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On a beautiful Sunday afternoon ladies II came together at Auderghem. They made a strong team against Ixelles.
Ladies II started the first half very concentrated, eager to win this game. Ixelles and FCI were both strong teams and both showed their worth. Ladies II kept pushing and trying to build actions, but they could not get the ball in. Even though they kept their heads held high and didn’t lose their focus. First half ended with 0-0
The second half started and after a few tries Ladies II were rewarded for their hard work. Elena made the first goal, which gave FCI hope and led to more goals. The second one was made by Adina after a beautiful team effort. Priscilla came running towards the goal and put the third one in. Ixelles seemed to have let their guard down, but after the third goal they found their second breath and came back with 2 goals. It was 3-2 and the game was almost over. Ladies II could smell the victory.
Unfortunately, Ixelles could score one last goal in the last minute.
So the match ended in a draw (3-3).

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#7 October 16, 2022 FC Irlande Ladies 2 3 - 3 Report SC Ixelles A