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Ladies III had a difficult away match ahead of them, they were playing for keeping their n1 position on the championship.
The opponents were a tough team and not very fair play but had – in the words of one of our coaches – decent players and played some good football.
The girls in green started slowly, perhaps still waking up from their recommended afternoon nap, and took an early goal. The ladies did not despair and pulled themselves together right away to take control of the match.
A great fighting spirit was seen on the field. The defense was strong with Claire being omnipresent in the middle, giving no chances to the others to build anything. Flavia, Angela and Sandra were the usual fortress in the defense and Nina was doing a great job cleaning up anything that came her way.
In front we had Carmen running all over and making herself available but also helping with the defensive labour… we need to check what type of batteries she has, they are never over.
There was also a good connection going on between Juliette, Fra, Rebecca and Dounya and opportunities for scoring started showing up… but that last touch was missing to push the ball into the nets. When it started looking like the team would go to the break a goal behind, Rebecca got a nice pass from the smallest captain in the whole of P3, and with her usual calm, adjusted her position to take a beautiful shot from out of the box and finally put 1 x 1 on the scoring board.
The girls were still hungry, they had gone to Schaerbeek looking for a victory so they kept the pressure for scoring another goal. The first half was about to fold when Francesca made a run into the area and the defender of Schaerbeek put her down on a play that could’ve been seen in many dojos across Brussels.
Juliette shot the penalty with such skill that even if the keeper chose the right corner, the ball got it on the only possible gap: 1×2 and the girls were finally ahead. Our great supporters were happy next to the pitch when we went for the break.
For the second half, our coaches changed the formation and we started with 3 girls in defense to put some additional pressure in front. That paid off and early on Carmen scored a very nice goal from an angle that everyone, including herself, wondered how it was possible! 1×3.
Niamh, Audrey and Ruth who entered on the second half were bringing some additional, much needed energy to the team.
The opponents started to play some long balls and push more (not always in a fair way) and eventually on a deviated shot, the ball got into the FC Irlande goal: 2×3
Some tense moments followed. Ruth was doing a great job holding the ball upfront and one of our adversaries without knowing how to stop her regularly, tried to take her out of the match with an agression. Despite the lack of fair play of the rivals, Irlande remained calm and managed to hold the result until the end. Rumors say that proud coaches could be spotted around the pitch.
With the 3 important points in the pocket, the ladies in green are now ready for their long promised caipirinhas which hopefully will arrive during our team building event next weekend.

The Ladies in green conquered an important point facing the team of Saint Michel, a technical team with young and fitted players and one of the major competitor for reaching the top of league.

The first half slipped by between intense ball exchanges and long running from both sides till the moment in which one of our historical player, Niamh, scored an amazing goal with a strong and extremely precise shot. No chance for the Saint Michel’s keeper to reach that amazing shot. Saint Michel kept the head up and after few minutes hit the crossbar during a fast and insidious action.

The second half of the game started pretty well for the Ladies in green thanks to some technical changes brought by our cunning coaches. An unfortunate event injured our Kenza, who was forced to leave the pitch once that all the substitutions were already done. Even though in 10 against 11, our ladies kept going fighting leaving small chances to the opponents to reach the draw … until the opponent right wing, after long run from midfield, passed the ball in the middle of our box hitting Flavia’s leg who finalized a wonderful goal on the wrong goal. Five minutes passed and the match was over.

On a rainy Friday evening, FC Irelande Auderghem played against the Football club Ganshoren.

The field was amazing, green, around the forest. 

The best field the coaches have ever seen. We almost got two extra players for the game :).

And WHAT a game!! We scored 16 goals.

The first one was scored byJuliette on her first game and she didn’t stop after that one. She was hungry for 4 more.

Speaking about 4 goals, Dounya was incredible as well for her goals but also for her courage. She ran the entire match with a twisted ankle. 

These goals would never happened without the incredible feet of Carmen.

She did 6 assists and 3 of her balls ended up in the fillet of the goalkeeper.

The other goals were scored by Kenza who ran like a lion on Friday, Audrey, Sandra and Gaëlle.

Thanks to our defense and midfield (Belinda, Made, Caroline, Suzi, Angela, Audrey, Nina) who saved some balls and make the ball turned around the field. We definitely played football :).

Finally, thanks to Marianna for bringing some Romance on the field and beside her goal with the help of Francesca.

See you next week girls and coaches.

FCI Ladies 3 faced RU Auderghem for the first derby of the season, with brand new and shine FCI jerseys! The ladies in green prepared for a tough fixture and were willing to fight for the victory until the last minute. The starting line-up in a classic 4-4-1-1 formation had Mariana on the goal, Flavia and Aya in central defence with Audrey and Angela as the full backs. The midfield was composed by Kenza on the left, Susana and Carol in the middle and Francesca on the right. Ruth played as number 10 and Carmen as the lone striker. Claire, who is recovering from a wrist surgery, was supporting the team as déléguée.

During the first half both teams had a few chances but RU Auderghem was the one managing to score at 38’. However, this goal did not defeat Ladies 3, whom managed to keep their composure and kept the possession of the ball for most of the second half. Half time came with two substitutions, as Dounya and Adeline came in for Kenza and Angela. On the 62’ the final substitution saw Gaelle replacing Carmen. The well-communicated link up play by the ladies through the second half finally led into a great offensive initiative of Francesca, who was fouled inside the 16-yard box. Auderghem got the only yellow card of the match and FCI was awarded with a penalty. Ruth took the penalty with a powerful and decisive shot equalising on the 66th minute.

The rest of the match was an intense fight until the very end. Despite both teams pursuing the victory, the game finally ended up 1-1 after fair and competitive 90 minutes of Auderghem derby! First draw of the season also means that Ladies 3 remain undefeated after the first three matches and continue the campaign with good spirits!

Ladies III took on the relatively newly-formed team Maccabi this weekend, with a victorious away win of 0-5, ensuring a start to the season at the top of the league.

A somewhat misleading scoreboard however, as Irlande fought heroically for 90 minutes against a strong team – a great testament to the team’s improvement under our new coaches in such a short period.
Newcomer Angela impressed in defense, blocking many attacking runs from Maccabi’s star winger, with the wall of defense fortified by old-timers Flavia, Sandra and Susana. A welcome comeback from Audrey guaranteed a clean sheet for Mariana, who nevertheless proved she’s still our number 1 with a couple of great saves.
Newcomers and comeback-Queens combined in midfield and attack, with Caro returning from retirement with a fantastic second-half performance concluding in her first goal for the 3rds. Gaelle and Rebecca played their first match in green, sharing attacking duties with Kenza and Dounya.
Last but not least, to our player who scored not one, not two, not three, but four goals; Francesca fast-tiny-legs- Cattarin, hat off to you, great performance.
The ref was OK.

Sept. 7th was the first day of the P3 championship for
the third team of the ladies in green. In the first 20
minutes of the home game, the 4-4-2 formation
succeeded in taking the control of the pitch. Several
goal occasions occurred until first goal from Dounya
with the help of her teammates at the 22nd minute of the
game – 1-0 for FC Irlande! The first half ended with a
great teamwork and amazing support from the
goalkeeper. Second half started with some new players
on the pitch. Ruth scored 2-0 in a penalty at the 63rd
minute of the game. Several occasions happened in
free-kicks, corners and tactic possession work on the
ball. Gradually, the 4-4-2 formation took again control of
the game with good mental and team-work on the
defensive, midfield and attacking lines. The game
ended with the score of 2-0 for the ladies in green
which marked a good start and great perspectives for
the new season! Vaaamos Irlande !!!!

The sun was shining on this historic day when FC Irlande’s third team put on their shoes to play their first game together in the cup against British United. In the locker room, Coach Rafa set the tone from the get-go by making the players feel their positions and move as a team. Captain Susana reminded players to communicate, play as a team and enjoy the football.

First half started with high pressure from British United but FCI managed to hold back for most of it with the exception of one goal scored in the 19th minute. Offensively, FCI had some good actions with Adeline coming through on the right flank and Ruth pushing forward as striker. In the 30th minute Claire suffered a bad tackle and had to leave the pitch with a broken wrist. We are hoping for a quick recovery!

In second half, Melanie replaced Ruth in midfield and Dounya took up the position as striker. Marilena came in in the 57th minute replacing Adeline on the right wing. FCI was fighting hard giving their all but the heath and high pressure was taking its toll and in
the 82nd minute British United scored 0-2 despite good actions from FCI with Dounya putting the defence under pressure, Kenza often getting through on the left flank, Susana and Caro fighting on the midfield and Marilena creating good occasions on the right wing.

Niamh was voted woman of the match after expertly guiding the central defence together with Claire – then Caro – then Sandra. Raphaële and Audrey guarded the wings running tirelessly throughout the game. Mariana took a hit on her hand in first half but after taping it pulled through and prevented many occasions by British United throughout the rest of the game.

Despite the result, a great first game with good fighting and team spirit shown on the pitch! We look forward to the season to see what this team can do together! COYGIG!

All fixtures and results

#1 August 24, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C 0 - 2 Report BUFC Ladies Brussels
#2 September 7, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C 2 - 0 Report Black Star FC
#3 September 14, 2019 Maccabi Brussels 0 - 5 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C
#4 September 21, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C 1 - 1 Report Auderghem RU
#5 September 27, 2019 FC Ganshoren 0 - 16 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C
#6 October 5, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C 1 - 1 Report FC. Saint-Michel B
#7 October 12, 2019 Crossing Schaerbeek A 2 - 3 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C
#8 October 26, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C - AS. Brussels City
#9 November 1, 2019 RRC. Etterbeek B - FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C
#10 November 9, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C - R. Union St-Gilloise
#11 November 15, 2019 RSC. Ixelles B - FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C
#12 November 30, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C - NSeth Berchem
#13 December 7, 2019 FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C - Maccabi Brussels

FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C

  • Coaches : Mathias Neelen & Rafael Martinez Neira
  • Captains : Francesca Cattarin & Susana Fouto

Top goals scorers

  • Juliette 6
  • Dounya 5
  • Francesca 4
  • Carmen 4
  • Ruth 2
  • Caro 1
  • Sandra 1
  • Kenza 1
  • Audrey 1
  • Niamh 1
  • Rebecca 1
  • Gaelle 1

Top goals assists

  • Carmen 6
  • Flavia 3
  • Dounya 2
  • Rebecca 1
  • Francesca 1
  • Audrey 1