Higgins 2

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4ths lost this important game today.
We started strong and played a very good 1st half but weren’t efficient enough to close the game.
We/Ref gave away 2 stupid penalties that changed the game.
We were 2-3 down with 20 mins to go and unfortunately didn’t manage to score the equalizer.
2-3 final score, goals from Vita and Seba.
We will bounce back 💪

4ths continue their unbeaten run with a 1-1 result with, again, a last minute goal.
The first half ended with 0-1 for our opponent and it was a deserve score. they were just better on the ball, hungrier, more physical.
We didn’t have a great game and only a couple of opportunities. In the last one, Costi touched the post, Mihai followed and crossed the ball for Fabi’s header to lob the keeper.
It’s 1 point, and we happily take it today. Good reminder that every single game will be difficult.
Motm Matteo

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