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Game against RFC Liege, 8th in the ranking, FC Irlande 13th out of 14th, with one draw and 7 loss.

The first 10 minutes are quite difficult, we struggle to find ourselves and it is not easy to provide good football. After a while though, we start combining and it becomes a lot better.

After a very good press from Linette on their goalkeeper, she panics and sends the ball not far from the 16m where Lisa is. With a fantastic shoot from outside the box, Lisa scores and allows FCI ladies to lead at half time after a dominating first half.

We start the second half with the same motivation but Liege gets more and more agressive and tries to score quickly. But Clara makes several giant saves that keep us in the game. We keep playing football and combining as we know. And it pays off!

Myriam controls the ball and sends a wonderful deep pass to Linette who is faster than her defender and finds the goal after a great run ! 2-0 FC Irlande!

Liege keeps on pushing but FC Irlande plays, moves and gets the first ever victory together at national level! A great achievement thanks to everyone’s motivation, work and positive attitude!

Great feeling this weekend and waiting for others to come.


It was a taught game and at some point we even had the feeling we could win it, particularly at the beginning of the 2nd half. At the end, however, physical tiredness came up and we received a 2nd goal when we were close to get a point in our favour. That was the 0-2.

The first goal, instead, came at the very end of the 1st half (minute 42). On a clear off-side which was not remarked by the referee, they scored completely alone in front of the goal. Clara, despite having made some very good actions in the goal during the whole game, could not avoid that one.

The second half started with a good feeling for FC Irlande but, despite some good isolated actions, no goal on our side was scored.

This weekend FC Irlande Auderghem A faced D.V.C. Eva’s Tienen A at their pitch. The game promised to be somewhat challenging for the girls in green as Tienen competes for the first places of the division.

FC Irlande took a bit of time before getting 100% in the game. They then increased attention and intensity. Unfortunately, their opportunities didn’t lead into goals. In front of the strikers Tienen’s goalkeeper caught all shots. On the other side, several Tiense opportunities and every single mistake from the ladies ended in a goal. Half time score: 5-0.

The girls in green performed well in the second half. Clara also did great saves. They scared Tienen a number of time but didn’t manage to score. Tiny mistakes finished in the net. Final score: 8-0. FC Irlande still has to improve, but bit by bit the ladies gain experience.

Ladies, let’s keep our heads up and continue fighting hard!

A convincing start against Standard de Liege: the ladies performed very well in the first half. A lot of intensity and occasions, quick and accurate passing. Nice saves from Clara and a beautiful goal from Rossa who was faster than her opponents after a smart assist from Momo. An important save on the goal line by Geani gave the deserved 1-1 half time score.

In the first minute of the second half Standard was first on the ball after a good save of Clara following a corner kick: 1-2.

The ladies still had some good chances to equalize, but eventually Standard showed their physical presence and scored two more goals to set the final score: 1-4.

From the beginning of the match Leuven showed his superiority. Too static compared to the movements of the opponents, the score was already 5-0 after 10 minutes.

With a little more physical impact , the breakage was limited to 8-0 at halftime.

Ireland goes back to the field with more attention. By playing higher and touching more balls, the girls were a little more dangerous. Leuven showed superiority in all the compartments of the game and won the match 12-0.

Logic, great team, girls from Ireland have a lot to learn.

The game is important. We know that we can do something in games against this kind of teams.

The game starts and we are well placed.

We try combinations and to make circulate the ball from right to left.

Finally, a good action from virg and Linette leads to the first goal ( Myriam).

But soon after sibret scores too.

After that the ball was overall for the opposent. And just before the half time we took a goal.

The game has just restarted and we conceded a goal. The victory is now complicated but we try to move forwards.

Teams can’t find the breakthrough.

But 75′, sibret scores again.

77′ we score thanks to Linette with a wonderful kick.

Goals : 1-0 13′ Myriam

1-1 17′

1-2 42′

1-3 48′

1-4 75′

2-4 77′ Linette

In : Delphine, Laura, Sofie

Out : Clelia, Stéphanie, Myriam

Chastre A – FC Irlande Ladies I: Saturday 15th, 17.30h

Tough game in which the girls in green started taking the lead scoring first against Chastre. The first goal came from a pass from the left side inside the box which in one touch was shot to the goal. 0-1!

FC Irlande tried to keep up the score pressing high, but soon the opposite team tied the game 1-1.

Afterwards Chastre missed 2 penalties. One of them came from a grab inside the box during a corner, and the second one in a late action from the defender in her attempt to catch the ball from the other player.

Unfortunately, in an action of the game Isa injured her ankle. After driving the ball all along the right side she was about to shot to the goal, but, just before, she was stopped by a defender. After that, she had to be replaced by another player.

A few minutes before ending the first half Chastre scored, ending the first 45 minutes 2-1.

In the second half of the game, the physical superiority of the opponents was noticed and made them control the next 45 minutes. Some of the next goals came from the high speed of their strikers.The game ended 7-1.

Isa, Clélia and Momo were replaced, due to different injuries, by Christina, Inés de la Serna and Laura.

Let’s keep working hard and good results will come soon!!! Come on FC Irlande!!!!

Sat. 01 Sept. 2018 18:00
FC Irlande Auderghem A 1 – 1 R.E.S. Couvin-Mariembourg A

Here is the story of the first home game of FC Irlande Auderghem A in second national division against R.E.S. Couvin-Mariembourg A:
• Great corner kick from Couvin.
• Rossa heads a corner kick from Myriam against the crossbar.
• Isa has a goal-scoring opportunity.
• Myriam has a goal-scoring opportunity after a great collective play.
• Isa has a goal-scoring opportunity.
• Myriam launches a long cross ball to Isa.
• After a great gameplay Isa – Céline, Isa launches a cross ball to Myriam: GOOAAALLLL!!! 1 – 0
• FC Irlande has three goal-scoring opportunities from great corner kicks.
• Great gameplay on the left side Myriam – Isa – Céline.
• Great gameplay Lynette – Myriam.
• Once again FC Irlande has a goal-scoring opportunity from a great corner kick.
• Céline misses a decisive penalty kick.
• Myriam heads a corner kick but the goalkeeper saves it.
• Virginie has a goal-scoring opportunity but the goalkeeper saves it.
• In the 93rd minute, the girls in green concede a goal to their opponent: 1 -1 final score.

The ladies are facing their first D2 league game on a windy, cloudy but not too cold August afternoon. The starting XI:
Fanni Geani Ariane Tammy
Stef Céline
Rossa Lisa Virginie
Bench: Christina, Carmen

First half:
The game is even in the first 15 minutes with good positioning of FCI players and a good team effort.
Big chance for Virginie after a long ball forward and the keeper has to stretch to save it to a corner. In the 19th minute FCI concedes an unlucky goal after a corner kick that changes direction on one of our own players. 1-0.
FCI fights back and after a corner Myriam delivers a well placed header. The opponents are perfectly positoned to defend the corner and though the ball bounces back from the goal line to Myriam, her second chance is stopped by another defender on the goal line.
In the 30th minute after a ball loss in the defense line the opponents react like professionals and their very quick player nr 5 sprints alone towards the goal and scores the second goal of the first half. 2-0.
The third big occasion arrives for FCI after a pass from Tammy to Myriam who dribbles through a player and passes the ball to Fanni in the space behind the defense. Fanni goes 1 vs 1 with the keeper but the goalie saves it to a corner.
After the corner the Wolvertem defense could not clear the ball further than the penalty point where Stef shows her excellent shooting skills with a volley that is headed to corner by an opponent.

Second half:
In the 59th minute after a suspicious offside position of Wolvertem players while FCI defense in forward movement the home team sets the 3-0 score.
62nd minute Christina comes in for Lisa.
In the 66th a similar goal makes it 4-0.
In the 70th minute Ariane suffers a horrible knee injury and she is carried off the field on a stretcher, which leaves the team in shock for the rest of the game. Carmen comes in for Ariane.
In the last 20 minutes Wolvertem dominates the game fully and Clara shows many excellent saves.
In the 82nd minute Wolvertem sets the final score of 5-0.

It’s unfortunate to lose by 5-0 after a more than reasonable first half. Good that there is still time to improve in this league.
The whole team wishes Ariane a very quick recovery!!!

The match started at 16:00 in Aalter. We knew it would be a difficult game against FC Brugge B but we were all motivated and ready to fight. Unfortunately, the final score is 9-0 for Brugge B. However, we tried to play each ball and to create some actions.

At 30′, Tammy had to be replaced by Delphine because of an injury. Half time ended with a score of 4-0 for FC Brugge B. The coaches asked us to try to play quicker because of the strong pressing of Brugge and to get stronger in the duels.

During the second half Lisa, Carmen, and Lotte replaced respectively Myriam, Virginie, and Clelia. Second half ended with a score of 5-0 for Brugge B.

As a conclusion, holidays are over!!!! A challenging and exciting season is starting! We need to focus on trainings, trainings and trainings 🙂
Come on LADIES!!!

All fixtures and results

#0 August 18, 2018 FC Bruges B 9 - 0 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#2 August 25, 2018 KHO Wolvertem Merchtem A 5 - 0 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#3 September 1, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 1 - 1 Report R.ES. Couvin-Mariembourg A
#4 September 15, 2018 ASE. De Chastre A 7 - 1 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#5 September 29, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 2 - 4 Report Wallonia Club Sibret A
#6 October 6, 2018 Oud-Heverlee Leuven B 12 - 0 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#7 October 20, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 1 - 4 Report R. Standard de Liège
#8 October 27, 2018 D.C.V. Eva’s Tienen A 8 - 0 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#9 November 3, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 0 - 2 Report Voetbalclub Moldavo B
#10 November 10, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 2 - 0 Report R.FC. de Liège A
#11 November 24, 2018 Yellow-Red KV. Mechelen A - FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#12 December 1, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 - R.SC. Anderlecht B
#13 December 8, 2018 K. Bokrijk Sport A - FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#14 December 15, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 - FC. Fémina La Louvière A
#15 January 12, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 - KHO Wolvertem Merchtem A
#16 January 19, 2019 R.ES. Couvin-Mariembourg A - FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#17 February 2, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 - ASE. De Chastre A
#18 February 9, 2019 Wallonia Club Sibret A - FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#19 February 23, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 - Oud-Heverlee Leuven B
#20 March 2, 2019 R. Standard de Liège - FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#21 March 9, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 - D.C.V. Eva’s Tienen A
#22 March 16, 2019 Voetbalclub Moldavo B - FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#23 March 23, 2019 R.FC. de Liège A - FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#24 April 13, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 - Yellow-Red KV. Mechelen A
#25 April 20, 2019 R.SC. Anderlecht B - FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1
#26 April 27, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1 - K. Bokrijk Sport A
#27 May 4, 2019 FC. Fémina La Louvière A - FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1

FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies1

  • Coach : Karim Attanjaoui
  • Coach : Fabien Roux
  • Captain : Aurélie Stock

Top goals scorers

  • Myriam 2
  • Linette 2
  • Momo 1
  • Lisa 1

Top goals assists

  • Linette 2
  • Myriam 1
  • Isabel 1