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Ladies II had been waiting for months for the match against Boitford. First because, despite the poor game they keep showing, the squad of RRC Boitford is incredibly fighting for holding the same position than FC Ireland in the middle of the table. Second of all, because of the tensed relationships between the two clubs. Thirdly, because on the match to go, FC Ireland had had an amazing performance on the pitch, which didn’t translate into 3 points only because of the super star of their team (and of the championship): their goal keeper!

A short but clear talk from the coaches pumped the ladies in Green, who showed up with a great squad, with great and experienced players in every position. Everything on the paper was encouraging, even the temperature that in the end proved to be warmer than expected. However, few minutes before the kick-off, the cold shower. “The Ref is not there, we need to ask the other team”.

For whom is in the club for some years, the match report could end up here. But as this piece aims to be informative also for our external crowd, lets provide some extra background. (I even made the rhyme).

The coach of Boitford took the whistle and despite the hopes of still having a fair game, the reality kicked-in. Few minutes after the start of the match, a doubtful penalty for a completely involuntary hand-touch was assigned to Boitford. Despite the great stretching and interception of Mariana, the ball is in. 1-0 for Boitford. The ladies in green didn’t lose the faith nor the fighting spirit and more determined than before were ready to go back and fight. The first half time, was a continuous exchange of passes, fight for the ball and attempts upfront. The defense had little work to do, apart watching the mid-field and attack keep fighting and being kicked by uncalled faults. It has to be highlighted that most of the opponents (with some exceptions that should be seen and treated by specialists) had little fault in how badly the game was running. Because of the good game displayed by the ladies in Green, there was very little that coaches could add during half time, apart encouraging the girls to keep focusing on their performance and dismiss the absurd “ref” decisions. The second half was unfortunately as bad as the first, with even more fire and goals attempts from the hosts. The “Ref” kept not seeing the faults of Boitford players, assigned random free kicks and throw-ins. A ball from the corner, clearly passing the line of the goal, was (un)surprisingly not seen. But if the “Ref” could do that in the first goal, he could not prevent assigning the second one, again from a corner. 1-1 The joy was immense, both for players and for the incredible supporters. A joy that unfortunately did not last long, as few minutes after, again from a corner, an unlucky rebound surprised Mariana, who could not do anything against the final 1-2.

A tough defeat, that hurts not really or only for the 3 missed points, rather for the lack of fair-play, decency and respect showed by the coaching staff of Boitford.

So, to end with the Lyrics of the Italian song “The law of goal”:

“It is the harsh law of goal:

the others will score, but,

What a show when we play!

We never give up,

They stay closed but

Does it really matter who will win?

After all, we are the greatest team here!

We are the greatest team here!”

The FCI ladies woke up to a grey Sunday morning but that didn’t impact their motivation to play their second match of this renewed squad. On the other side, the Boitsfort squad had several former FCI players, so that promised to be a very interesting and intense battle.

Just before the start of the match, we had to sort out some unforeseen identity issues, but Mari’s passport uber services were able to resolve it rapidly, just before the kick-off. With all the paper issues behind, the FCI side was united and driven to get to business and play some football.

Boitsfort was expecting FCI to start with Francesca “angel wings” as customary on the right side, so their coach placed their fastest defender there to try and stop her. What they had not expected is that knowing that Boitsfort had some critical intelligence on the FCI squad, coaches Martin and Diego would outsmart them and place Fra on the left side of our attack instead. That gave the FCI ladies an edge in the first few minutes of the match. Fra was soon able to gallop into the box and continued to have an advantage over her defender for a good 10 minutes. After at least 2 penalties that the ref should’ve called, one after another, he had no choice but to whistle at least one of them. Pri was brave and resolute when she took the ball to shoot it, but unfortunately, even if the shot was well-targeted and strong, that was just the first great save of a series from the brilliant Boitsfort goalkeeper.

The FCI ladies did not get discouraged after the saved penalty and continued to push. In the mid-field Adina, Su and Rebecca had things under control displaying their typical class and technique. On the back, the connection Sephora, Claire, Marianne, and Lily – and later Alicia – was working well even if it was a completely “fresh out of fire” defensive line; they showed their strength and were super chill on the few times they were under attack, probably influenced by Claire in her usual peace and calm telling everyone to be “tranquilo” no matter what. Up front Eli, Pri and Fra kept fighting and finding spaces and changing positions to confuse the opponent’s defense. The first half continued with the ladies in green having control of the match most of the time, but being stopped time after time by the unrelenting goalkeeper of Boitsfort.

Boitsfort had some shy incursions into the FCI defense line, mainly from their left flank but nothing that was causing too much danger apart from a couple of corners. Olatz was very solid though, keeping complete control of her box. Finally around minute 30, on a second ball from a corner, Boitsfort scored.

The second half was very similar to the first, with the ladies in green creating the better chances while the Boitsfort goalkeeper kept denying us a goal. Naomi, the goal scorer from ladies 3 earlier in the week, came into the pitch along with Liza, to try and bring some new lungs to the attack. Liza made a great through pass to Eli, who using her signature move tried to shoot while on the ground, but that was just another ball that went to the hands of the keeper of Boitsfort. The game was open and the FCI ladies kept trying their best, supported by some well-thought tactical moves from the coaches on the sideline. However, this was a day the goalkeeper of the adversary was too inspired and the match ended 1×0 to Boitsfort.

Even if without the victory, the ladies in green left the pitch proud of their performance knowing that with a group like that, things can only get better.

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