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On Saturday afternoon, the First Women’s Team of FC Irlande lost 6-2 in the match against Vosselaar.

In the first half, FC Irlande had difficulties to get into the game. In addition, Laurie had to be replaced shortly after kick-off due to injury (we wish her a speedy recovery). The team from Vosselaar took the lead after a good quarter of an hour with a header after a corner. The 2-0 followed quite quickly after our defense was overrun by the opposing striker, who finished the horizontal cross in front of the goal in the lower left corner. Even though FC Irlande continued to keep their heads up, the 3-0 followed, and just before the break a Vosselaar striker managed to intercept an unlucky cross pass from our defender, putting the team up 4-0.

After the break, FC Irlande made a tactical change, which worked better. After a great assist from Virgi, Brenda was able to reduce the score to 4:1. Although FC Irlande had now found better into the game, Vosselaar was able to extend the gap again after a diagonal pass in front of goal, where our defender was one step too late, and increased to 5:1. However, FC Irlande held on to the tactical change, with success. Sarah was fouled in an attack in the sixteen-meter area, whereupon Tess safely converted the penalty and reduced to 5:2. Shortly before the end of the game, after a failed attack by Vosselaar, the ball could not be cleared properly by FC Irlande. The opposing team intercepted the ball at the sixteen-meter area and finalized the result with a clear shot from the corner of the sixteen-meter area to 6:2.

Despite the defeat, heads remain up. Training will continue and work on the weaknesses, which is why we, FC Irlande, remain positive.

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