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The ladies in green enthusiastically showed up to our home pitch, determined to take on Ixelles, only one point above us in the current league ranking.

The coach decided to switch it up a bit and had us play in a 4-4-2 system, focusing on playing close together, moving around the pitch together, and always offering passing options to our teammates.

The game started well, with our two attackers – Myriam and Anita – pushing forward, well supported by the midfield. This resulted in our first goal, Anita taking the time to place her ball very well in the lower corner of the goal. 1-0 for Ireland. The rest of the first half continued rather slowly, with a bit too many missed passes between the ladies in green and the defensive line suffering from the swift attack of Ixelles, four girls playing fast and smart. We conceded a first goal to Ixelles shortly after scoring ours, followed by another one. 1-2. Finally, right before the first end of the first half, Ruth scored and equilized the game!

We had a very constructive talk in the lockers over the half time break and went back out on the pitch, with the firm intention of improving our play based on the lessons learned in the first half. This payed off with a great goal by Myriam only 3 minutes after the start of the half. We were back in the lead. However, Ixelles had the opportunity to come back 3-3 on a free-kick. For the remainder of the game, the girls in green pushed strong to get another goal. We did not get to score but held our ground to finish the game 3-3, which is overall not a bad result.

Starting lineup: Marie, Pauline-Marion-Fanni-Lovisa, Agnes-Christina-Ruth-Nawal, Myriam-Anita.
Subs: Lotte for Christina, Sandra for Anita, Raph for Nawal

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Ice cold rain and a pitch that consisted more of mud than of grass, but the greens fought well from start and never lost the fighting spirit! The slippery pitch made the ball bounce in unpredictable ways and initially the team backed down and was a bit low in the field, but the longer the game went on, the better positioned they were. The oponent’s turnovers continued to pose a threat however, and despite an exellent goal keeper and a heroic defence (best illustrated by Flavias save on the goal line), the greens were down 0-1 in half time. Second half was green altogether and the ladies managed to play their own game, which payed off in a well deserved goal scored by Nawal. Last minutes were pure fighting spirit, as the mud made it difficult just to stay on your feet, but the greens fought all the way and could go home with a well deserved point!

The ladies in green played in very cold conditions and with a hard pitch. It was a good match without goals but we saw some occasions. In the first half, the irish ladies got two big occasions including one on the post.
The second half was like the first, with less intensity but a few occasions from both sides. During this half, Mariana did two important stops to keep the null score.

The new year is off to a flying start and gave a hint of what 2019 will be – intensive ! The ladies in green created a number of opportunities to score during the first half. The efforts were finally rewarded in the beginning of the second half with a one/two that ended on the bottom left hand corner of the goal thanks to Francesca ! FCI fought to the end and started 2019 on a 0-1 victory!

The ladies in green had a wonderful performance despite the rainy and windy weather occurred during the match’s evening.

In the first time Lucille finalized a great assist and brought our team on the 1-0. After 20 minutes, FC Suryoyes Bruxellois scored the 1-1 with a powerful shot.

Time to go to the changing room for a break from the heavy rain and the difficult conditions of the pitch.

Not even ten minutes from the start of the second time and Lisa scored a fabulous goal which gave us the advantage. Short after, Nawal confirmed our superiority on the field with a wonderful net. The opponents had the time to finalized another goal, but it was not enough for ruining our great victory.
3-2 for the ladies in green!

On a typically Belgian drizzly Saturday afternoon, the Girls in Green faced the reigning champions White Star at their home ground, Stade Fallon. After a painful 0-8 defeat at home earlier in the season, the ladies went into the match as the underdogs, knowing that the upcoming 90 minutes were not going to be the easiest.

Nevertheless from the very first whistle, the girls in green went in with the typical Irlande fighting spirit, putting pressure on White Star’s back line immediately, and testing their keeper with a few early shots on goal. With some one-touch football and lots of clever play between Lisa, Nawal in midfield and Ines upfront, Lisa was put in a prime position to smash the ball into the net around the 20 minute mark. 0-1. White Star came back strong and about 10 minutes later, their wingers outpaced our defense and put in an annoyingly stunning equaliser 1-1.

Never giving up, Irlande continued to play some of their best football of the season, with interplay between all sides of the pitch: from our defensive line down the wings to Lucille and Ellie, crossing into Lisa and Ines. This allowed Ines to outpace the defense and put a strong shot into the right hand corner: 1-2. Minutes later, Lisa put another one past the keeper into the corner to make it 1-3. Seconds before the halftime whistle, White Star demonstrated their strength once again with another unstoppable shot past Keeper Marie. The ladies came back to the changing room at halftime: aching, bruised, but proud of their performance so far. However, it was clear the last 45 minutes were really going to put Irlande to the test.

Unfortunately for Irlande, the second half demonstrated why White Star consistently top our league table. Whilst Irlande tried their best to continue with the same intensity as the first half, White Star came out on top. Despite the heroic efforts of Pauline (right-back) and Lovisa (left-back), together with Lotte and Madde in the middle, White Star’s speedy wingers continually outpaced us, allowing them to play their best football and put into the back of the net a sequence of tricky shots. Goalie Marie helped keep Irlande in the game by making some Pickford-esque saves with all body parts (face included, ouch.) but even the fresh legs of Kenza, Steph and Philippine around the 60 minute mark could not make a dent in White Star’s defensive wall.

Final score: 6-3, a disappointing result to one of the fiercest games Irlande has fought – one which Irlande can truly be proud of. Special thanks to stand-in coach Guja for the much-needed motivation and her very Italian screaming from the sidelines 😉

On a foggy Sunday morning, the ladies in green met at Chastre with the firm objective of bring home the 3 points.
The key messages for team were to play together and talk on the pitch, as well as to focus on the positioning as Chastre plays the offside really well with a high defense and close lines of players.

It took us about a half time to get used to the system and learn how to take advantage if Chastre’s way of play. The first half ended on 0-0, with only a few occasions for the attack to play long balls sent ahead by the mid-line or the defensive line.

During the second half, the ladies in green had figured out how to take advantage of Chastre’s high defensive line and scored a first goal on a beautiful team play passing the ball around between the offensive midfield and the striker.

0-1: Ines, assist Anita.

The ladies remained focused and continued putting pressure on Chastre, resulting in an other goal by Ines following a long ball over Chastre’s defense. 2-0! This could have been the end of it, but Chastre’s attack seized their opportunity on a risky kickout by FCI to score one. 2-1.

The ladies in green locked the game and stood strong until the final whistle.

Good win for the FCI on the last match of the first segment, finishing 3rd in the rankings before a series of tough match-ups starting next week.

We started the match very motivated, with nice kickouts from Ruth when defense played back. She also played very good long balls. Then, Virg recived an assist coming from the right side and scored the 1-0. Fra and Inés Dubois did nice runs on both wings. We continued playing well and Lotte changed sides. We had a good corner from Inés DLS, but someone should have gone for a header.

Then, we had an other corner but we still needed someone to be at the second post. After a good acceleration from Fra, she centred the ball and Anita scored our second goal. 2-0. Then, after a good cut from Delph’s, the opponent won a duel and scored their first goal. 2-1.


After the halftime we were very focused and fought for each ball. We changed three players and continued playing very well. Then, after a good duel, the ball was passed to Inés DLS who shoots and scored the last goal of the match. 3-1. We continued playing with intensity untill the end.

On a sunny Autumn Sunday morning, the ladies in green headed to Jodoigne to play against the 3rd team in the league, just one point above them. The game promised to be tight. The starting line-up was: Susana, Flavia, Lotte and Sandra in defense, Raphaele and Francesca on the wings, Nawal, Ines de la Serna, Stephanie in the middle, Lucille as striker and Mariana in the goal.
On the sunny and windy pitch, FC Irlande ladies obtained the good side to start with and dominated the first half, by playing good football. Quick and clean passes didn’t leave much space to Jodoigne. Stephanie opened the score with in a beautiful goal. Unfortunately, Jodoigne equalised before halftime.

During the 2nd half, Lovisa, Ines D and Melanie came into the game. Unfortunately, things didn’t start very well with Jodoigne putting in a second goal within the few first minutes. Despite, some nice centers from Raphaele, the FC Irlande ladies didn’t manage to take the advantage. This second half was not the most fascinating, as the game got stuck along one side line with multiple throw-ins. Throw-ins were a theme during this game, FC Irlande ladies left Jodoinge a bit disappointed, but determined to work on the throw-ins amongst other things.

The ladies in green took 15 minutes to wake up… Once they did, the ball was theirs. In the second half they proved it by scoring 3-0. The first one was for Ellie. The second one was a beautiful shot from Lucille. And to finish this great second half, the captain, Sandra, fought to put the ball in the goal on a corner!

Ladies II faced Ixelles this Friday evening. The game started very well, in the first thirty-five minutes the Ladies created some occasions with Raphaële, Anita, Lotte and Sophie. The team was playing strong and dominated the first half! The girls in green kept believing in themselves as well as in their teammates. The first half ended on a 0-0.

The second half was a more difficult because Ixelles came back on the pitch with the will to win this game. A first nice shot came from the opponents, but our goalie Mariana did a wonderful stop that kept us in the competition for the three points. At the 60th minute, Francesca left the field for Lucille. Ixelles kept fighting until their first goal 1-O. Then Raphaële left the field for Sandra and a few minutes later Lotte changed, because of an injury, and Ellie took her place. The ladies in green kept their heads up and Lucille changed the game with her first goal (and her first match with the Ladies) : 1 – 1. The Ladies had some other chances, but they were unlucky. Two minutes before the end of the game Ixelles had the opportunity to win the game: 2 – 1.

Despite the score, this was the best match of our Ladies II. The key words : team spirit and great football!

Sunday morning and the ladies II girls woke up very motivated after having spent a great “Canadian Thanksgiving” weekend together. After having indulged in great food, carefully prepared by our favorite chef Sof, the team had – lots of – extra energy to spend during the game!

The girls in green pressed from the beginning and early on opened the score. The team was playing strong and barely took note of the hot weather that was back to Belgium but the pitch looked more like a potato field than a football ground and that created an extra level of difficulty. The first half ended with the FCI ladies leading 1 – 5 … but that didn’t mean it was an easy game. The ball was bouncing all around and it was very hard to keep the ball on the ground.

In the second half the heat started to catch-up with us and it was hard to keep the intense rhythm we had started the match with, but we managed the game well enough to finish with 2 – 5 on the score so everyone could go vote happily after another great win.

FC Irlande – Ladies II vs. Mt. St. Guibert, 6/10/2018 Auderghem Belgium

The game hosted by FC Irlande started calmly and evenly, as both teams took time for eloquent probing of each other. With every minute however The Ladies in Green were diligently gaining field inch by inch, armed in coach Alex’s golden tools carved carefully for the night: Attention and Communication.

In short time the team of Mt. St. Guibert was faced with our constant presence on their half, culminating in robust attacks, run via both the wings (Lovisa and Sandra, later Ruth), as well as the middle (Anita, Sofie, Marion and Lotte), in search of the striker (Raphaële, later Ines). After dramatic dribbling in the penalty field and a couple of dangerous attempts on the goal, Flavia wisely took control of the bouncing ball, hitting it hard straight into the right window, leaving the goalkeeper with no chance and all the players simply speechless. This breathtaking goal cleared the path for other ones in the second half by Lisa, who delighted the public with her wide spectrum of football skills, scoring the second goal for Irlande after dribbling quarter of the pitch, the third from a free kick, and final one from a penalty.

Our defense (Pauline, Flavia, Delphine, including Mariana as THE goalkeeper) continues to pride our team, too: the line was almost impregnable for the Red—And-Black Stripes, with one and only counterstrike resulting in one and only and lucky – though deserved – goal for the Guests from Mt. St. Guibert.

Final score: 4:1 (1:1) for FC Irlande!

Ps. Special thanks to our supporters that night: you basically shielded us from enormous pressure exerted by the other team and its fans. Chapeau bas to you girls and boys!

FC Ireland entered the pitch with a special coach formation of Mariana, Dastan and Carmen armed with Alex’s instructions.

During the whole game our girls dominated the pitch. Our defense line with Flavia, Lotte, Pauline and Lovisa did an amazing job. Thanks to great teamwork, they got a lot of off-sides. We have learned to play more and more with our goalie Mariana.

In the 30th minute Girls in Green had a offensive corner. Lotte got the chance to shoot and kicked it straight in the goal! Already 0-1 for us! Union Lasne Ohain got through very little, but in the last minute of the second half they made use of it efficiently, resulting in a 1-1 during half time.

The opponents played with a very high defense line which gave us some trouble with off-side. Fortunately, our speedy Francesca gave everything and scored two amazing goals!

All in all, we see a tremendous progress. Huge thanks to all the help-coaches for advising and shouting us through the game!

Final score 1-3 for FC Ireland

A motivated team, with an even more motivated coach, lined up under 90 minutes of light rain, ready for our first 3 points of the season. The Irish ladies dominated most of the match but Boisfort had some dangerous moments, including some created by a very fast young attacker. While the first half ended on 0-0, in the second half Lisa gave us the lead through a penalty. In this joy, the girls in green lost temporarily their focus and – just the minute after – Boisfort equalized on another penalty. Luckily, following a direct freekick by Lisa, the opponent’s goalkeeper choose to try to stop the slippery ball on her feet which gave us the final score of a well-deserved 2-1. The celebration went on into the night :-).

On a nice Septembre evening, the ladies in Green went to meet F.C. Survoyés for their second game of the season.

The spirit was upbeat and the team focused. The ladies showed some great football with beautiful triangle passes between Lisa, Ellie, Lovisa and Marion that brought us a first goal attempt. The first of many. 
Then followed several attempts by Ellie and Lisa, assist from Sandra. 

Unfortunately on a corner, the ladies in green let in a goal. 

On the defensive side, Flavia and Susana epically defended our goal and managed to turn the game more than once towards attack.

Lovisa made yet another attempt on the left side. 

During second half, Ruth and Lisa made some further attempts. A second goal on a corner was scored by F.C. Survoyes, but ladies kept their fighting spirit. Francesca came in fresh in the second half. Her entrance was followed by a beautiful goal by Lisa from the right side to the left goal corner.

The opponents played less football then relied on long balls from their goalie. The ladies in green can be proud of their game and will continue working to turn the next game into a victory.

The girls in green faced a tough start to the new season, meeting last year’s champions, White Star.
The first 25 minutes played to White Star’s strengths, as a few of their top players (some taken from higher leagues) were able to exploit FC Irlande’s weaknesses and put 5 unstoppable shots past Mariana.
Nevertheless, FC Irlande never stopped fighting and continued to test White Star’s defense with some some close chances down the wing, with some particularly clever play between Ruth and Christina.
Half time score: 0-5.
With a few changes in the line-up at half time to show a more offensive front, the second half was much stronger from the girls in green. With more communication and team play, we kept control of the ball in their half and continued to test their back line, with a couple of very close chances and continued pressing, particularly from Marion, now on the left wing. On the defensive side, a solid back line held by Lotte and Clélia, together with the incredible runs of Pauline on the right back meant that they were only able to convert two of their chances in the second half. Full time score: 0-7.
A frustrating start to the season but one where the score line does not tell the whole story. The girls in green can be proud of the fight they put up for their supporters, against a particularly strong opposition. Plenty of positives to work on to make sure the girls in green go from strength to strength for the season ahead.

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#1 September 8, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 0 - 7 Report Fém. WS Woluwe C
#2 September 14, 2018 FC. Suryoyés Bruxellois 2 - 1 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2
#3 September 22, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 2 - 1 Report RRC Boitsfort
#4 September 28, 2018 Union Lasne Ohain 1 - 3 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2
#5 October 6, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 4 - 1 Report Mt. St. Guibert
#6 October 14, 2018 RAS Saintoise 2 - 5 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2
#7 October 19, 2018 RSC Ixelles A 2 - 1 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2
#8 November 3, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 3 - 0 Report ROFC Stockel
#9 November 11, 2018 RAS.Jodoigne B 2 - 1 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2
#10 November 17, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 3 - 1 Report RCS Brainois B
#11 November 25, 2018 ASE Chastre C 1 - 2 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2
#12 December 1, 2018 Fém. WS Woluwe C 6 - 3 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2
#13 December 8, 2018 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 3 - 2 Report FC. Suryoyés Bruxellois
#14 January 13, 2019 RRC Boitsfort 0 - 1 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2
#15 January 19, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 0 - 0 Report Union Lasne Ohain
#16 January 27, 2019 Mt. St. Guibert 1 - 1 Report FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2
#17 February 2, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 - RAS Saintoise
#18 February 9, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 3 - 3 Report RSC Ixelles A
#20 February 23, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 - RAS.Jodoigne B
#21 March 17, 2019 RCS Brainois B - FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2
#22 March 23, 2019 FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2 - ASE Chastre C

FCIrlande Auderghem Ladies2

  • Coach : Alex
  • Captains : Mariana Fissel & Sandra Andersson

Top goals scorers

  • Lisa 8
  • Virginie 4
  • Ines DLS 3
  • Francesca 3
  • Lucille 2
  • Anita 2
  • Flavia 1
  • Lotte 1
  • Ellie 1
  • Sandra 1
  • Steph 1
  • Ruth 1
  • Myriam 1

Top goals assists

  • Steph 1
  • Francesca 1
  • Anita 1