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And bad luck strikes again.
Although FC Ireland played on equal terms with Molenbeek, an unfortunate handball in the second half offered the only goal of the game to our opponent.

However, we can be happy about one thing : nobody got injured this time. Yay!

Last Saturday, two big challenges awaited our Ladies I : trying to beat the young and tough team from Molenbeek but also and above all managing to find their locker room in this RWDM maze of corridors.

After a great tactical speech, the team headed to one of the many pitches on site (but sadly not to the large main one… much to Magda’s disappointment).

Once the warm-up was over, the players took place on the field under the benevolent gaze of Sydney (who despite her feverish state and her tuberculosis cough had made the trip to support her teammates).

The ref whistled.
The battle began.

The opposition was quick and physical. Their passes were surgical. But that did not prevent Ireland from scoring the first goal of the game…
Just kidding.
Molenbeek scored after 7 minutes. And scored twice more (39′ and 53′).

Despite clear domination from Molenbeek, Ladies I gave their all on the pitch : they fought over every ball, made the necessary defensive runs, gave a few nudges when needed and received a few themselves…
They proved they were hungry for more and will keep on showing that spirit during the next games.

Big shout out to:
– Noémie for her first game ;
– Sephora who managed to hustle the opposing team ;
– Magda’s parents and all the other supporters who showed up!

Oh and of course, kudos to Söphia for suppressing her natural instincts… 🙃

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