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This Saturday night ladies II went against Ixelles in Auderghem. A team that have been excelling this season. So we knew it would be a though game.

The first half started with a lot of pressure from their side, making it hard for us to get out of our half. Their Midfields were very good and physical. We manage to hold the 0-0 thanks to an amazing save on the line from AJ. After that, we got our head in the game and matched their play. Leading to the end of the first half without many chances on both sides.

We started the second half better. Until around the 60′ when they manage to slip through our defence and score the first goal. That goal made us loose our focus and they quickly scored the 0-2 and the 0-3. We managed to get back in the game and stood strong once again until they got the final corner kick of the game where they scored their fourth and last goal.

It was a though game and though result but we will use this experience to see where we can improve and we will be ready to get them next time.
On a typical Belgian evening, where the air was chilled and raindrops danced on the artificial grass, some might have found solace in a warm cup of tea accompanied by delicate cookies. Yet, for our spirited ladies in green, the allure of a perfect evening lay on the football field, and so we embarked on a journey to Chastre.
The match kicked off with FCI setting a relentless pace. Throughout the first half, our team executed impeccable pressure, leaving Mariana, our goalkeeper, with scarce opportunities to interact with the ball.
In the 8th minute, a series of rebounds unfolded in their area, ultimately landing at the feet of Pri, who skillfully navigated the chaos to slot the ball into their net. A triumphant 1-0 lead for our ladies was established.
The girls in green encountered additional scoring opportunities, with one clear chance marred by controversy as the referee deemed it offside.
Brief intermissions punctuated the game due to an opposing player grappling with asthma.
The second half proved to be a more challenging encounter for us. A momentary lapse in our momentum allowed the opponents to showcase their skills, resulting in numerous scoring opportunities, especially from corner kicks. Mariana, now thoroughly engaged, displayed exceptional goalkeeping prowess, thwarting three or more shots that hit the crossbar.
Despite the opponent’s concerted efforts, the ladies in green maintained their unwavering energy, now in our defensive half. Ultimately, we clinched victory, securing three valuable points to carry home.
It was a cold rainy Saturday evening as FCI took on R. Union Lasne Ohain. Despite some referee troubles and a delayed start we all felt pumped and ready for the match when the whistle blew.
Unfortunately, after only two minutes Ohain managed to score a quick and early goal. Nevertheless, we did not put our heads down and quickly played better and got into the game. We played a close and tight rest of the half despite the cold with good plays and effort.
After a warm break in the buvet during halftime to gather some strength we were ready to take on the game and aim for some goals. Luckily, 5 minutes into the second half with a long kick the goal came from Marianne equalising the score. Now motivated to win the game, we continued playing well and had a few chances.
Even though we played a very good match, the ending was unfortunately rather bitter. With few minutes left of the game Ohain managed to score a second goal securing the win.
Despite the loss we played a good game and will be ready to beat them next time around! Even though we concluded we deserved at least one point, a bitter and sore ending will only give us more motivation!
It was an unseasonably bright, but blustery day when FCI took on Bx Brussels last Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining and the referee supported the sunglasses regulation, so FCI was off to a good start.
For the first quarter, FCI maintained a defensive posture, aiming to lock down the midfield. The play was intense and dynamic from both sides, with lots of movement coming from the back up the pitch. On a counterattack in the 30th minute, Bx managed to score off a cross from the right side of the pitch. FCI did not relent, though, and finished the first half strongly.
Things got heated in the second half, with more fouls and physical play. 2 yellow cards were issued to Bx and FCI created some chances off the free kicks and managed to tie the match with a penalty kick straight into the net by Pri. With 25 minutes to go, FCI kept up the intensity but neither team was able to secure another goal, leaving the final result a draw at 1-1. Taking home 1 point, FCI forges onward to the next victory!

In this week’s match, FC Irlande had their first defeat of the season, falling 2-1 to FC Wahlain. The early stages of the game saw FC Wahlain seize an opportunity through a swift counter-attack, with Marie Bande finding the net in the 10th minute. FC Irlande, however, rallied back, exhibiting a potent attack and a resolute defense for the remainder of the first half. Gillian Bartlett managed to level the score just before halftime at the 39th minute.

The second half witnessed continued pressure from FC Irlande on FC Wahlain’s defensive line, resulting in numerous scoring opportunities, albeit with unfortunate misses. Both sides engaged in a high-intensity, fast-paced game, with Bande from FC Wahlain securing a second goal late in the second half in the 75th minute. Despite FC Irlande’s sustained offensive efforts, FC Wahlain held firm in defense to preserve their lead and secure the victory.

The month of October could not have had a better beginning for Ladies II: Sunny Sunday morning, playing away against Boitsford and knowing that at the end of the match there would be home cooked brownies made by Pri.
We were missing 2 of our captains and usual central defenders, but we were lucky to be able to count with the help of Geani, Sara M and Jennyfer from Ladies 1. In total, there were 15 ladies ready to play on each side and a lot of supporters as well.
The ladies in green started strong, showing there were not willing to leave the pitch with anything else than a victory. Gillian created a great scoring opportunity early in the match by passing 2 defenders and shooting towards the goal, but the ball hit the post. However, it did not take long until FCI superiority was mirrored in the score with Rebecca’s goal at 13’.
Ladies II kept the game’s intensity and went after more goals. The second one came at 31’ by Jennyfer, on her first game with FCI. For some players, it takes 5 seasons to score their first goals, for others, it takes a couple of minute on the pitch 😊
The third and last goal of FCI happened at 36’ by Ida, after a rebound. It looks like the coaches repeated instructions ‘always go for the second ball’ is falling on deaf ears.
The break came and it was welcomed by both sides, since the sun was high and strong at midday.
Boistford came back stronger on the second half and with their loud supporters managed to put Ladies II under pressure for a couple of minutes. But FCI went back in the game and created more goal opportunities, including a direct free kick. Adina’s first attempt was a perfect goal on the top left corner, which was cancelled due to a referee’s miscommunication. Adina’s second attempt was an almost perfect shot, which unfortunately hit the bar.
Boistford managed to score their only goal 10’ before the end of the game, which set the final result of 1-3. A literally very sweaty and well deserved victory for the ladies in green!

The fourth game of the season took place on a crispy autumn day in beautiful Auderghem. Ladies 2 were ready to welcome a new local rival, R.R.C. D’Etterbeek, who were promoted to P1 for this season. While our friends from Etterbeek were hungry to win their first points of the season, the green ladies were just as determined to continue their unbeaten streak.

Only three minutes after the kick-off whistle, FC Irlande hit the net for the first time, after a beautiful interplay between Gillian and Priscila. Etterbeek kept their cool and continued challenging the Irish defense. Thanks to the great discipline of our fullbacks Lily and Alicia, the opponent’s attacking attempts were stopped time and again. Several dangerous passes and attacking attempts were also intercepted by our solid central defender AJ and the Finnish midfield engine duo Lotta and Vilja.

After several good attempts following quick runs from Marianne (a.k.a ”the Happiest Winger on Earth”) and great passing in the center, the ball hit the net again in the 32nd minute. Another two goals for FCI were buried in the net before the halftime break, including a beautiful shot from our tireless Rebby.

With a safe 4-0 lead for the second half, our FCI ladies could have safely relaxed and settled for a quiet second half. But instead, the remaining 45 minutes turned out to be at least as good a spectacle as the first half. With always hard-working Su and Shadia’s lively legs on the field, there was a lot left to give. Shadia did a strong job as usual and slipped beautifully past Etterbeek’s defenders and slammed in an elegant goal. A great long run on the left side by fullback Lily and a clean finish resulted in yet another goal. And above all – the Priscila Show was far from over. Her goal balance for the night ended with no less than six goals (hooray! And happy birthday)!

The Etterbeek side did not stop fighting despite the merciless FCI scoring machine. They created a couple of attempts, which were all safely stopped by our wall Mariana. Some great coaching by Martin also kept the FCI defenders focused and motivated to keep a clean sheet throughout the game.

With a final score of 9-0 for the greens, the post-game beers tasted sweeter than ever.

Special kudos to our iron women Priscila and AJ who warmed up before the game by driving almost all the way to Luxembourg to play with FCI Ladies 1. Another word of praise for Alicia and Alex, who stepped in to strengthened the Ladies 2 squad. That’s some real club spirit!


On this sunny Saturday FC Ireland Ladies 2 met against White Star.

The game starts, but White Star is able to score quickly at just 7 minutes, making the score 0-1. The ladies have learnt from their experiences last season and do not give up.
After a great long pass from Jenny, Priscila cuts in from the left wing and shoots a great shot into the net, making the score 1-1 at 31 minutes.
Both teams keep fighting, but no more goals come before the second half.
At 50 minutes, FCI gets a freekick, which Jenny crosses into the penalty area. Gillian -in her first official FCI game- is able to score, making the game 1-2.
However, not long after, at 60 minutes, White Star is able to catch up and make the score 2-2. Despite the excessive heat, the Ladies do not give up. The last minutes of the game are filled with an amazing fight and a few great attacks.
Honourable mentions from the game:
– Great blocks and tackles from Lily and Jenny in the penalty area.
– Marianne and Priscila tirelessly running in their new positions as wingers.
– Gillian and Vilja playing their first games for FCI.
– A great supporting crowd which added even more Finnish presence
 to the day.
Overall, the team can be proud of their performance and having gained yet another point for the league table.

On Saturday, 9 September the Ladies 2 team took on a challenge against a team who had dominated them on the pitch last season. The Ladies, after training diligently all of pre-season and winning their first match of the season 4-1, played a long and intense match against RFC Saint-Michel A. For most of the first half the ladies kept the score at 0 as the intensities rose as both teams fought hard for a goal, until Priscila scored their first goal from just outside the penalty box in the 36th minute. Their spirits were raised and they were all excited their trainings had paid off, but they all stayed focus and finished the match with a score of 1-0. GO IRELAND!

What a beautiful day to be wearing green. The sun was shining, quite strongly for Belgian standards, but Ladies 2 was ready to embark on their first game of the season.

Union Saint Gilloise had moved up from P2 and gave all their might the second the game started, but FC Ireland showed a deeper strength that brought them a glorious victory.

The defense and midfield battled for the ball and sent quite a few balls up to the strikers and wings. Specifically one ball landed upon winger Francesca who was determined to never let go of the ball until it smashed into the back on the net. It was magnificent. Not long after though, Union showed their might and placed a ball in the back on the net as well, but this didn’t disrupt FC Ireland’s force.
In the second half, newtime Ida striker gathered the ball and made a perfectly placed cross for Lily who easily hit the ball into the back of the net as well.
FC Ireland did not stop. Momo’s powerful shot hit the cross bar only once before she lobbed a very high ball, impossible for the keep to stop. The crowd went wild.
The teams battled on. Everyone sensed yet another goal was near. Through ball after through ball was sent, everyone trying to get another goal. Once again, Francesca battled for the ball and Rebby was able to secure a shot making it impossible for the keeper to stop it!
Final score 4-1! Well done ladies, 100 % effort from all the ladies present. Well done!

All fixtures and results

#1 September 2, 2023 R. Union St-Gilloise B 1 - 4 Report FC Irlande Ladies 2
#2 September 9, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 2 1 - 0 Report FC. Saint-Michel A
#3 September 16, 2023 FC Fem. White Star Woluwe C 2 - 2 Report FC Irlande Ladies 2
#4 September 23, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 2 9 - 0 Report RRC Etterbeek
#5 October 1, 2023 RRC Boitsfort A 1 - 3 Report FC Irlande Ladies 2
#6 October 7, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 2 1 - 2 Report FC Walhain
#7 October 15, 2023 BX. Brussels A 1 - 1 Report FC Irlande Ladies 2
#8 November 4, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 2 1 - 2 Report Union Lasne Ohain A
#9 November 10, 2023 ASE. Chastre B 0 - 1 Report FC Irlande Ladies 2
#10 November 18, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 2 0 - 4 Report SC Ixelles A
#11 November 25, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 2 - R. Wavre Limal
#12 December 2, 2023 Football Club Schaerbeek - FC Irlande Ladies 2
#13 December 10, 2023 RAS. Jodoigne A - FC Irlande Ladies 2
#14 December 16, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 2 - Football Club Schaerbeek
#15 January 13, 2024 FC. Saint-Michel A - FC Irlande Ladies 2
#16 January 20, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 2 - FC Fem. White Star Woluwe C
#17 January 26, 2024 RRC. Etterbeek A - FC Irlande Ladies 2
#18 February 3, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 2 - RRC Boitsfort A
#19 February 9, 2024 FC Walhain - FC Irlande Ladies 2
#20 February 17, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 2 - BX. Brussels A
#21 March 2, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 2 - R. Union St-Gilloise B
#22 March 8, 2024 Union Lasne Ohain A - FC Irlande Ladies 2
#23 March 16, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 2 - ASE. Chastre B
#24 March 22, 2024 SC Ixelles A - FC Irlande Ladies 2
#25 April 6, 2024 R. Wavre Limal - FC Irlande Ladies 2
#26 April 13, 2024 FC Irlande Ladies 2 - RAS. Jodoigne A

FC Irlande Ladies 2

  • Coach : Martin Stobbs
  • Coach : Sunny Park
  • Coach : Julian Rueda
  • Captain : Anna Joyce
  • Captain : Jenny Vuorenlinna
  • Captain : Marianne Van Weynbergh

Top goals scorers

  • Priscila Da Silva 10
  • Rebby Marx 3
  • Lily Wilder 2
  • Francesca Cattarin 1
  • Momo Zubiria 1
  • Gillian Bartlett 2
  • Shadia Nahimana 1
  • Ida Velthoven 1
  • Jenny Dikeni 1
  • Marianne Van Weynbergh 1

Top goals assists

  • Elizaveta Dmitrieva 1
  • Ida Velthoven 1
  • Ines Dubois 1
  • Jenny Vuorenlinna 1