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This week, Ladies I was in Aywaille hunting for three points. This was a must-win match. Coach Leo prepared the squad with his pre-game speech, complete with nimble movements and tak tak tak BAM! The ladies understood the stakes, but the first half felt slow and lacking in energy for many (author included). Despite good breakaways and some shots, to include a close one from Brenda, the FCI ladies went to the half time break a bit frustrated with the score at 0-0. Leo made a few changes and the ladies returned to the pitch to renew their hunt. Nearly immediately, the ladies were able to drive the ball forward with Shadia passing to Brenda for a clean finish into the goal. The ladies knew they needed more goals to ensure a safe victory and continued to work the ball up the field with quick plays between Dara, Sophia, and Shadia. Olivia, who was still recovering from a non-Covid plague, took a breakaway into the opponent’s box before being fouled. The ref called the penalty and Nawal, with a cool head, expertly hit the ball into the back left of the net, bringing the score to 0-2, a more comfortable lead. The women of Aywaille were not pleased and earned themselves a yellow card after fouling one of the FCI ladies. To keep things exciting, Aywaille managed to score a goal off a free kick with about five minutes left in the match. It could have been more points but Olatz made an enormous jump and tipped the ball back over the post, blocking the opponents attempted equalise the game. FCI ladies were not interested in a draw and fought to keep all three points until the whistle. At the finish, the ladies were relieved they secured their win and shouted various incantations to bring more victories in their future. Zigga zigga zag!

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#8 November 6, 2021 FC Irlande Ladies 1 5 - 0 R. Aywaille A
#21 March 19, 2022 R. Aywaille A 1 - 2 Report FC Irlande Ladies 1

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