as Gabrielle killed the game with a beautiful volley off Benji’s cross (3-0) by minute 50, and Lolo nailed a penalty onto the right post in (4-0). The men in green could have conceded one as an audacious centre back tried his luck upfront several times (without being served), while those staying got into few mistakes, but caught up well.
End of the game was very low intensity as most players turned out to be out of shape on both sides, but that’s worth 3 points anyway!

Ireland 4, Mary Poppins 0. We take and we move on 💚

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