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The boys in green were coming from a convincing victory last week against Euro Union and were breathing on British necks only one point above in the league. Unfortunately our hundreds of fans were not allowed to join us given the strict COVID-19 measures in place.

In the locker room
Despite the atrocious weather and the precarious conditions of the pitch, far away from home and all our loved ones, DJ Bono’s contagious reggaeton hits immediately lightened the mood in the locker room. Coach Alvaro all of a sudden shared a moving memory of the good old times when he was younger and nobody really understood why. In any case, he was crystal clear with the team: Joga Bonito was not in the cards, the 3 points were the only thing that mattered and we would have gotten them only by staying focused until the very end.

The Game: First Half
The first 15 minutes were not as rosy as one might have hoped. To quote a wise man on the bench, the guys were “doing everything they were told not to do”. It took some time to adjust to the harsh conditions of the pitch and half the team was wearing the same shoes as at their First Communion. Finally, a lovely pass by Cillian reached Sigve at the edge of the box and our Norwegian viking let the ball pass between his legs, disorienting the Tourinnois defence and allowing Arjan to face the goalkeeper and score with a Francesco Totti-style ‘cucchiaio’ (literally: ‘spoon’).
Unsurprisingly, the game went back to being an uphill battle for FC Irlande. We started conceding too many corners and free kicks and Tourinnois were able to capitalize on two occasions, concluding the first half 2-1 ahead. Not exactly what our team needed….or perhaps exactly what we needed to go back into the fight even more determined.

The Game: Second half
The second half saw Billy and yours truly replace Sean and David and some of us shed a tear watching them go back inside to take a hot shower. James set the tone by painting his face with mud like someone who’s ready to fight. Unbelievable how he could dribble and dance with the ball while the rest of us humans were struggling to stand on our feet. Building on the umpteenth throw in from the left wing, we managed to conquer a precious free kick and Cillian did not hesitate to turn it into a beautiful 2-2 goal, the Tourinnois goalkeeper still stuck in his puddle. Galvanized by the increasing pace and dominance of the team, while at the same time aiming to ‘spice it up’ even further, Lennart and Bono thought it would be a good idea to exchange short passes in the swamp among mud puddles. Too yummy an opportunity for the Tourinnois striker not to seize: 3-2 with about 15 minutes to go. Coach Alvaro replaced Cillian at that point and quickly realised how tough a game that had become. The boys in green however were not ready to give up and found ultimate glory with Dutchman Arjan capitalising on two fantastic assists from Sigve (3-3) and Luke (4-3), whose accelerations on the right wing were giving quite a few headaches to the Tourinnois defence.

Final considerations:
Overall, great victory and impressive show of strength despite some mistakes and a couple of avoidable yellow cards (let’s not mention any names…). I’m wrapping up this match report with another Totti reference, as his name also became an exciting acronym this week, one that I hope we will be able to keep for a long, long time: Top-Of-The-Table-Ireland!

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Special congratulations to David who has to wash the kit this week!

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