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On a nice Septembre evening, the ladies in Green went to meet F.C. Survoyés for their second game of the season.

The spirit was upbeat and the team focused. The ladies showed some great football with beautiful triangle passes between Lisa, Ellie, Lovisa and Marion that brought us a first goal attempt. The first of many. 
Then followed several attempts by Ellie and Lisa, assist from Sandra. 

Unfortunately on a corner, the ladies in green let in a goal. 

On the defensive side, Flavia and Susana epically defended our goal and managed to turn the game more than once towards attack.

Lovisa made yet another attempt on the left side. 

During second half, Ruth and Lisa made some further attempts. A second goal on a corner was scored by F.C. Survoyes, but ladies kept their fighting spirit. Francesca came in fresh in the second half. Her entrance was followed by a beautiful goal by Lisa from the right side to the left goal corner.

The opponents played less football then relied on long balls from their goalie. The ladies in green can be proud of their game and will continue working to turn the next game into a victory.

The girls in green faced a tough start to the new season, meeting last year’s champions, White Star.
The first 25 minutes played to White Star’s strengths, as a few of their top players (some taken from higher leagues) were able to exploit FC Irlande’s weaknesses and put 5 unstoppable shots past Mariana.
Nevertheless, FC Irlande never stopped fighting and continued to test White Star’s defense with some some close chances down the wing, with some particularly clever play between Ruth and Christina.
Half time score: 0-5.
With a few changes in the line-up at half time to show a more offensive front, the second half was much stronger from the girls in green. With more communication and team play, we kept control of the ball in their half and continued to test their back line, with a couple of very close chances and continued pressing, particularly from Marion, now on the left wing. On the defensive side, a solid back line held by Lotte and Clélia, together with the incredible runs of Pauline on the right back meant that they were only able to convert two of their chances in the second half. Full time score: 0-7.
A frustrating start to the season but one where the score line does not tell the whole story. The girls in green can be proud of the fight they put up for their supporters, against a particularly strong opposition. Plenty of positives to work on to make sure the girls in green go from strength to strength for the season ahead.

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FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2

  • Coach : Alex
  • Captains : Mariana Fissel & Sandra Andersson

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