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The weather was nice in Liege for the last game of the season for Ladies I. It was an important and special game for them since their future in D2 was uncertain.

During the first half, the match was quite balanced and the girls in green had the best opportunities to score. Unfortunately, the score at half time remained 0-0. Shortly after the break, Standard scored. Ladies I gave it all and created some other opportunities for themselves to score, in vain. Standard kept pushing too and they could have scored a couple of times. The final whistle left the two teams on this 1-0 win for Standard. The future in D2 might be jeopardized, but there is still hope for a play-down game to save their spot in D2. Stay tuned !

It was the last game of Ladies I’s keeper Clara. Good luck for your next season Clara, we will miss you !

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Only three games left, and ladies I knew they needed some points.
But the game didn’t go well and we lost 8-0.
It’s a pity but we have to focus on the next games.

On Saturday, the first women’s team of FC Irlande played one of their most important matches. Coach Leo’s team met the ladies from Heist, who were one place above FC Irlande in the table with one point difference before the match.The visiting team started the game well and had more possession at the beginning. But FC Irlande quickly found their way into the game after a few initial difficulties. Midway through the first half, Heist had a very good chance to score – the shot hit the crossbar. In turn, FC Irlande created a few chances to score, the most notable being a shot from inside the penalty area that just missed the goal. Until the 70th minute, there were hardly any other scoring chances worth mentioning. About twenty minutes before the end, Momo received the ball at the sixteen-meter area, which she shot into the lower left corner – 1:0. Only two minutes later, Laurie was able to increase the score to 2:0. Finally, it was Isa who scored another goal after a corner.
With the 3-0 win, FC Irlande overtook Heist in the table. A successful match day for the Ladies.

This week, Ladies I was in Aywaille hunting for three points. This was a must-win match. Coach Leo prepared the squad with his pre-game speech, complete with nimble movements and tak tak tak BAM! The ladies understood the stakes, but the first half felt slow and lacking in energy for many (author included). Despite good breakaways and some shots, to include a close one from Brenda, the FCI ladies went to the half time break a bit frustrated with the score at 0-0. Leo made a few changes and the ladies returned to the pitch to renew their hunt. Nearly immediately, the ladies were able to drive the ball forward with Shadia passing to Brenda for a clean finish into the goal. The ladies knew they needed more goals to ensure a safe victory and continued to work the ball up the field with quick plays between Dara, Sophia, and Shadia. Olivia, who was still recovering from a non-Covid plague, took a breakaway into the opponent’s box before being fouled. The ref called the penalty and Nawal, with a cool head, expertly hit the ball into the back left of the net, bringing the score to 0-2, a more comfortable lead. The women of Aywaille were not pleased and earned themselves a yellow card after fouling one of the FCI ladies. To keep things exciting, Aywaille managed to score a goal off a free kick with about five minutes left in the match. It could have been more points but Olatz made an enormous jump and tipped the ball back over the post, blocking the opponents attempted equalise the game. FCI ladies were not interested in a draw and fought to keep all three points until the whistle. At the finish, the ladies were relieved they secured their win and shouted various incantations to bring more victories in their future. Zigga zigga zag!

Match à domicile contre Loyers : 3-4
L’esprit combattif des ladies one s’est ressenti sur le terrain ensoleillé du football club d’Auderghem ! En effet serré du début jusqu’à la fin, le suspens était à son comble : Loyers ouvre le score dès la 17ème minute ; Auderghem parvient toutefois très rapidement à répondre sur corner et égalise ! Peu après le lancement de la seconde mi-temps, Loyers presse les green et inscrit un second goal. Ne désespérant pas et faisant preuve d’un travail d’équipe formidable, les green remontent encore à 2-2 à la 75eme!
Peu concentrées suite à cette nouvelle égalisation, les ladies one se font surprendre instantanément par leurs adversaires qui creusent à nouveau l’écart à 3-2! Avec une détermination sans faille, l’attaquante de pointe Kelly inscrit un doublé et redonne à nouveau espoir aux ladies de remporter ce match ! Malgré le rythme frénétique des tambours des supporteurs.ices encourageant les efforts acharnés des green, Loyers selle le destin du match sur un goal discutable… Retenons de ce combat exceptionnel d’ailleurs salué par l’entraîneur adverse et le public, un état d’esprit combattif et collectif!
Marine, Didi, Kath

Ladies one against Chastre this Saturday!
The girls in green begin the game putting a lot of pressure on the opponent. It works pretty well since Kelly scored after 7 minutes ! 1-0 for Ireland.

The girls still want to score goals, but after 15min, Chastre has an opportunity on a corner with a header. Saved by the goalkeeper ! Right after, Kelly shoots with her stunning left foot and… Scores ! Ireland 2-0 Chastre. Ireland really wants to win and scores another goal after 31 minutes : Kelly again ! 3-0. At the end of the first half, the goalkeeper misses a pass and gives it to the opponent who scores. 3-1 at halftime.
The game is intense, and both teams want to score after the halftime. Chastre finally gets the ball into the net at the 68th minute. 3-2!
After a strong battle to win and more opportunities for the girls in green, the game ends with a nice and important victory. Final score : 3-2. Well done, girls!

Back in Auderghem today with the sun present and playing against the second of the league, Vosselaar.
Our ladies started with a good organisation, motivated and concentrated.
But Vosselaar had some good ball circulation, and 15min before the half-time they pressed hard and scored 2 goals. So we went to the changing room 2 goals down.
The ladies in green came back to the field with great enery, trying to show some good football and be better than the weeks before, when the sun was not around yet.
Our ladies played together as a real team! And after Tess was fouled, following a great infiltration from the back, Kelly scored the penalty, 1-2! Everything still possible.
We had few good chances, but unfortunately the ball didn’t go in…
On the other side, Vosselaar had more luck, and scored 2 more times.
The sun went down, and the game ended 1-4.
The performance was encouraging for the important upcoming games !
Vamossss ladies !

Ladies I started the match with a strong mindset and with the goal to keep an intense pressing, not giving the opponents time to think and play their game. The game was fast paced and the ladies kept a strong defence. The ladies had a couple of opportunities, and a nice try by Shadia. Unfortunately, went to half time 1-0.

Second half begun with harsh weather conditions, strong winds and blizzard that played against the ladies the whole time. Mechelen soon scored 2-0 in a free kick shooting over the wall. However, still with a will to fight and reinforcements from the bench, the ladies kept attacking and Virginie had a good chance of scoring for Irlande. Clelia got injured in a tackle halfway through the second half, and Kelly came in. The 3-0 came from an unfortunate pass by the goalkeeper taken by Mechelen. 4-0 was an unlucky own goal, after a corner kick. Cold and tired by the weather and strong winds facing them, the ladies took a last goal 5-0.

5th of February 2022, second match of the New Year against Wallonia Club Sibret A. Overall a tough opponent considering a harsh 8-3 loss the last time we faced them on their home ground.

The team played with a good positive attitude throughout the game, all players were extremely resilient and the support of those cheering us on the sidelines helped us end the match with a final score of 1-1.

Penalty scored by Shadia in the top left corner after Tess was fouled. Unfortunate goal conceived in the second half.

Saturday 29th of January, Ladies 1 headed over to Westerlo’ grounds for their first game of 2022. We were facing a very good team of Westerlo, who had won almost all of their matches this season. Our Ladies 1 found themselves facing a very strong team, who wasn’t afraid of contact to recuperate balls and that’s what our team lacked: a lot of fierceness.

Half-time score: 5-0

After returning from the lockers, following our coach’s speech, we returned on the pitch with nothing to loose. The strikers tried to play lower. Most of our missed goal opportunities were from free kicks or corner kicks but we rarely had a clear chance to score a goal. We were defeated by Westerlo team, who kept their positions well and keep scoring again and again.

Final score: 10-0

Today, we go to Brasschat to play a though game, as they are 3rd in the championship.
Unfortunately, we miss some ladies to have a full team.
From the first minutes, we already faced a strong team and they scored after 2 minutes. And the second at the 12th minute.
We defended a lot and tried to counter attack a few times. But it didn’t help.
We tried to hold on until the end to minimize the score but after 70′, we couldn’t keep the same rythm until the end.
4 other goals followed in the last 20 minutes.
Though score, reflecting the game.

In a far place called Charleroi….ladies in green arrived on the pitch really motivated to fight on each ball. The match started well and the ladies in green were able to push up and create several actions. Most of the match was played in the midfield. However, ladies in green were not able to strike through the adversal defence and score. At the end of the match, ladies in green had two important occasions and also took a post. But final score remains 0-0.
A big thank go to Gab, Marine, Violette and Marie who came to help us the D2 Team!

Cold afternoon at Auderghem for Ladies 1 to play against the well known Standard de Liège.

Hard and intense game very much influenced by the grass conditions which complicated the game to the girls in green. A very mud field made both teams play a more direct football since short passes were too risky in such day.

Standard opened the score in the 10th minute in their first opportunity. Our ladies continued to press hard and had some opportunities to tie the game, but were not fortunate in their shots. The first half ended 0-1.

In the second half, Laurie, was replaced due to a knee injury. In the 68th minute Standard scored their second goal after getting the ball back from a long kick of our girls, which difficulted the options of taking the 3 points and which set the final score 0-2.

Sad ending for the Ladies 1 who will face an important game next weekend against Olympic Club Charleroi in which more than 3 points will be at stake.

Come on Ladies !!

Ladies I visited White star for a derby. Despite supporters we started poorly with a first and then second goal quickly scored by the opponent. Ladies in green had a few opportunities and good actions well defended by white star that scored 3 other goals before the final whistle.

The ladies in green showed up to the pitch
There they found some mud and many a ditch
The field may have looked fit for spa day
But alas they were there for match day
With new coaches on the bench
That spoke only French
(They left Magda confused
But no fear, google translate was used)
The whole lineup was shuffled
So you might think that the ladies were buffled
But Irlande came out strong and scored the first goal
We hoped that the rest of the game might be a stroll
And although we left our hearts out on the field
They still broke through our defensive shield
They scored.
They scored.
They scored.
They scored.
And as football goes,
We lost.
Back to training we’ll go to mitigate the cost.
For now we post-game with some beers.

Forfeit for Heist

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Ladies 1 were under pressure, they knew that it was a big game and a possibility to win their first 3 points.
The game started well for Ladies 1. Concentration, possession and it has even ended with a goal scored by Tess.
After the goal, Chastre was putting a lot of pressure.
And unfortunately chastre scored just before the end of the first half.
The beginning of the second half started full of motivation and Ladies 1 had a few occasions.
The possession was clearly for girls in white and green but at the end of the game, Chastre scored again.
Sad end, Ladies 1 didn’t deserve this result but it’s football..
Let’s keep hope for the next game!🍀

On Saturday afternoon, the First Women’s Team of FC Irlande lost 6-2 in the match against Vosselaar.

In the first half, FC Irlande had difficulties to get into the game. In addition, Laurie had to be replaced shortly after kick-off due to injury (we wish her a speedy recovery). The team from Vosselaar took the lead after a good quarter of an hour with a header after a corner. The 2-0 followed quite quickly after our defense was overrun by the opposing striker, who finished the horizontal cross in front of the goal in the lower left corner. Even though FC Irlande continued to keep their heads up, the 3-0 followed, and just before the break a Vosselaar striker managed to intercept an unlucky cross pass from our defender, putting the team up 4-0.

After the break, FC Irlande made a tactical change, which worked better. After a great assist from Virgi, Brenda was able to reduce the score to 4:1. Although FC Irlande had now found better into the game, Vosselaar was able to extend the gap again after a diagonal pass in front of goal, where our defender was one step too late, and increased to 5:1. However, FC Irlande held on to the tactical change, with success. Sarah was fouled in an attack in the sixteen-meter area, whereupon Tess safely converted the penalty and reduced to 5:2. Shortly before the end of the game, after a failed attack by Vosselaar, the ball could not be cleared properly by FC Irlande. The opposing team intercepted the ball at the sixteen-meter area and finalized the result with a clear shot from the corner of the sixteen-meter area to 6:2.

Despite the defeat, heads remain up. Training will continue and work on the weaknesses, which is why we, FC Irlande, remain positive.

FC Irlande Ladies I showed a great spirit playing on Saturday afternoon against one of the top teams in the league: Malines.
First half of the game FC Irlande was very solid in defense, creating a few ocasions in front and keeping the control of the mid-field. Malines did not find any other solution than throwing balls ahead of our defense. Despite the fact that most of the time we managed to keep the balls and play the off-side, at the very end of the first half 2 balls passed and Malines scored twice in a row: 0-2.
In the second half, FC Irlande showed a lot of commitment pushing in front. Finally, Virginie scored thanks to a great assist by Rossa 1-2. Marine, who did an extraordinary job in the goal, managed to resist the attacks from Malines, but couldn’t succeed in avoiding the very last goal from Malines 1-3 due to a mistake from our side.
Nice game. A lot of fight until the end from the ladies side.

The ladies 1 were playing on Sibret’s land on Sunday. After a decent start, they conceded 3 goals in ten minutes. Laurie reduced the score to 1-3 and both teams went back to the changing rooms on that score at half-time. The girls in green showed a great spirit and scored a goal very early in the second half. Two more goals were scored shortly after, one for each team. Laurie was on fire with a hat-trick. The end of the game was unfortunately much more successful for Sibret, despite several attempts from the girls in green.

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Third game of the season starts with a good attitude from our girls, good pressure and lots of opportunities, despite a very quick goal from their side at the 2nd minute.
We equalize quite fast at the 6th with a great pressing from Laurie up front.
But they keep pushing and with a good football combination from Westerlo, the score is 3-1 after 9 minutes.
Dilara unfortunately gets injured after half an hour and Sephora replaces her immediately.
We try to keep it up before break but they score another time.
Two more changes at halftime and we are ready to fight again !
But bad luck again, Clara gets a (deserved) red card and needs to be replaced in the goal. We finish the game with 10 players and it gets more and more difficult to compete with a solid team as Westerlo.
Final score : 1-6.

Sunny and warm day at the Royale Union Sportive Loyer Stadium to play the second game of the season of the FC Irlande Ladies I.

Hard and intense game in a short field that complicated the game to the girls in green. Loyers opened the scored in the 25th minute taking advantage of a misunderstanding between our girls and the referee. 10 mins later, Laurie, who was playing her first game with the FCI, tied the game after a nice shot straight to the goal. The first half ended 1-1.

In the second half, Loyers scored 2 fast goals which difficulted the options of bringing the first 3 points home and which set the final score 3-1. The game did not end well for the Ladies. Tammy, who was replacing Clara in the goal, was injured from her ankle. Sad ending for the Ladies 1 who had the 3rd serious injury of the season.

Come on Ladies !!

All fixtures and results

#2 September 4, 2021 R.U.S.Loyers 3 - 1 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#3 September 11, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 1 1 - 6 Report Westerlo
#4 September 25, 2021 Standard Liège B 8 - 0 FC Irlande Ladies 1
#8 October 2, 2021 Wallonia Club Sibret A 8 - 3 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#5 October 9, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 1 1 - 3 Report KV Mechelen B
#6 October 16, 2021 KVV Vosselaar 6 - 2 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#7 October 23, 2021 ASE. Chastre B 2 - 1 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#8 November 6, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 1 5 - 0 R. Aywaille A
#9 November 13, 2021 K.SK Heist A 0 - 5 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#10 November 20, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 1 1 - 4 Report FC Alken
#11 November 27, 2021 Femina White Star Woluwe B 4 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#12 December 4, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 1 0 - 2 Report R. Standard de Liège C
#13 December 11, 2021 R. Olympic Club Charleroi A 0 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#14 January 15, 2022 VVC Brasschaat A 6 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#16 January 29, 2022 Westerlo 10 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#17 February 5, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 1 1 - 1 Report Wallonia Club Sibret A
#18 February 19, 2022 KV Mechelen B 5 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#19 February 26, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 1 1 - 4 Report KVV Vosselaar
#20 March 5, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 1 3 - 2 Report ASE. Chastre B
#15 March 12, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 1 3 - 4 Report R.U.S.Loyers
#21 March 19, 2022 R. Aywaille A 1 - 2 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#22 March 26, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 1 3 - 0 Report K.SK Heist A
#23 April 16, 2022 FC Alken 8 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1
#24 April 23, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 1 0 - 1 Femina White Star Woluwe B

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FC Irlande Ladies 1

  • Coach : Leo Noemi
  • T2 & T3 : Belghitihassani Tahar
  • Captains : Nawal & Geani

Top goals scorers

  • Tesslime Karahisarli 9
  • Kelly Vanhandenhove 5
  • Laurie Hachez 5
  • Anouk Riffard 2
  • Brenda Romao Lobo 2
  • Momo Zubiria 2
  • Virginie Verdin 2
  • Céline Lamblin 1
  • Gabrielle Virgone 1
  • Marine Goossens 1
  • Shadia Nahimana 1

Top goals assists

  • Tess Karahisarli 3
  • Brenda Romao Lobo 1
  • Isabel Baez 1
  • Rossa Moreira 1
  • Sarah Touil 1
  • Virginie Verdin 1