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Ladies in green showed up at the Guy Thys stadium being aware of the level of their opponents. Etterbeck is a strong, young team that last year won the P3 championship, and that got reinforced with some new strong players for the season 2020-2021.
The Ladies in green suffered the first half , where our positioning on the pitch was good but we struggled to get first on the ball. First half ended 2-0.
In the locker room, the motivation from coaches was again key to instill more confidence on players and adapt our squad to the game of the opponents. Angela (in defense) went out for Beatrice, who, with her angelic face but strong shot, came in to give support to Fran in attack. We tried also to increase the pressure on Etterbeck’s middle field, where #44 confirmed to be one of the worse nightmare for ladies in green. Her incredible precise passes, change of side and shots made very difficult for our team to block their game, despite a great sacrifice from our defense who once again fought hard to defend the goal. Our attack had few opportunities upfront, thanks to some good shots from Marine, the biting pressure of Carmen and Eliana, and sprints of Francesca. The match ended 4-0, for the surprise of Etterbeek who knew and still know the potential of our team. Which will definitely give a harder battle on the return match.

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#4 October 2, 2020 RRC. Etterbeek B 4 - 0 Report FC Irlande Auderghem Ladies C

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