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Mud bowl 2023. At a distant cow patch in the middle fuck nowhere an utter mud fest was fought out and football took a back a game of very few chances the boys went 1 up when a miscued half-volley from Lolo landed at Amadou’s feet (in an offside position) and he tucked it away calmly. Because the goal was allowed by stand-in ref JSS in order to keep the peace the greens showed some fantastic sportsmanship and allowed the position to score unopposed. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long to get our goal as 10 minutes later Benji scored straight from a corner to make it 1-2. The boys rode their luck in the second half but stayed firm for the three points as a couple missed chances from us and a couple close calls for the opponent where the only real highlights of a very turgid affair
Motm : Papiiiii

Lovely weather to play a nice game vs Tourinnois.
Solid starting line up from the boys in green with one of the strongest bench of the league
Energy was not really here first half where a couple of mistakes made Tourinnois led 1-0 at half time.
Few minutes after second half, a red card toward FC Irlande followed by 2 others goals from the opponent and we thought the match was over.
But this is not knowing les gars, where they decided to show a bit of intensity and fighting spirit. Nice counter attack from Lorenz, great work from Amadou, nice unselfish pass from Gabi to Lorenz, and lucky goal from Lorenz.
Few minutes later, the best center back / striker of the league, that would have been selected for the World Cup if Macedonia wasn’t too strong as opponent, Matteo managed to score another goal with 3 minutes to play. But it was too late
3-2 for Tourinnois.

I could copy paste what Gabi wrote, this is exactly my mentality right now and it should be the same for everyone.
Love you

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