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Today the ladies II were playing Chastre, in a very tough matchup against the leader of the league. Being prepared for a tough fight, the keyword the coach communicated to the team for the evening was “agressivity”, with the aim of showing the same fighting spirit and drive as for the game at Chastre earlier in the first half of the season.

After a few minutes to find their marks, the ladies started the game well, putting a lot of pressure on Chastre who didn’t seem to expect such a start. One of our corner kicks turned into a very close opportunity to score for our defense bursting into the rectangle. Then Sarah got a good shot from the left wing. Shortly after, the ladies suffered the loss of Clelia, who had to be subed out for Aya due to the spraining of her wrist. The team was pretty destabilized from this incident and conceded two goals before the half time.

The half time gave the team the opportunity to re-organize and the ladies came out with more energy and the desire to score quickly. The ladies put up a good fight in the second half, with several opportunities from the wings and conceding no more goals. This was not sufficient and Chastre went home with three additional points.

Final score: 0-2.


The match started with good intensity. FCI ladies tried to create some good actions and had some shots. It is Charline, after 20 minutes, who scored the first goal. The first half ends with the score unchanged. The second half does not start well for the ladies in green, UCCLE score a goal after a few minutes. The FCI have a good reaction and in few minutes they score two more goals (Lise, assist from Gab and Virg with assist of Nawal). Unfortunately, UCCLE does not stop fighting and they are able to level the match. Final score 3-3.

After a week of practice with Stéphanie and Thomas, in the absence of Alex, the Ladies 2 played in Etterbeek. Important match to maintain our 4th position in the ranking and some excitement to play the former club of our newest recruit, Charline.

The game starts poorly; as the official referee did not show up, the delegate of Etterbeek took over the role and was clearly not on our side (forgot to call out numerous fouls, imaginary off-sides, …). Anyway. The Ladies 2 dominate the match and multiply occasions to score, via Sarah who barely misses the goal twice, and via Charline’s infiltrations in the box.

Despite our domination, Etterbeek takes the advantage at the 50th minute. Our Ladies react with grit and rage due to the poor decisions of the ref and score 10 minutes later via Stéphanie. We finally receive a penalty at the 75th minute, but unfortunately the opposing goalie stops it. The game ends with the bitter taste of the undeserved score of 1-1.

We thank Susana to have been our 14th player and to have helped us out for the game, and we thank Stéphanie and Thomas for training us during the week!

This Saturday night, the girls in green received the team of Jodoigne.

After less than a minute after the start of the game, one of our opponents falls in the rectangle and receives a penalty. Our goal keeper, Marie, dives to catch the ball, but unfortunately, Jodoigne scores. It’s 0-1. Even though the ladies kept their heads up after the first goal, the good play of Jodoigne led to 2 more goals. After 23 min, Nawal manages to score an amazing goal with a center from Lise. It’s 1-3. The last 20 min of the first half were quite intense and it ended up being 5-1.

After a good coaching session during the break, the ladies in green came back on the pitch with more envy and determination than ever. Jodoigne got destabilized and could not play as well as in the first half. Unfortunately, in the 71th minute, the ladies concede a goal, leading to a final score of 1-6.

After last week’s horrifying experience, it wasn’t easy to come back to football… We were doubtful about our skills, doubtful about our position, doubtful if ever again we will be able to raise our heads up and play on our level. The thought that the opponents were just 2 points below us, hungry for revenge after the first game, didn’t help in bolstering the spirits.

But it all changed with the first whistle of the ref. We quickly regained our confidence and proved that the 4th standing in the 1st Provincial League has not been a mistake. Until last minutes we kept our cool, confirming that we are professional footballers, capable of encompassing our both physical limitations and mental barriers.

Final score: 3:4 for FC Ireland!

First game of the second round of the season: P1 Ladies hosted White Star. The first 10 – 15 minutes the game were quite even with pressure from FCI on the opponents, who set a 0-3 lead before half time after no more than three quick counter attacks (note the efficiency of the opponents).
The second half the tactic of FCI was adjusted to 3 – 5 – 2 to limit the space on the midfield and to apply more pressure. Despite a good grip on the new positioning that indeed broke the game of White Star for 10-15 minutes in the second half, the end result was a devastating 0-7.
Ladies II hopes to learn from this game and appreciate the importance of training participation, determination, mental strength and fighting spirit! We will do better next time!

Despite the good start of the match, FC Ladies II take a first goal only after 5 minutes on a free kick. The reaction of the ladies was prompt and after few minutes they egalise (1-1). There were few actions on both side. The half time closed with the score of 2-1 for Forest. During the second half our ladies show some good spirit and combactivity. Unfortunately, the Forest were able to score other 3 (or 4) goals. Some minutes from the end, as a conclusion of a nice collectively action, Fanni scores the second goal for the ladies. Final score 5-2

Not so much to tell about this match against st-Michel. 0-0. Only one point for us but at least we didn’t give 3 points to them. The key word was to be the first: first on the ball, first on the decisions to take, first to score… but it didn’t happen. But we have things to learn from this match: be more focused and develop our fighting spirit on the field, play football as we learned and not to be influenced by how our opponents play, we have to make the game and not endure it. Let’s do it next saturday! All together! Come on Irlande!

This Saturday, the girls in green received the neighboring team of Ixelles. We started well and dominated very quickly. After 20 minutes of play, Marie D, our striker, recovers the ball and scores the first goal of the game.


The battle was tough but the FC Ireland girls did not give up. In the 35th minute, a player from Ixelles touches the ball with her hand in the penalty box. Penalty transformed by Nawal.

We lead 2-0

A few minutes later, Ixelles goes into offensive action. Their left wing dribbles Raphaele and shoots a shot at the entrance of the penalty area. Nice goal, which allows them to reduce the gap to 2-1. After the break, the battle resumes again. Fc Ireland still dominated, and despite several good opportunities, we have not been able to score again. Defensively, we scared ourselves a few times, but Ixelles was never able to draw.

Nice victory of FC Ireland on the score of 2-1.

This friday, Ladies II met Chastre’s team on the pitch, the long awaited match. The girls in green went on the pitch with a fighting spirit and would’t let it go until the end of the match. Unfortunately, the first goal against them was in after a few minutes due to a communication mistake. But, the girls in green showed a really nice collective game and the first half ended on a score of 1-0.
The second half promised to be all the more beautiful than the first.
The ladies II started with a lot of envy and fight on each ball despite good opportunities, they can’t score one goal.
Despite a loss of 3-0, the girls keep their heads up!

This saturday ladies 2 played at home the Etterbeek team, not an easy one. Etterbeek has had a pretty good start of the season and seemed to be on paper on the same level as the girls in green.

We led during the first 10′, with numerous occasions notably for Stéphanie. Unfortunately we started to get tired especially in the midfield. On a throw-in and a good reception by the opponent, we conceded the first goal. At 27′ on a fault on Gabrielle, we transformed the kick in into a goal for us. But 10′ later, they retaliated and scored with an unstoppable shot.

Our coach efficiently cheered us up at the break. Gabrielle and Sarah left the pitch and let freshness enters thanks to Lucille and Lise. On 75′, Agnes monetized a corner into a beautiful header that ended into the goal. On 89′, a fault of the opponent’s defense gave a penalty to our Ladies which scored their third goal. The match ended after a very tensed game but an unbreakable hunger for the three points !

A rather simple match against Moreda Uccle. Linda opened the scoring with a goal in the first half. The second goal was scored in a penalty by Nawal a few minutes before half-time.  In the second half, we conceded a goal and followed by a goal from Nawal and another by Aurelie from another penalty before the end of the game. The match ended with 4-1 for our Ladies.
This weekend, the Ladies II woke up early to face a strong opponent in the P1 championship: Jodoigne.
The start of the game looked promising. The girls in green did not leave any space for the opponent, showed their fighting spirit and character on the field. Unfortunately, a magnificent free kick changed the situation. Despite the envy and determination, Jodoigne scored two more goals in the first half.
At halftime, the girls in green didn’t want to give up. Throughout the match they tried, despite some mistakes and bad refereeing. Ladies II were having difficulties and this allowed Jodoigne to score three more goals.
At the 82nd minute, due to a defensive error on the Jodoigne’s side, Aurélie scored the honor goal for the Ladies II.
The score does not reflect the character of each player during this game, nor the team spirit but this defeat is a lesson to take. Heads up!
Final score: 6-1

The girls in green were receiving Lasnes this weekend (without an official referee). A motivated and well organized opponent who was hard to beat. At the beginning of the game, Lasnes’ team had a more combative spirit than we did. We concede a goal quickly, 0-1. After the goal, we start to assert ourselves and play a better football. 1-1, Aurélie scores. Steph uses her speed to give us the advantage, 2-1. Against the course of the game, penalty for Lasnes, 2-2. The team remains motivated and receive a penalty at the beginning of the second half, 3-2. The FC Ireland team dominates the game but after a miscommunication between the defence and the goalkeeper, we conceded again, 3-3.Only 15 minutes left to play when Steph scored again to give us the win.

4-3 final score.

The season started for Ladies II with a challenging game against White Star. Intensity was key word from minute 1. The girls in green opened the score with a goal in the first half-time by Lucille. Second goal was scored by Nawal in the first minutes of the second half-time. Ladies II then faced difficulties when its central defense got a red card. White Star took that opportunity and scored two goals. Ladies II fought till the end also when its mid-fielder suffered from cramps, reducing the players to 9 for 10 min. The game ended with 2-2.

Match was forfeited by the opposition

P1’s first game ever took place at Auderghem in a gazing sun and with a temperature that crept up towards 28 degrees. In the team it was a mix of girls from previous seasons and players who did their debut in the Irish colours. The greens started with a high pace and showed no signs of nerves in the beginning of the game, keeping a high pressure on the opponents British United. This paid off already after a couple of minutes when the greens advanced on the right flank and could pass the ball back towards the penalty point, where Ellie was perfectly placed and could mark the teams historical first goal. The greens continued to show good initiatives with many quick passes on the midfield, and beautiful actions from the defence. The heat did however start to pay its tribute and the half time pause was very welcomed. In the heat wave during the second half, British United showed that they are a team that have played together for a long time and that the players know each other well. They patiently stuck to their plan and it paid off as they could score two consecutive goals in a rather short time frame. With nothing to loose, the greens managed to step up their pressure and created many beautiful chances at the end of the game. With only a couple of minutes left, Gabrielle kept the chance of victory alive by scoring a goal via a long shot that the goal keeper fumbled with so that it passed the line. At the end of the game it was 2-2, and it all came down to nerve wrecking penalties. Goalkeeper Marie often through herself in the right direction, but the balls were out of her reach. The two teams followed each other up until the last round, were Irland placed a ball just above that cage. Thus, British United won the game with 7-6. However, P1 celebrates their debut as a team, and hopes to be able to consolidate and further develop all the good initiatives that were shown during the game, including the fighting spirit that was there up until the very last minute.

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#1 August 31, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B 2 - 2 Report BUFC Ladies Brussels
#2 September 14, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B 5 - 0 Report R. Ottignies St. A
#3 September 21, 2019 Fém. W. S. Woluwe C 2 - 2 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B
#4 September 28, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B 4 - 3 Report Union Lasne Ohain A
#5 October 6, 2019 RAS. Jodoigne A 6 - 1 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B
#7 October 19, 2019 FC. M. Uccle 1 - 4 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B
#6 October 26, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B 3 - 2 Report RRC. Etterbeek A
#9 November 8, 2019 ASE. Chastre B 3 - 0 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B
#10 November 16, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B 2 - 1 Report RSC. Ixelles A
#11 November 23, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B 0 - 0 Report FC. Saint-Michel A
#12 November 30, 2019 BX. Brussels A 5 - 2 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B
#14 January 11, 2020 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B 0 - 7 Report Fém. W. S. Woluwe C
#15 January 17, 2020 Union Lasne Ohain A 3 - 4 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B
#16 January 25, 2020 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B 1 - 6 Report RAS. Jodoigne A
#17 January 31, 2020 RRC. Etterbeek A 1 - 1 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B
#18 February 8, 2020 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B 3 - 3 Report FC. M. Uccle
#20 March 7, 2020 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B 0 - 2 Report ASE. Chastre B
#21 March 13, 2020 RSC. Ixelles A - FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B
#22 March 21, 2020 FC. Saint-Michel A - FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B
#23 March 28, 2020 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B - BX. Brussels A

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FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies B

  • Coach : Alexandre Gerez
  • Captains : Fanni Sypaseuth & Anita Sęk

Top goals scorers

  • Nawal 7
  • Steph 5
  • Auré 3
  • Agnes 3
  • Charline 2
  • Anita 1
  • Fanni 1
  • Lise 1
  • Lucille 1
  • Linda 1
  • Marie D 1
  • Virg 1

Top goals assists

  • Nawal 2
  • Steph 2
  • Gabrielle 1
  • Lise 1