Renaissance A.E.C. Mons B

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It had been a while since FC Ireland savored the sweet taste of victory.
Facing a young team from Mons, would they be able to snatch three points and leave the last place of the table?

After another fantastic speech from their beloved coaches, the ladies in green rolled up their sleeves and arrived on the pitch with a knife between their teeth and fire in their heart.

The battle was fierce and the arbitration was questionable. (We would not be surprised to learn that the referee has some Mons relatives in his family tree…)

Several opportunities arose on both sides but a very heroic Olatz managed to keep the ball away from her net, greatly helped by amazing interventions from Isabel and Cintia while American Sarah destroyed any hope player number 6 had of ever touching the ball.
Although FCI played a little rough, the opponent mostly reminded us of a famous Brazilian player that shall not be named.

The scoreboard showed 0-0 at halftime but Ladies 1 did not lose their enthusiasm (and certainly not Mathias who received a yellow card for excessive “encouragement” towards the ref).

For her return, Momo gave us the pleasure of managing the defensive line with a firm hand.
Our midfielders, for their part, delivered an impeccable performance with their interceptions and swift passes to our wingers and forwards.

And suddenly, it happened.
Christmas came early this year and Mel was Santa Claus.
After overtaking the opposing defender thanks to her superhuman speed, she faced the goalkeeper and – almost tenderly – scored the first goal of the evening.
But they were not done.
The one and only Momo decided to hit hard for her first game and scored with a fine header. 2-0.

Was FC Ireland about to win? Was our wildest dream about to come true?

Despite this second blow, Mons did not give up and kept pushing until they finally broke the green fortress…
The minutes passed slowly but the girls kept their cool and tirelessly pushed back the countless attacks from Mons till the ref blew the final whistle.

After that important win, that’s 3 more points for FC Ireland and one tequila for Mathias.
Hopefully, there will be other victories and many more shots!

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