FC Irlande Ladies 3

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A fine Friday evening on 29th April saw the FCI Ladies 3 team take on RRC d’Etterbeek for the final match of the season in Stade Guy Thys.

Motivation was high for a possible fourth place finish as FCI took to the field, the very picture of concentration and energy. With Etterbeek hoping for a strong end to their season after a not-so-good start, the tension was palpable at kick-off. Etterbeek started the brighter with some nice passing between midfield and the excellent striker. FCI took some time to get used to the Etterbeek movement which unfortunately lead to an early goal for the home side after about 5 mins. 0-1 down, but certainly not out, FCI decided to finally impose ourselves on the game. Flavia and Sandra marshalled the centre of defence with strong support from Sarah and Marianne on the left and right respectively. Rebecca, Sarah and Juliette started to switch the play from side to side, giving deep passes for Fra and Eli to run onto. The Etterbeek defence was tough but, unable to deal with Fra’s speed, decided the best thing to do was hack at her (proving to be excellent inspiration for Flavia in the second half!). FCI were gaining in confidence going forward, resulting in a couple of corners and 2 hard-won frees. We finally levelled the match on about 15 minutes when this author went for a ‘hit and hope’ which sailed over the ‘keeper’s head and, thankfully, into the goal. The raucous FCI away fans let the home side know they were present! No-one could get past Marianne on the right and Liesbet displayed some gorgeous footwork only replicated on the tables of Le Corbeau later that night. Angie then came in at left-back to demonstrate typical Italian defending, which moved Sarah up to midfield and Juliette to striker. Fra, as always, put her body on the line in search of the goal that would win her the Golden Boot for the season. Evidence of this determination to beat her team-mate can be seen on all the socials (thanks Josh!). The teams were level on the score sheet and on the pitch for the next 20-25 minutes, until two damaging passes took the FCI defence out of it and Etterbeek went ahead 1-2 just before the break.

FCI heads were not down, however; buoyed by a brilliant display, in all areas, the team returned from the break determined to win. Ade came in for Angie, yours truly briefly moved back instead of Sandra, Rebecca took up the defensive midfield position, Sarah went to right side of midfield and everyone else stayed the same. The pattern of play repeated in the second half with Etterbeek dominating possession in the early minutes, until our women upped the ante and started to push on in search of a second equaliser. Etterbeek played the ball forward to their striker but Marianna and her defence were well able to withstand the pressure, with Mari pulling off some fine saves. At this point, Sandra re-entered the fray in place of my knackered self. We pushed higher up the pitch and had several chances, Liesbet coming close, until finally Eli and Fra combined to level the game 2-2 with about 30 minutes to go. Evidence of this celebration can also be seen on the socials (thanks again Josh!). Sophie made a brief, ferocious appearance in place of Liesbet, causing problems for her opponent in left mid, so much so that said opponent decided to end Sophie’s game early. The ref seemed to think it was an acceptable tackle but those of us who witnessed it beg to differ. Maz came on in place of the injured Sophie and for the second week in a row, demonstrated that she can play literally anywhere on the pitch. Experience is everything. The Etterbeek no. 10, who was an excellent player, put them ahead for the 3rd time around the 70 minute mark, completely against the run of play as we had the majority of possession in the time since getting the equalizer. Once again, FCI heads did not dip and we spent the next 20 minutes fighting for a point. The pressure from us almost paid off a couple of times towards the end of the 90 minutes but it wasn’t to be. The general consensus from the team was, however, that is was an enjoyable match to play in, and from what we heard, it was a great match to watch too. We are so grateful to the supporters who cheered loudly for us and drove us on during the match; to quote Eli “it was absolutely energizing during the game and electrifying after it”.

We didn’t win the last match of the season, but we did end on a high – 5th place in P2 is an excellent result. A true club achievement thanks to the all the players who have played throughout the season!

Ladies III were all pumped up for the game, not only because it is getting close to the end of the season or that they can finally play without extra layers (except Rebecca), but also because Captain Fra promised a special reward in case the girls score within the first 3 minutes. And so it starts ! After 2′, Fra is already in the opponent’s penalty area! Saintoise caught the shot from Fra and again blocked Elena’s attempt a few second later. The girls in green unlocked the floodgates at 9′ with a goal from Eli. Fra, chasing the top scorer position, knocked another goal in at 10′. The girls are on fire and a third goal gets in at 15′, not clear from whom however. Eli continues with a fourth goal at 16′, and so did the game unfold: Sarah K at 38′, Liesbet at 45′, Sarah K at 57′, Eli at 62′, Rebecca at 72′, Liesbet at 80′ and final goal from Fra, at 81′. Nice win for a nice day !

Saturday  afternoon the ladies III visited the lovely neighborhood of Schaerbeek to face the ladies of FC Kosova on their home pitch. This time no dramatic scenario’s in the cold rain or snow, but a lovely spring afternoon. Our ladies arrived with a fighting spirit, ready to bring another 3 points home and assure our place in the first 5! We knew though it could become a tough match, as the ladies of FC Kosova made an impressive comeback in the ranking, being the team that had the most points in the last 10 games!

The game started slow, but FC Irlande kept pushing the ball forward and kept most of the possession, even though the opponents managed to create some chances themselves, they were not too dangerous for our defense line and our 5th defender Marianna.

After 25 minutes Juliette received the ball in the perfect position allowing her to make a fine run towards the goal, the defense couldn’t keep up, which gave Juliette plenty of time to score our first goal. The rest of the first half was not intense, it seemed that our ladies had difficulties to get the energy level up and we went into the break with a 1-0 lead.

During half-time our stand-in coach John woke us up with a pep talk. We had to get more intensity into the game.  We made some changes in the positioning and the 4 ladies on the bench were also more than ready to give all of themselves on the pitch! So, we went out confident and ready to score another goal!

We were back to our best, playing with a lot of possession and quality. This lead to several chances and eventually Sarah slotted in our second. We were hungry for more and kept pushing. Our midfield and defense hardly let them get close to the goal. 10 mins before full time, Juliette sent a low shot into the goal to put the game to bed. Some heroic goalkeeping towards the end made sure we maintained a clean sheet. 3-0 to Irlande to make it six wins in a row.

Our Ladies III showed once again some great ballplay in the midfield, our wings fast as always and a strong standing defense!

The one against Maccabi was THE MATCH as FC Ireland Ladies III succeeded in facing the first team in the league – very well known for its strong players swinging left and right ready to destabilise the green positions. After some initial turbulence and unexpected snowflakes preventing Ladies III to break Maccabi’s wall in the middle, Ladies III put the foot down on the accelerator building a defensive strategy and playing counter attacks – also thanks to special guests Sephora and Magda. The second half of the game confirmed Ladies III’s eagerness to bag the win with repeated opportunities to push the ball across the pitch reaching speedy Francesca, Elena, Bea, Sarah K hungry for goals…The game was steady until magic Sarah K’s foot touched the ball form the middle pushing the ball all the way up – leaving players, opponents and spectators open-mouthed as she succeeded to score from the upper-left side of the pitch with an angle of almost 90 degrees – just few minutes before the end of the game. With a 1-0 final score – Ladies III will celebrate with a well-deserved Brazilian barbeque and bubbles!

After a long walk to the pitch, the game could finally start.
The first half was very balanced. Both teams went up and down the pitch trying to create actions. The ladies of ireland couldn’t get through, but we knew we could do better. It took us untill the fortieth minute to gain the energy we needed. Elena scored the first, wonderful, goal. This gave the team a boost, because we did some beautiful combinations, which were sealed with a goal by Francesca.
We started the second half with some changes. R.F.C. Perwez wanted to come back at us and they really tried to break through, but our defense was eager to keep the balls out of our goal. After a while we felt bad for them so we made one goal ourselves. Fortunately, Sarah came back on the pitch and within 1 minute she scored a marvelous goal.
The opponents tried their best to win the game, but they did not succeed. FCI Ireland ladies III went home with a score of 1-3, scoring all of them.

The alarm clock was set very -too– early for our Ladies III players last Sunday. The team had to brave the morning snow to get to Jodoigne to play the return match. But snow in March after three very sunny and warm weeks? Nothing shocking, according to Coach Mathias: “Spring starts tomorrow. Snow in winter is normal”. Ah ok, now this is noted.
The result of this match was more than decisive: Jodoigne was close to us in the ranking, with the same number of points. On top of that, it was crucial to keep going on the recent winning streak.
Some quick naps in the vestiaire before the announcement of the Starting XI and the dream squad was all set. The first part of the match was very balanced. Jodoigne played some good football and managed to make some good savings in the mid-field. Although it was not enough to defeat the Green Pack. After a “packed-beginning”, our players managed to efficiently pass the ball, to make the opposite block move and even more importantly, to create spaces on the wings; Spaces that our ultra fast wingers knew how to avidly exploit.
Avoiding the offsides and thanks to a great demonstration of teamwork in the mid-field, Capi Fra opened the scoring after a magnificent sprint. The team was pumped up and ready to continue this momentum. After a few minutes, Fransesca scored the second goal for Ladies III. A splendid lob that made the whole bench jump with joy. However to be honest, the only one that was taken by surprise was the Jodoigne goalie.
Back in the vestiaire, Coach Mathias made some adjustments to give some players time to breathe a little.
The team demonstrated an even more controlled football during the second half. The block managed to stay high on the field which allowed some useful interceptions.  Perhaps because of a bit of tiredness facing this inexhaustible block, Jodoigne got a little slack and committed a foul in the penalty box on Capi Fra: penalty for the green team. Sarah K, with her well-known “peace of mind”, easily converted the penalty into a third goal.
Final whistle of the -very nice! – ref, and Ladies III signed its fourth victory in a row!
After an all-happy and musical celebration in the vestiaire, our players had a little rest at home before gathering at the legendary Funky Monkey to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. With the highest attendance at the club event and after having climbed to sixth place in the ranking, we can tell that this team is a team of victories!
Our Ladies III still have a few matches left to play and the motivation to keep winning is extreme. We will keep going this way! Happy Spring -no more snow then coach? – y, ¡¡VAMOS EQUIPAZO!!

Ladies 3 were back to the pitch this Saturday, continuing with their match marathon, after having just played on Wed night.

The team didn’t let a previous elastic result against St Mich influence their attitude toward the match, and everyone entered the pitch very focused. It soon became clear that this St Michel squad was very different from that of the game played back in Dec. They were reinforced by 4 players from their P1 team and were playing good football, although not truly creating chances to score. The FCI ladies knew they had to be cautious, but didn’t let that intimidate them and were not afraid to pass the ball all around the pitch, all the way from the defense, through the middle to the attack.

Around minute 15, the referee signaled a foul close to the box of the Ireland ladies. The usual wall formation soap-opera started, and even if at the end a wall was assembled, it was not enough to protect the short FCI keeper from a very good high shot from the St Michel player that sealed the 0x1. The ladies in green were not afraid to be behind on the scoreboard and started a push for scoring their goal. There was pressure but no goals….Mathias then decided to pull his secrete weapon from the bench, to try and put some poison on the attack – and it worked out – Francesca “angel wings” wanted to prove that her place is flying at high-speed on the right flank of the pitch and ran to terrorize St Mich’s defensive lines. When it seemed that the first half was going to end without changes on the score, Fra managed to get us a corner. As usual, Sarah took it, and special invitee Nicole put her head on the ball for the 1×1. It was the perfect moment as it allowed us to immediately after going to the break with a draw.

The second half started with the same impetus from the Irish side. As in a deja-vu, the scene of the first goal repeated twice more. Francesca made runs that got us corners; on the first one Sarah again crossed a precise ball, this time to Francesca, so she could score with a beautiful header. Later, on yet another corner, Sarah decided to take things into her own hands and scored an amazing Olympic goal (no matter what the ref says on the match sheet).

The St Michel ladies never gave up. But the Irish resistance line, led by “Chief of Defense” Flavia (back from a long absence) made sure nothing went through them. On top of the remarkable defensive work, the ladies were also making sure they were bringing the balls up with some nice passing. We tried to keep the pressure high, especially when St Mich had goal kicks, until the end of the match. The final result was 3×1, which brings us one little step closer to the top 5 objective.

It was Wednesday night, but not one like others, it was the night that the ladies in green had been waiting for a while. They had in front of them an opportunity to turn recent history around and stop a streak of defeats against their archrivals; they were not going to let another chance to beat the British pass!

Before the first minute had elapsed, Francesca had already invaded the box of our opponents, that frightened by her speed, made a bad tackle on her…the ref didn’t doubt and whistled a penalty. As for our captain, she left the pitch crawling in pain and was out of action for the following 20 minutes or so. Juju feeling sorry for the goalkeeper, who told her it was her first penalty ever, decided to put the ball out and keep it an exciting match. The Irlande ladies didn’t get discouraged and continued to push toward the Brits’ goal, with their goalkeeper preventing a couple of good shots from getting in.

Things seemed to be under control, but FCI ladies were missing the spark that is needed on such nights. When it looked like it was a matter of time for us to score, the British managed to get a ball through the middle, Mariana deflected their player from the direction of the goal, but Thea had really liked their blue shirts and tried to take one home, the referee didn’t think this was the right moment for the exchange of shirts and called it a penalty. The British were not compassionate and converted it into 0x1. For an instant, it seemed that fate (or was it Fade?!) was going to strike again against the Irish side.

The break arrived quickly and Mathias, with his usual astuteness, made key changes and encouraged the ladies to get back to the pitch with more energy. Legend Niamh came into the center of defense, which allowed Sarah to move up to the mid-field. That paid off quickly as Sarah wanted to forget the loneliness of being the last defender and combined passes with Rebby, Ange, Sarah K, Francesca, etc…. yes, you’re reading this right, she was everywhere…. about 10 minutes into the second half, Sarah pulled out one of the weapons of her arsenal and scored a spectacular goal from the distance. The 1×1 helped cement the belief we could come out of the 90 minutes with a victory and animated the whole team to keep pushing.

About 10 minutes after Sarah’s first goal, Francesca made a terrific run on the right side and shot the ball on the post. But as Dominique from the buvette duly noted after the match, it was not Francesca who scored… it was again Sarah, in supersonic speed, in an inspired night, who managed to arrive to the ball on time after it rebounded on the post, and tapped it into the net. It was 2×1!

The British, with their usual spirit, never gave up and kept coming toward the Irish goal when they managed to take the ball, but our defense was just too solid. Marianne, Niamh, Sandra and Ange, having been taught to take care of the elderly, protected very well their old keeper and didn’t let anyone come close to her. The Irish side didn’t lose their cool and kept playing good football, exchanging nice passes and trying to score another goal, which finally didn’t arrive. But it did not matter….when the referee pointed to the center of the field, FC Irlande was ahead and could finally celebrate the long waited victory! That hopefully will give the ladies in green a push to keep the good results coming to try and reach the top 5 of the table!

On a cold and sunny evening at Stade Fallon, ladies 3 set off to play against WS Woluwe, one of Brussel’s top teams.

They warmed-up assiduously, physically and mentally, some by singing Brazilian and Swedish pop songs.
As the game started, it quickly became clear that our players would have to battle for every ball. Rebecca in particular reached for every occasion, a quality which would later bring her a replacement for blue eyeshadow on one eye.
The opponents were quick on their feet, but our ladies managed to keep the ball running mostly in their favour.

As the second half started, supporters, including Claire, Teto, Patrick and Patrick’s daughter huddled under thick coats. They brought their voices together enthusiastically as our ladies in green came close to scoring.

The disastrous moment happened around the 70th minute, when a goal was scored against us.

FC Irlande got back up, fought harder than ever, however they were not able to build back up.

They did however gather later that night at the Funky Monkey, to discuss strategies and tactics. LETS GO IRELAND, LETS GO!!!


Catching the tail end of Storm Eunice, arguably one of the worst storms to hit the country in the last 30 years, FCI Ladies III set out to Nivelles, on a dark, cold, and extremely wet and windy February night. Ranking in the middle of the table, and neck-in-neck with a cluster of other teams, every point counts at this stage, and we were eager to get 3. Having beaten RCS Nivellois 3-2 at home in October we knew we were capable, but we also knew they’d be hungry for revenge. The first half of the match was goal-less for both sides. It was a tight battle, made even more challenging by the adverse weather conditions, the slipperiness of the ball, the unpredictability of the ball due to the wind and mud, the less than lovely nature of the opponents (they will not be in the running for any fair-play awards any time soon), and the referee’s seemingly obsession with the throw-ins needing to be accurately placed to the​millimetre. The second half saw three goals however, all of which happened within 15 minutes of each other. Nivelles were the first to score, at the 73rd minute. 10 minutes later we were awarded a penalty after Captain Francesca was fouled in the box. The legend that is Sarah K, as cool as a cucumber proclaimed: “Girls, I’ve got this”, and expertly slotted the ball into the bottom left corner, making us equalise.
Unfortunately, disaster struck just 3 minutes later, and with only 4 minutes to go before the end of the match. Nivelles scored their second goal, and we were not able to recuperate in time. The 3 points went to them, but we definitely deserved a point. Such is football.
Further disappointment then ensued post-match. The cake promised to us by Mathias did not materialise. Somehow our resident Belgian had confused the word ‘tartines’ with cakes, and the buvette tuna sandwiches, although welcome, did not live up to the expectations of a post-match dessert.
Next week we face White Star, who are 2nd in the league. 
Score: RCS Nivellois A (2 – 1) FC Irlande III
Squad: Aicha, Angela, Beatrice, Chloe, Elena, Francesca, Mariana, Marilena, Rebecca, Sandra, Sarah, Sarah K, Sophie and Thea (+ Marianne, délégué extraordinaire, and coach Mathias).

Ladies III started this match against RRC de Boitsfort hungry for another win after securing three points earlier in the week against Wavre. Our P2 team has been sitting in the middle of the pack and needed some points to stay in the running for the top four. In order to achieve this goal, Mathias Master Tactician Neelen prepared a unique combination for this match. Our striker, Elena, was flipped to left defense and Rebecca was placed in defensive mid. We started the match with a more conservative approach to feel out our opponents. And feel out we did with Elena’s first yellow card of the season. The first half went fairly smoothly with two major exceptions: we lost two players to injury, in other words, we would enter the second half with no subs. Mathias scrambled and came up with a new plan to address what we learned in the first half and also to give us the edge we needed to hopefully score a goal. His secret weapon: Antonia. Little did RRC de Boitsfort know, but Antonia was on a mission to subdue one of their stronger players. Antonia’s defensive and offensive tactics in the midfield ran frustrations high, earning RRC de Boitsfort their second yellow for the same player, which tossed her from the game. Ladies III mananged to control more of the game the second half despite having tired legs from no subs. Juju, Elena, Bea, and Fra were all dangerously close to scoring, but were not able to get past RRC de Boitsfort’s strong keeper. Although running on fumes, Ladies III’s hearts and fighting spirit hung in there until the end, awarding them a point for their 0-0 draw. Ladies III remains securely in the middle of the pack, 7th out of 14, but still very much in the running for a higher position if they can stay healthy. Sarah hereby bans the team from any more sprained ankles.

What goes around comes around. As Mathias reminded us before the match,
“A cold rainy windy mudpitchy morning in Wavre” had left us with a bad taste on our match against Wavre Limal, which had managed to keep the 3 points at home.
This time, the conditions where almost the same, but Ladies in greens were motivated to get the 3 points and stop Wavre in their run towards the 3rd place. The match didn’t start well and despite the good game of the ladies in green, their passes and solid control of the ball, the first half ended 0-2 for the guests. Like most of the times, thanks to the magic strategic mind of Mathias, a different team got out of the locker room: same people, different positions and instructions. The change showed its results in less than 10”. After few minutes, a pass of a strepitous Isa sent Juliette to the goal 1-2. Few minutes after, Isa herself cut the middle field as if it was butter in the sun: 2-2. The nervosism of Wavre and the determination of the ladies in Greens did the rest. After having being blind for over 70”, the ref decided to put the glasses and finally started seeing all the faults of the opponents. One of these happened in the area, for the joy of Juliette and her teammates, who knows how well she can kick from the penalty point. And here we go. 3-2 for the hosts. With very few minutes remained to be played, FC Irlande maintained a solid control of the game and celebrated the well deserved victory that bought them closer to the top of the list.

After a month off, saturday evening the FCI ladies III played at home against one of the strongest team in the lead.
The game got of to a tough windy start with a first goal for BX at 20h09. The offense was strong but our goal keeper stops many tentatives. Unfortunately, bx scored a second goal at 20h48 right before the half time.
For the second half, against this strong team FC ladies III kept fighting hard, putting pressure.
2 more goals were scored at the second half for BX but ladies III kept fighting the game with many twists and turns. The young BX team were exhausted as we were proundly bravely fighting to the end.

The fact that we scored as many goals as the number of times our goalie touched the ball, says it all.
But for the sake of the reader here are some more details.
The match had originally been postponed to a date too close to Christmas to have a full squad, and our request to move the match was refused. After some puzzling with a couple of ladies I and II; 11 players and the stand-in coach John appeared in the drizzle.
But as it turned out, it was not us who had to be sorry! We dominated especially the midfield, and well, pretty much everywhere, with beautiful team play all through the match. Our stand-in goalie did not have to be nervous for long…
Even though their goalkeeper stopped many attempts, a full 11 shots went through. Our goals from Kelly, Isa, Elena and Claire were evenly distributed from minute 6 to 86, showing the joy and the hunger for victory. A victory that maintain us in the middle of the ranking before the break.
Overall, it was a fair play match with two unfortunate injures, one in each team. And we wish Claire a speedy recovery, and players and coaches a well-deserved break!

This Saturday evening the FCI ladies III gathered in Forest to play against Maccabi. A very strong
opponent, top of our league.
The first half was very balanced with very few occasions on both sides. Our defence stood strong and
maintained 0-0 until the break.
Shortly after the resume of the match, Maccabi profited from a corner to score the only goal of the
evening. The high pressure we put at the end allowed us to bring some danger in the opposite camp,
but unfortunately the equalizing goal never came. And the game ended on the score 1-0.
Some referee’s decisions were highly questionable like a penalty not whistled in the first half and a
red card to their goalkeeper not given in the second. However, we stayed focused on our game and
showed real determination and team spirit. We will surely defeat them next time.

On Saturday evening in Auderghem, the ladies in green got ready to meet strong opponent White Star.

The game got of to a tough start as White Star’s fast attack overtook the FCI defense and took the lead 0-1.

FCI came back with a series of good actions and Bea then equalised with a super goal on a beautiful pass by Rebecca. Shortly after, on a great action by Francesca, where she dribbled the keeper, the ball ended up in White Star’s net but unfortunately the goal was cancelled due to offside.

In the beginning of second half White Star’s attack again overpowered the Irish defense scoring 1-2 but FCI came back quickly with a very nice combination on the left wing leading to a goal by Sarah K.

Unfortunately, White Star then benefitted from a confusion in the penalty area to score their third and the match’s final goal.

It was a very well fought game with many twists and turns. Francesca was wrongly called offside few times on good occasions. Sephora was not letting anyone pass her in defense and Mariana made some very heroic saves.

At the end of the day, the end result 2-3 was not unfair but the FCI ladies did show they are a force to be reckoned with against one of the strongest teams of the league. Next time at Stade Fallon we hope to better reflect it in the results as well.


FC Ireland ladies 3, after a 2 week break, came full force to face Jodoigne. Despite possession and domination, Jodoigne scored the first goal with a nice sequence through their right wing. She lobbed the ball over our well placed Mariana. But minutes later, FC Ireland hit back with a magnificent combination through our own right wing, Francesca, and center mid, Sarah. Francesca’s notorious speed and moves allowed for a perfectly placed pass so that Sarah, with ease, placed the ball in the lower left corner of the net.

The teams battled on, FC Ireland’s midfield and defense rarely let an occasion pass, but unfortunately due to a mishap of passes Jodoigne was able to sneak one past us, literally.

But this did not stop the fighting force. Eli, FC Ireland’s striker, on every ball, pressuring along with left winger Liesbeth, was able to send the ball to Francesca, who once again, kept her cool and scored FC Ireland’s second goal.

Until the final whistle, FC Ireland fired away multiple shots, but with no luck. The game was to end a tie, 2-2. The defense, along with FC Ireland’s goalkeeper, Mariana, remained a wall during the second half. Midfield stringed through many passes for many- MANY- occasions. It was an excellent game to watch, well done ladies!

The match started with a very good pace, with both teams fighting hard for the ball. Slowly fc irlande started controlling the midfield, with some great skills shown from all our players. This team- play was rewarded by our first goal, when Fransesca broke free on the right and made a wonderful pass to Juliette who was in perfect position to make it 1-0. Fc Irlande kept up the pressure and was soon rewarded with a free kick, which was brilliantly converted by Dara. 2-0 for our ladies! We finished the first half with another goal from Dara.

The second half was very rough, with many fouls made by our opponent. The constant pressure of Nivellois led to their first goal. The second goal of Nivellois was scored by a penalty, a highly debatable decision, but we kept defending resolutely to hold on for the win!3-2 Final score! A well deserved win for our ladies in green!


Another amazing team performance by Ladies 3, on a blissful Sunday morning, at the home grounds of RRC Boitsfort.
Right from the beginning, FCI took control over the ball and Juliette opened the score by kicking one of her signature strong shots high up in the corner of the net. Several shots towards both goalies were exchanged in the next 10 minutes and RRC Boitsfort brought back the intrigue in the game- 1:1.
The ladies in green managed to keep their focus and shorty after that, in the 16’ min, Juliette again
gave the advantage to the FCI with a brilliant shot near the goalkeeper.
Defense and midfield were at the top of their game with good communication and passes between

Half time: FCI leads 2:1

At the beginning of the second half, FCI did a couple of chess moves and placed their formidable
midfielder Sarah N., who was on fire the whole game (thanks also to the additional support from her family), on the left wing. That new formation led to Sarah giving an assist to Francesca who gave a lot of safety in the team by scoring for 3:1 and minutes after that again for 4:1.
At this score, it was time for the players on the bench to join the fun and shorty after her debut on
the field, Elena boosted the score to 5:1.
Naturally, given the result, there was a bit of loosening amongst the green team, so RRC Boitsfort
managed to give back another goal.

Final score RRC Boitsfort – FCI 2:5

It must be Noted that it was a game with great sportsmanship from the players of both teams. It was nice to see the group of spectators on the side applauding both teams at the end of the game.
And to finish off with the wise words recently said by our wonderful coach Mathias: “…amazing work ladies….we keep fighting for the top spots”!
Next stop: home game VS RCS Nivellois

FC Ireland had to face BX Brussel B this time, a strong opponent with young players and efficient technical skills.
The first half was all green and at 16th minute a great exchange between Francesca and Liesbet provided the ball to Juliette who scored without any mercy.
At 21st minute, an amazing combination between Rebecca and Juliette brought the ball just few centimeters on the left of the opponent football goal.
A great performance of the green goalkeeper Mariana, who made few perfect saves and left no space to the BX Brussel B strikers.
At 36th minute, Francesca, thanks to a great assist of Rebecca, scored an amazing goal.
The second half did not go as planned and BX Brussels B started with a very intense rhythm and after 15 minutes, the home team scored the first goal followed by another after the following 15 minutes.
That was a good fight from the Ladies in green who are waiting to face this team again!

“On a cold, rainy and moody Sunday morning, Ladies III had to fight hard against the good team of Wavre. After a difficult start and 2 goals from their opponents, their fighting spirit was rewarded when Elena pushed the ball in the goals, after their goalie was put in difficulty by a powerfull shot from Francesca. The intensity kept growing and FC Ireland managed to draw thanks to a penalty. Unfortunatly, Wavre eventually scored a third goal, leaving our ladies and coach frustrated and disappointed. We’ll however remember the good spirit, both on the field and in the changing room.

The ladies in green, playing home on a sunny Saturday evening, had yet another great performance against the challenging team of Etterbeek. The final result was 2-0, but the opportunities to score were abundant. Liesbet, who played right wing, was the author of both goals. The first goal, early in, at minute 10 of the first half, resulted from a brilliant assistance from Elena. At minute 42,  Rebecca made a long shot to the goal, which the goal keeper managed to stop, but Liesbet followed the ball and managed to push it inside the goal with a short touch, resulting in the second and last goal of the match. FC Irlande came back from the break confident and eager to score more goals, but despite the clear dominance and several scoring occasion during the whole 90min, the shots from our advanced players either missed the goal or were defended. In sum, it was a pleasant match, with lots of nice plays, fair play from both teams and an encouraging number of supporters. Looking forward for the next one already. Go Irlande!

FC Irlande arrived at Saintoise on a beautiful sun for their first away game. Bumpy and downhill pitch didn’t manage to take their motivation away, though it took the defence few minutes to be fully present (3’ to be accurate). First goal from Saintoise, offside according to FC Irlande coach, which the referee didn’t see, as well as other obvious fault. Ladies in green showed their presence fast after with a goal from Virg. Second goal was from Saintoise in her own net, trying to defence the good pressure of our attackers. 3-1 and 4-1 followed quite soon, also Virginie’s hard work. Very surprisingly, the opponent got a penalty and score the 2-5. Francesca putted the 6th goal just before the half time.

FC Irlande had no mercy and  added two other goals in the second half, one from Francesca, the other which she was also part of, putting a ball at the penalty spot for Carmen perfectly positioned. Last but not least, Saintoise putted a great shot from far away and ended the game on 3-8, final score. First away game victory !

After losing  a tight game the week before Ladies 3 went in search of the first points of this season in their first home game. Opponent FC Kosova brought an FC Irlande classic with them as a coach, the one and only Men’s 1 Michael. Rumour has it he is a nice person and good coach, so FC Irelande was warned. As there was no ref to start the game we had a  very professional replacement that started the game before being replaced by another ref after 20 minutes.

The game itself was a pleasure to watch, two teams that played an open game and looked for the passes. FC Irlande proved to be the better team as they opened the score after only 3 minutes with a beautiful build up that ended by Juliette scoring on assist by Francesa. The second goal followed around 15 minutes later where Rebecca sent Fra alone towards the goalie and she placed it calmy to her left. Before halftime it was Julliette (again on  assist from Francesca) that put in the 3-0. FCI was very dominant and could’ve scored one or two more.

In the second half the game was balanced the first 20 minutes. Sandra took the first yellow card of the season (which could’ve been a red), a bit later Fra got pulled down in the box: penalty! Julliette was in a forgiving mood  as she placed the penalty perefectly in the hands of the opposing goalkeeper. As darkness fell Kosova scored three 3-1. The final goal came by Julliette again: 4-1. A beautiful performance  from the team that shows a lot of progress. And with the newcomers that are eager to make their debut we can tell you: ladies 3 will surprise everyone this season!

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All fixtures and results

#1 September 4, 2021 BUFC Ladies Brussels 2 - 1 FC Irlande Ladies 3
#2 September 11, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 4 - 1 Report FC Kosova Schaerbeek
#3 September 18, 2021 RAS Saintoise 3 - 8 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
#4 September 25, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 2 - 0 Report RRC Etterbeek
#5 October 3, 2021 R. Wavre Limal 3 - 2 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
#6 October 9, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 2 - 2 Report BX. Brussels B
#7 October 17, 2021 RRC Boitsfort 2 - 5 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
#8 October 23, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 3 - 2 Report R.C.S. Nivellois
#10 November 20, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 2 - 2 Report RAS.Jodoigne B
#11 November 27, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 5 - 0 Report RFC.Perwez
#12 December 4, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 3 2 - 3 Report Fém. WS Woluwe D
#13 December 11, 2021 Maccabi Brussels A 1 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
#13 December 18, 2021 FC. Saint-Michel B 0 - 11 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
# February 5, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 0 - 4 Report BX. Brussels B
#17 February 9, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 3 - 2 Report R. Wavre Limal
# February 12, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 0 - 0 Report RRC Boitsfort
# February 19, 2022 R.C.S. Nivellois 2 - 1 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
# February 26, 2022 Fém. WS Woluwe D 1 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
# March 9, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 2 - 1 Report BUFC Ladies Brussels
# March 12, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 3 - 1 Report FC. Saint-Michel B
# March 20, 2022 RAS.Jodoigne B 0 - 3 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
# March 25, 2022 RFC.Perwez 1 - 3 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
# April 2, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 1 - 0 Report Maccabi Brussels A
#14 April 9, 2022 FC Kosova Schaerbeek 0 - 3 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
#15 April 23, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 11 - 0 Report RAS Saintoise
#16 April 29, 2022 RRC Etterbeek 3 - 2 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3

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FC Irlande Ladies 3

  • Coaches : Mathias Neelen & Julian Rueda
  • Captains : Francesca Cattarin & Béatrice Ericson

Top goals scorers

  • Fransesca 14
  • Juliette 13
  • Sarah K 10
  • Elena 9
  • Kelly 5
  • Isabel 4
  • Sarah N 4
  • Liesbet 4
  • Virginie 3
  • Dara 2
  • Carmen 1
  • Bea 1
  • Claire 1
  • Nicole 1
  • Rebecca 1
  • Niamh 1

Top goals assists

  • Fransesca 11
  • Elena 5
  • Rebecca 4
  • Sarah N 3
  • Teresa 1
  • Liesbet 1
  • Isabel 1
  • Bea 1
  • Marianne 1
  • Sarah K 1