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After a 9-1 loss against Standard last week and a poor point in 3 games, ladies I receive Loyers home, under very particular circumstances : no changing rooms available, everything happens on the pitch.

The game starts with ladies in green dominating and the ball staying in the opponents half most of the time.
However, we conceive a corner on which they get to push the ball in the goal, after an unclear situation in the box.
0-1 / 18 minutes
But with a change of spirit after the last games, Irlande doesn’t give up and keeps dominating and playing mostly in their half.
We have some very good opportunities but we don’t get to score before halftime.
The game starts again and after just seconds, Ariane gets her second yellow card on a non-existent fault.
We keep pushing and dominating as during the first part even on 10 against 11 but no luck in front of the goal.
20 min later, their midfielder gets a second yellow card as well and the game continues on a 10 against 10.
A penalty is missed and several clear occasions as well on Irlande’s side. But on a magnificent free kick by Momo, we equalize and keep staying in their half.
We miss some additional opportunities and the score remains unchanged : 1-1.
A very good point for Loyers, 2 lost points for Irlande.

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