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Sorry for the delay boys, Match report :

Spoiler alert : Losing is not an option for 2023 and not in the FC Ireland Dictionary.

Tough game today vs 2nd of the league, New Arquois who were eager to take revenge after losing the 1st game.
Captain Ryan decided to start against the strong wing to finish like Usain Bolt at the Olympics. After 1 minute, Hadri get the ball back and passed to Benji who managed despite the pressure, to give back to Alvaro, who gave it to Julian in midfield. Like a young Iniesta, he managed to give a beautiful pass behind the defense for Lorenz, who for once, manage to score in his 1st opportunity 😘 What time is it ?
1 min, 1-0 for FC Ireland. Well deserved.

Boys in green were much better when Hadri decided to help the opponent with a wonderful assist for the number 9… 1-1. Not deserved…

Few minutes later, New Arquois with a top corner shot, took the lead. 2-1. Not deserved…

Despite the wind, boys in green where showing a beautiful football and got some opportunities with Benji and Riceputi but couldn’t score. BTW, our best defender-striker could have scored an amazing curly top corner goal if the keeper wouldn’t have decided to turn into 2018 World Cup Lloris.
1-2 at half time. Not deserved…

Second half started with the wind behind the back and boys in green were showing why we are undefeated in 2023. Nice movement, nice intensity.
And then, freekick slightly on the right. Our Loloinho international, took the ball. With the fire in his eyes, we all know. What time was it ? You already know. Booooom. 2-2, well deserved.

Boys in green were pushing to get what they deserved, but number 9 managed to score again. 2-3, undeserved.

Ireland didn’t lose their cool and kept playing their beautiful football they are famous for. After a shot of Alvaro saved by the keeper, what time was it ? Lolo’s time again. Yes 3 goals for Juventus boy.
3-3 well deserved.

Matteo almost produced a super goal with a back heel shot but New Arquois Lloris was there again…

Somehow, unexpectedly, New arquois managed to score a 4th goal. Undeserved…

5 min left, is it going to be the 1st defeat of 2023 for Ireland 🇮🇪?
This is when our lethal weapon named Jean-Pierre Papin/ Gineste decided to shoot with his left foot (usually only used to go in the bus) to score an amazing goal. 4-4, well deserved. End of the game !

Today, boys in green showed again a strong spirit with the hate of losing.
Losing is not an option for these guys.

Now our head are towards Union JP, 3rd of the league, who will come with revenge after their defeat at the 1st game.

MOTM : Lorenz (*3)
DOTM : Hadrien for his super nice gesture with the assist

⚽ *Match report* ⚽

In one of these Wallonian towns, the boys in green fought against all the elements.

Following the instructions of their captain, the team started the match being aggressive and stepping up efforts. And it worked. Gab did one of his classic winger runs, outplaying the left back, and made a beautiful cross to Amadou, who put the ball on the net with an impeccable header. A few minutes later, Lolo gave a lovely pass over the defense with pinpoint accuracy to Julián, who finished the action in one touch. 0-2. The team didn’t really suffer.

In the 2nd half, the boys in green had to double the efforts. An unbreakable defense maintained the score and some good counterattacks could’ve ended in the 0-3. The opponents scored in the final minutes but the 3 points had already an owner: FC Irlande. Come on!!

MOTM: Gab, Matteo, Nate ex aequo.

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