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What goes around comes around. As Mathias reminded us before the match,
“A cold rainy windy mudpitchy morning in Wavre” had left us with a bad taste on our match against Wavre Limal, which had managed to keep the 3 points at home.
This time, the conditions where almost the same, but Ladies in greens were motivated to get the 3 points and stop Wavre in their run towards the 3rd place. The match didn’t start well and despite the good game of the ladies in green, their passes and solid control of the ball, the first half ended 0-2 for the guests. Like most of the times, thanks to the magic strategic mind of Mathias, a different team got out of the locker room: same people, different positions and instructions. The change showed its results in less than 10”. After few minutes, a pass of a strepitous Isa sent Juliette to the goal 1-2. Few minutes after, Isa herself cut the middle field as if it was butter in the sun: 2-2. The nervosism of Wavre and the determination of the ladies in Greens did the rest. After having being blind for over 70”, the ref decided to put the glasses and finally started seeing all the faults of the opponents. One of these happened in the area, for the joy of Juliette and her teammates, who knows how well she can kick from the penalty point. And here we go. 3-2 for the hosts. With very few minutes remained to be played, FC Irlande maintained a solid control of the game and celebrated the well deserved victory that bought them closer to the top of the list.

“On a cold, rainy and moody Sunday morning, Ladies III had to fight hard against the good team of Wavre. After a difficult start and 2 goals from their opponents, their fighting spirit was rewarded when Elena pushed the ball in the goals, after their goalie was put in difficulty by a powerfull shot from Francesca. The intensity kept growing and FC Ireland managed to draw thanks to a penalty. Unfortunatly, Wavre eventually scored a third goal, leaving our ladies and coach frustrated and disappointed. We’ll however remember the good spirit, both on the field and in the changing room.

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#5 October 3, 2021 R. Wavre Limal 3 - 2 Report FC Irlande Ladies 3
#17 February 9, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 3 3 - 2 Report R. Wavre Limal

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