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FC Portugal Vs FC Irelande

Saturday 08/01/2022

First game of 2022 was immediately an international game as the lads in green had to fight it out with FC Portugal to secure their first three points of the new year. A lot of missing players due to players requesting too many yellow cards and letting someone spit in your face lead to a revamped starting line-up. This meant that plenty of players made their long-awaited comeback with Kev, Rudi and Thomas instantly being bombarded into the starting line-up. The coaching staff also saw a change of personal as Paul was again in charge since Alvaro is enjoying his time in sunny Spain. As expected, Paul was after his 7th win out of 7 games and made this very clear in the dressing room through an ‘inspiring’ pep talk where he shared some very personal stories about his successful coaching career. It got already very emotional.

The referee heard that Rachid had to take a plane after the game so he took his sweet little time to blow kick-off. After a quick team photo were everyone could show his nice smile (except for Kev), full focus was back on to secure an important victory that would keep us close to the Brits.

The team took a slow start and let the Portuguese play it around before setting up its own first effective attack. The lads in green came into the box of FC Portugal and decided it was a good time to play 3D Pinball Space Cadet as not only Sigve and Luke but also Rachid failed to put the ball in the back of the net. It was therefore the man himself, the legend, Thomas, that had to put matters into his own hands and placed his 7th goal of the season nicely next to the goalkeeper. FCI 1-0 up.

The team wanted to keep this momentum going but this was without taking into account the Portuguese desire to move up the pitch. After a strong rush of their central midfielder, the ball came into the feet of their striker who struck on goal and saw his attempt saved by Max. Nevertheless, a good follow-up on the save meant the lads in green had to start all over again and had to restart from point zero. 1-1 and eventually the half-time score.

A first half to quickly forget, refocused the lads as they tried to take control over the game. Nevertheless, FC Irelande needed some real magic to get the much needed win.

Let’s flashback. Ever since Thomas collided horribly with the goalkeeper of Jefke a few months ago, Thomas has noticed some unique power coming from the scar on his forward. Besides the daunting nightmares and hearing voices, Thomas wanted to put this power to proper use.

Let’s get back into the game. After a pass that was too deep, Thomas chased his defender who felt his presence strongly. As a true football wizard, Thomas casted the tripping spell on his defender who left the ball for the taking. Thomas kindly said “Thank you!” and continue on his broomstick into the box of the Portuguese where he put it on a silver platter for Sigve to slide it in. Up 2-1 and only 15 minutes left to play.

To keep the lead, Andreas was brought in for James to get some fresh legs in the mix and did very well for his first minutes in a long time. The Portuguese were devastated by Sigve’s goal and tried it all to get the equaliser. To make sure this would not happen, Max went full kamikaze on a breakaway Portuguese striker just outside the box and luckily got away with a yellow. The Portuguese requested a penalty but an authoritarian referee did not want to change his decision. The following Portuguese freekick was horrible and the lads could clear it out easily.

The referee blew the final whistle which brought a tremendous feeling of relief to the lads. Fc Irelande takes its first three easy puntos of the year 2022 and keeps breathing down the neck of the Brits. Thomas was awarded MOTM by the sorting hat and made his comeback felt as well as Rudi and Kev who both got MOTM votes too.

Big win and a great start of 2022. Next stop Coin du Balai. Come on you Greens !

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