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End of the winning streak for Ladies 1.
Against the second of the league, ladies 1 did not put the basic ingredients to win.
Even with this and after conceded 2 goals, our ladies scored and put some pressure.
Too late unfortunately.
No need to be negative but learning is the key.
FC Irlande Auderghem continues the winning streak against Louwel.
On a difficult pitch after 2 weeks of typical Irish weather, our ladies controlled the first half where Oli scored after a corner from Tess.
The second half started and Louwel was better. After 60 minutes, Clara saved a decisive one on one. After a good effort from Tess and Laura, Tess scored the 2nd goal of the day. 2-0 for Ladies 1 but Louwel continued to push. We were not controlling but a 3rd goal came from Tess after a fantastic run in the defense from Oli.
3-0 and 15 points on the last 18 possible to reach the 6th position.
On the worst pitch of the league, Ladies 1 won their 3rd game in a row.
After 50 seconds, Tess scored after a free kick from Momo.
The game was controlled despite the difficult pitch and Sibret was not able to create any chances.
After the break the game continued like this. We created chances but we did not manage to score until a second free kick from Momo on the bar! But Tammy was ready to follow the second ball and scored a fully deserved second goals.
We missed some opportunities but Ladies 1 controlled until the end.
12 points on the last 15 possible!

The match was forfeited by the opposition. 5 0 awarded to us.

Ladies 1 had to win and they did.

Line up: Bekaert Clara (L), Riffard Anouk, Anghel Geanina, Karahisarli Teslime, Waegemans Ariane, Gherschon Lisa, Poitschke Wanda, Elemenoglou Christina, Northshield Tammy, Zubiría Lipperheide Monica (C), Philippart de Foy Olivia.

On a fairly difficult grassy pitch, Heist had the best opportunities in the first five minutes. Then, FC Ireland Auderghem was able to control the first half but without scoring unfortunately.

Half time: 0-0

During the second half, Heist had more control over the ball without creating any real opportunity.

Subs (60’-65 ’) -> In: Lueya Francesca-Hassani Myriam / Out: Gherschon Lisa-Poitschke Wanda.

Following these subs, the opportunities increased for us. Such as a pass from Myriam for a long course where Olivia got a corner kick on a superb shot. She also transformed the corner into a goal after a perfect header. Such a great way to celebrate her birthday.

A few minutes later, after a superb counter-attack, Francesca scored the second goal under applause from her father.

After that the rhythm slowed down.

Subs (87 ’) -> In: Stock Aurélie / Out: Waegemans Ariane.

In the last minutes, de saw the female demons again : 1. A lack of concentration ended with a 2-1.

After 3 minutes of stress, the Ladies in Green came back with the victory.

The girls in green were back on the field this Saturday against Brasschaat after a 4-week winter break.
They were hoping for a revenge after the first leg (9-1) but unfortunately, their first game of the year 2020 did not end well since they lost 0-2 in Auderghem. The first goal was scored by the opponent in the first half on a corner kick.

The girls in green dominated the second half and pushed to try to get back in the game but were not able to score. Brasschaat made the second goal on a freekick. The match ended on a 0-2 score.
Next week, FCI girls are going to Heist for a 12:30 game. Hopefully, they will come back with a nice victory and their first 3 points in 2020.

Just in time for Christmas Ladies 1 brought the victory home!

For the last game before the holidays FCI Ladies 1 encountered the opponent from KV Mechelen. Both teams were in high spirit but thank to Tess the ladies in green were able to mark in minute 7 and put pressure on the opponent. For the next twenty minutes FCI dominated the game and demonstrated great team spirit. Towards half time Mechelen was able to come back into the game. The girls showed that they came to fight for victory but didn’t finish in front of the goal, not least thanks to Clara who kept her goal empty and managed for FCI to go into half time with a 1-0 lead.

After the break FCI ladies came back with combined forces and the will to secure the game for them. 11 minutes into the second half Lisa impressed with what could be called a march through the opponent’s defence and the perfect finishing touch: 2-0. Less than ten minutes later Tess scored once more after the team retrieved a Mechelaars goal kick. 3-0 and the ladies in green could almost sense victory. Time to bring in some fresh energy with Myriam (69’), Aurélie (78’) and Nawal (84’) to finish the game in force. In minute 90 Mechelen was rewarded for their efforts throughout the game and made the score final: 3-1. With more than five minutes injury time the referee ended the game, leaving FCI Ladies 1 on the 9th place of the ranking with 14 points.

This Saturday, the ladies in green were playing away to D2 leader RFC Liege. They knew a tough game was waiting for them, and indeed it was. The first half of the game saw a quite balanced fight between two determined teams. Both teams had the opportunity to score, but none of them managed to. The FCI Ladies got two very dangerous opportunities but unfortunately the ball didn’t end up in the goal. It was a tight 0-0 at half time. Coming back from the changing room, the ladies were focused and put a lot of pressure on their opponent. It led to a controversial goal – a header from Momo – which was refused by the referee who estimated that the ball did not fully enter the goal. Even more motivated by this event, the ladies in green kept pushing. Unfortunately, it was Liege’s striker who scored the first goal of this game. They also scored the second and last goal of this game ten minutes later. Despite the impact of the subs and the whole team fighting spirit, the ladies didn’t manage to score. Final score 2-0 for D2 leader RFC Liege. Despite the defeat, ladies 1 fought as a team and made Liege doubt and fear for the result. They acknowledged it was the toughest game they had played this season. There are some positive vibes to bring back from Liege, while keeping up the hard work at trainings.

10th game of the season for Ladies 1 against Loyers, a team just behind us in the ranking. This was an opportunity to distance ourselves by 7 points in case of a victory. The first 15 minutes of this cold Saturday evening FC Irlande gets dominated and doesn’t manage to build actions properly. Loyers pushes and scores after 20min in the game. Ladies 1 keep trying to combine but another action of Loyers in our box brings them a penalty after 30 minutes of playing.

2-0 Loyers, 15 minutes still to play in the first half.

Second half starts with the same score and with our ladies motivated to bring back the 3 points ! We push more, manage to combine better but don’t find the goal until the 57th minute after a beautiful shoot from Momo from 20 meters. Loyers starts to hesitate and the ladies push more and more but without any further result.

Final score 2-1 and Loyers comes to only 1 point from Ladies 1 at 2 games before the Christmas break.

It is an important match against Westerlo, fifth in the ranking, for the girls in green this weekend. After the game in Merchtem, this is an opportunity to win at home.

The girls quickly set their pace in the match, unfortunately several times they miss the chance to score the first goal. Westerlo does not have much opportunity, but manages to be more concrete in the 24th minute: the captain shots an in-depth ball and it lobs the goalkeeper, who stands too far out of her area. 0-1.
The girls react quickly, and in the 32nd minute, it is Olivia who catches well the ball on a counter-attack and disappoints the goalie. 1-1!

Just after half-time, Myriam manages to take the ball after a cross bar from Ariane, a shot she tried with the left foot.

Westerlo begins to put pressure. At a certain point they create themselves some opportunities, but the Irish defense remains very strong in the duels.

At the 78th, Wanda beautifully passes the ball to Francesca, who puts the goalkeeper aside and pushes the ball into the net. 3-1!

Eventually a home win!

After a frustrating defeat against Standard of Liege, FC Irlande meets Merchtem, just above in the ranking.

At the beginning of the match, the coaches opt for a 4-3-3. The girls are scrambled and are not strong enough in the duels. Against all odds a great center suddenly arrives from Momo. Myriam controls the ball with her chest and shots with her left foot to score at the 22nd minute. 0-1!

At half-time, the coaches decide to change the system. Ariane replaces Lisa and Momo returns to her common position as midfielder.

At the beginning of the second half, the girls play better and are not far from the 0-2 with a shot from Oli in the penalty area. Unfortunately the goalkeeper catches the ball. Due to a lack of attention in playing the offside, Merchtem equalizes in the 81st minute. 1-1

Once again frustrated by the result, the girls in green however get the point of the draw and remain close to the top 6 teams.

Today the ladies’ first team played home against the Standard of Liege.

The ladies in green had many occasions to score first but, unfortunately, without any success. The opponent were pressuring our players during the first half but they didn’t manage to score.

We later had the upper hand in the second half but the red managed to score a goal while one of our player was laying injured on the grass, without any fair-play they continued the action and number 17 scored a few minutes before the end of the game.

The ladies were putting a lot of pressure on the other team’s defense until the end but unfortunately the score didn’t change.

Once again the ladies proved themselves worthy of this category by looking a strong opponent in the eyes and showing them that they should fear us for the next game.

It was a very intense game and we are looking forward to play the second match against this team.

Saturday 19 August 8pm

The sun has set but the girls in green are getting ready for an important game to play against Chastres. They want to take their revenge from last season’s game.

The referee’s whistle is heard clearly through the crisp autumn evening. The match begins.

Both teams start off strong. Ireland has several scoring occasions but fails to score. Chastres scores first after 31 minutes.


The pressure is high. Both teams are fighting for the ball. There are some very nice plays for Ireland.

65’ Vanda comes in for Virj

70’ Anouk comes in for Lisa

77’ Celine comes in for Myriam and shows an impressive entry. 

88’ throw in to Celine who passes back to Tammy. Tammy centers, the ball bounces in the goalie box and then lobs the goalie. It’s goal!!! Ireland equalizes in the last minutes.

The girls try to score another goal but time has run out.

Final score 1-1.

5th championship game at Louwel, unknown by Ladies I.

For the first time this season, Ladies I managed to score the first. A mistake of Louwel’s central defence let Lisa score after 7mins. 0-1.

Louwel fought to get back to the score but the fighting spirit and the intensity provided by all the Ladies I made it harder for the opponent.

Ladies I scored a second time by an amazing double 1-2 between Lisa and Myriam for a finish by Myriam! 0-2.

Louwel pushed it harder but this time, they played a fast corner when Ladies I weren’t paying attention. They scored by an amazing shoot from the 20m. 1-2.
Clara, our keeper, touched it but not enough.

Score at half time: 1 – 2.

Second half time: Ladies I managed to be more organized, by pressing together, working for each other and pushing more to put more intensity.

Third goal came from our amazing Olivia, defence midfielder, who took the opportunity to score by an amazing shot from the 30m. Right in the top corner. 1-3.

Wanda let her place to Virginie, our striker for many years.

With a tired opponents Virginie took the opportunity to have a face to face with the keeper and scored! 1-4.

But Virginie didn’t say her last words. She finished the game by an amazing shot in the top corner for the last goal of the game. 1-5.

End of the game: 1 – 5

Work is paying and we are making a lot of progress! Let’s continue like that!

The girls in green missed 3 valuable points against Sibret.
Saturday 6pm Ladies I played in Auderghem against Sibret, a direct rival in D2.
Although FC Irlande had more occasions to score than their opponents, Sibret took advantage of 2 free kicks to win the game 1-2.
The first half the girls in green led the game playing the ball from side to side and approaching the goal but they finished the first 45 minutes 0-0.
On the second half Sibret started circulating better the ball and pressing higher. Their first goal arrived after a corner when one of the players shot a dead ball left in the middle of the box.
FC Irlande tied the game a few minutes later in a penalty whistled after a fault on Laura and shot by Tess.
Sibret reacted quikly and scored again after a free kick in which one of their strikers headed the ball alone on the box.
FC Irlande pushed till the end of the game but could not achieve the 3 points.
Time to work hard to prepare the next game on October 5th.
3rd championship game at Perwez, a new D2 team, well known by Ladies I.

The first half is quite balanced, but Ladies I dominate the game a bit more.
Perwez’s defense plays really well, there are at least 8 offsides well negotiated by Perwez.
6 minutes after half time, their very good attacker with her nearly 30 goals in P1 last year, opens the score with a beautiful shoot outside the 16m.
Ladies I concentrate more and 12 minutes after, Lisa equalizes and sends the ladies into a battle towards a victory.
Very good sequence of 20 minutes for FCI, Lisa scores again at the 71st and the Ladies I take the lead in this intense game!
Irlande keeps dominating despite some bad supporters, an undecided ref and a very excited Perwez staff.
After 98 minutes of game, the final whistle sounds like the first championship victory for Ladies I! The party can start!

See match summary on BX1 report (from 10’21)

Main facts of the game (for FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies A):

Line up: C. Bekaert (GK), G. Anghel, A. Stock (30′), T. Karahisarli, V. Verdin (83′), C. Elemenoglou (57′), L. Gherschon, T. Northshield, M. Hassani, M. Zubiria Lipperheide (C), O. Philippart de Foy

Subs: C. Casalino (83′), L. Catala (57′), A. Waegemans (30′), D. Wilputte

Halftime score: 2-4 / Final score: 3-5

This Saturday, the ladies in green were playing against Heist, a team that was apparently aiming for the first rankings in this D2 group.
After a rough first game the weekend before and a large defeat, Ladies I were willing to show they were worth better than that. So it was full of good intentions and determination that they started the game.
Unfortunately, Heist scored very early on a cross deviated in their own goal by the defence. The rest of the first period saw the ladies in green being aggressive and focused, offering some nice team combinations and dangerous opportunities. It ended on this 1-0 defeat.
The second period mostly looked like the first one, with an early goal conceded and then the whole team pushing to restick to the score. After one hour, Virginie scored on a nice team combination, and gave back hope to the greens. They kept pushing for the rest of the game, even after a goal was unfairly denied.
The ladies gave everything they could, but they didn’t manage to score any other goal. The defeat felt bitter and not deserved, but the team showed a much brighter face than last weekend. Hard work will eventually pay off, this is just an extra motivation for the coming games!

Saturday August, 30: First championship game of the season. FCI Ladies A plays against Brasschaat, not far from Antwerp.

The game starts at 3pm in broiling hot conditions. The opponents seem not to be completely on the pitch. Tess takes advantage of a mistake made by a defender to intercept the ball and lob the goalkeeper with a magnificent shot. 0-1 on the 3rd minute!

Braasschaat wakes up. The team starts to apply sequences they seem to have rehearsed thousand times: from one side of the defense to another, from defense to the wings, from the middle to the attack through perfect triangle passes that put FCI team in a difficult position.

At halftime, the score is still reasonable regarding the game; 3-1. By three times, Clara saves the team from rising the opponents’ score. Between 69th and 76th minute though FCI players seem to surrender and let 4 goals in. The perfect centers shot by the wings are never-ending. The score now shows 7-1 and there is still more than 10 minutes to play.

At the end of the game, Brasschaat is unstoppable as FCI ladies are half dead. The whistle blows at 9-1, a score that seems a bit harsh…

FCI Ladies will have to work very hard again this season.

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FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies A

  • Coach : Thomas Otuszewski
  • T2 & T3 : Sofie Leclerc & Thomas Wieme
  • Captains : Momo Zubiria & Tammy Northshield

Top goals scorers

  • Tess 9
  • Lisa 5
  • Olivia 4
  • Myriam 4
  • Virginie 4
  • Fran 3
  • Tammy 2
  • Momo 1

Top goals assists

  • Olivia 5
  • Tess 4
  • Momo 2
  • Fran 2
  • Myriam 2
  • Wanda 2
  • Laura 1
  • Anouk 1