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On Sunday the 8th of January, 2023, the FC Irelande ladies 2 team took on a challenging match against RAS. Jodoigne A ladies team. The first half started well, a kick off from FC Irelande. The ladies started off strong, with a high press and intensity, but as the match carried on, the ladies realized this team had a very strong formation and had passing and crossing patterns that were difficult to catch up with. The first goal was scored 15 minutes in the match from a cross from the the left corner to the center, where number 13 on the Jodoigne team was standing unmarked by the left side. As she got ahold of the ball in the center, she shot and scored into the bottom right corner of the net. The ladies held of Jodoigne for the rest of the first half as each team played with high intensity, eager to win. Things were looking optimistic for the Irelande ladies, until the second goal was scored 10 minutes into the second half from a long through ball from the midfield between the right center back and the right back and the furthermost attacker ran onto the ball, dribbled into the box, shot and scored. Things were looking less hopeful, as the match score placed at a dreadful 2:0 ratio, but the ladies did not give up so easily. FC Irelande’s only goal of the match was scored in the final 20 minutes of the game, after a poor defensive clearance from Jodoigne. The ball bounced around in and near the box for a while until Sophia got a hold of it in the center and shot over the keeper’s head and into the back of the net. The team fought diligently and at a high intensity, trying to tie the match and at the same time keeping the opposing team from scoring. The match ended at a score of 2-1, Jodoigne. Even though the FC Irelande ladies could not bring home a win, they did fight hard for the entire match and kept the intensity and spirits high.

This Sunday morning, the ladies II gathered to face one of the top team in the league, Jodoigne. We knew it would be a very hard team to defeat, so we arrived there with no complex and nothing to lose.

The first half debuted with a very high pressure from both teams. We showed them that we were not there to joke. There was some great passing in the middle, amazing through balls from Sophia and Adina that allowed us to bring some danger, good pressure from the forwards and good communication in the back. The game was very even with only very few shots on both sides. When unfortunately a great pass from Jodoigne got through our defense and despite a great save from Marie, Jodoigne scored for the first time of the game … And it wouldn’t be the last. A few minutes later, a pass to a player even more offside than our beloved Francesca usually is, allowed them to score a second time. The fact that the ref didn’t whistle got into our heads, and we lost concentration, leading to a very quick third goal for Jodoigne. The first half ended a few minutes later on the score of 3-0.

We came back on the pitch for the second half with a new motivation and a new tactic, hoping that this would allow us to stop their very good and annoying number 13. This seemed to work as we were able to stop them for a while and were even able to create some opportunities thanks to great combinations on the right wing and a good pressure. Unfortunately, this would not hold for very long. After a great combination, Jodoigne was able to score again. And despite our efforts, they kept coming and scored another three goals before the final whistle relieved us. Ending the game on the score of 7-0.

Even if some could consider this as a heavy lost, we never gave up, we always tried to create something, and we showed real team spirit. This should be taken as a lesson from a very well organized team who is not top of the league for nothing. We matched them for a good 30 minutes in the first half, which means we’re not that far behind. There are few things to improve, and I’m sure we will. We’ll get them next time, ladies.

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#4 September 25, 2022 RAS. Jodoigne A 7 - 0 Report FC Irlande Ladies 2
#15 January 8, 2023 FC Irlande Ladies 2 1 - 2 Report RAS. Jodoigne A