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We started the match bravely, playing most of the time high on the half of the opponents, we locked down the midfield and forced them to make mistakes. And deservedly took the lead! Free kick: Greg + Sasha + (David+Ben) = 1:0. Then, we have lost our concentration, after some extremely controversial decisions taken by the person they name referee, but as for me, he is the referee like the bullets from shit! Two very soft goals, two set plays, one long pass over Fede’s head, and then from free kick Paul could have done little better. 1:2! Then, shortly after, another soft goal, the kick from distance, I could have done better, but it was far away and I though it would cost us a free kick, anyway 1:3! After this shock we started slowly taking the game under control, and managed to get the ball into the box few times and they conceded the penalty! David have taken it and 2:3. Halftime! We finished the half well, but we started terribly, we couldn’t afford 3 passes in a row, and soon they punished as, forward have ran through the centre of the defence, one-on-one, 4:2! Alex, went in for Luuk, and I got injured. We have shown our character and Alex have managed to pull one back, cross from the right, and head flip over the keeper, well taken! 3:4! We kept pushing, but pretty much in 10-men, the time was running and fatigue being more visible and present. The final score 3:4, we played well and deserved more. The referee and unrespectful conduct of the opponents team played negative role, this is why my conclusion would be that we have to work more on:
1) concentration
2) focus
3) longer bench
MOTM: Fede, Ben and David M. Garcia
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The match was forfeited

During the week, I was looking at the FC I Sport Easy App and seeing Stade Fallon did not bring back fond memories, instead losses of 8-0, 10-1 and a red card or two came to mind.

Despite past form, there was a confident air in the dressing room pre-match, confusion over whether we would have a keep had subsided and everyone was in positive form.

Nature decided to add to the optimism by a blanket of sunshine by the time the opposition too k the tip off and it was game on. We started well, Emanuel had a chance within minutes of tip off. Nice flowing football, following on from pre-match team talk of playing high and pushing the opposition who showed the had weakness in their defence that could be breached.

But it wasn’t all FC Irlande’s game, we were lucky not to concede as Goalois had three good chances, off the post twice. Karl did well to impose on the attackers.

Fede and Erik marshalled the defence from the centre and despite playing high managed to get back when ever danger threatened. Conchur and David R to their right playing high up the wings added to the attacking defensive formation.

With a strong mid field of David M, John O’ and Sasha we always knew there would be chances and they did come. David M could be forgiven for shouting at Virgil (our undervalued referee) as he kept getting the shins hacked off him without protection, he was a marked man clearly by Goalois, especially their #9 was a piece of work.

Ben was relentless on the left and it was great to have a 50% increase in Irish presence by having the fiery Emmet on the right. Emanuel up top on his own fed off all he got and had the best of chances of the match but was not to be his day, not helped by ‘tight’ marking by the opposition also.

Goalois were team with not a lot of threat but did have serious weapons in the form of set pieces and from the first corner to their 1.85m #6 was in the back of the net before any of us could see where it had come from.

We levelled by possibly the best move I have seen of FC Vets 1 in a long time, Sasha almost on the half way line played a long cross field ball to David Rubio who unleashed a powerful (and hopeful) shot to Emmet who twisted and turned the keeper and defender and it was 1-1, with game on.

The last 10 minutes of the first half left everyone in an optimistic state at half time and we knew we just needed more of the same.

However, Goalois also had a good team talk at half time and came out guns blaring again, they had more pace and determination and were once again threatening the defence.

A free given away for obstruction just outside the box seemed innocuous at the time when given away, the wall was hastily assembled, and the rest of the team were still organising when again the ball went low and straight into the far right hand side corner. Pleas from John O’ to Virgil were ignored that it was an indirect freekick and the goal stood.

It was from this point on that it was clear we needed to get a rub of the green as the opposition were more than content to disrupt play however they could and maintain their 2-1 lead.

FC Irlande still had chances in the 2nd half, some good efforts from the middle and wings just somehow never materialised into the equalling goal. We were all still confident of not just equalising but going on to win the game until some issues went against us. A clear hand ball by their #9 in the square as David M was attacking their goal was somehow translated into a free out, helped by an uncanny strategy of the opposition by shouting for hand ball even if it was one of their own players who was the culprit.

A free from within range caused a scuffle between Emmet and the Goalois, both resulting in yellow cards. It was clear the game was going to get messier before it finished and it did when a blatant off the ball kick by their #9, already on a yellow, on David M out of view of the referee prompted a response of a high flying kick from Sasha in which was only ever going to have one ending, straight Red for Sasha and a 2nd Yellow for their #9.

It was then 10 v 10 for the remaining minutes, again FC Irlande had chances, but the equaliser never arrived and once again we left Pitch 5 of Stade Fallon with nothing but regrets.

Disappointing result as was one of those rare days where the football played by FCI was excellent at times and playing a team that were probably a fair match for us with the winner being the one who best took their chances and for Goalois it was their set pieces that made their day.

Nothing to left to say apart from Onwards and Upwards for the rest of the season!

MoTM: David Rubio

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Saturday out with FCIrlande


A very hot day

We were away to Eetejkeis on a bright, sunny , hot day of October.
It was indeed sunny and hot and got us all by surprise except for JohnO , who went back to the changing room before the KO to spread sunscreen lotion over his irish whitey skin.
Eetkeijs plays in Rixensaert, 20 min from Bruxelles, kind of going toward BrusselsBritish home pitch but turning right instead of left.
A nice looking sport complex: football pitch with running track, swimming pool and a massive badminton tournament going on at the same time as out game, needless to say there was more audience on the badminton than on our game.

12 fine still young-ish men came out for the event:
Darragh : burning his last games with FCI before returning to Ireland
Manuel Cabral

with Diogo keeping the valuables in the   first half

Special thanks to Luuk for coming out on the day to help us out, likewise, Antonio left the 4ths to come and play for us.

This game will be remembered for the incredible amount of times we had to kick the ball from the corner (30 to 40 times), the worst part is that we didnt manage to capitalize on that asset, not even once!

It all went fine for the few first minutes but Eetkeijs was bouncing high balls over our defense and in 1 of those, a ball from their right flank was crossed over to our box where their striker had anticipated the movement and left our defender behind to kick the ball into the net.
We faced a very big and skillfull goalkeeper who managed to prevent 1 or 2 shots  which otherwise would have been clear goals for the greens,instead we left them do again the same trick, i.e. high ball over the defense, striker alone in front of the keeper and a well place lob over the keeper.

A few minutes into the 2nd half, Diogo came in for Alex and the team was slightly re-arranged: Ben dropped to right back with Diogo taking that position and Carlos going up front.

The ball was rolling a bit more smoother than in the 1st half and some chances were created, specially in the shape of shots which were unfortunately deflected by the defense and ending wide for what you would called a corner kick orgy.
If you read the beginning of this report, you already know that none of those corners went in and we left Rixensaert with 0 goals and 0 points.

Luckily David had organised a Vets dinner at CasaMiguel and we could enjoy a nice evening out with the lads.

MoTM: Emanuel and David M. G.
Over and out.

FC Irlande 1st Vets 0-1 Tourinnois

Never big on punctuality, we were worse than ever today due to the cyclocross event taking place nearby which made parking a nightmare. Anyway, when the troops were finally assembled and the team was ready to take the pitch, the message from David was to build on what we’d shown over the previous 2 weeks and stick to our passing game. Word was that Tourinnois have been behind to us more than once in previous meetings and came back to snatch a draw or win so we were to expect a battle right to the final whistle.

The team lined out as follows:


Fede   Erik  Greg              David R

       Johnno  David MG

Ben    Sasha           Manu


Sub: Alex

The referee announced that due to the unseasonably hot weather we’d have a water break after 20 mins of each half – surely a first for Abssa football in October!

We started the match reasonably well; not up to the standard of the previous couple of games but movement and passing wasn’t so bad. We had a fair degree of possession and got in behind their defence at times but couldn’t work up a decent shooting opportunity. At the other end, Darragh had to be brave in intercepting a Tourinnois attack when he took out man and ball to keep the game scoreless.

This didn’t last too long however. Some sloppy passing allowed Tourinnois to break into our box and after a bit of a scramble, they managed to put the ball in net…0-1. We had some attacks down the left with David R and Manu combining well but that final killer ball was lacking.

The second half was much the same story. We had some work to do to combat their number 6 and very skilful number 13. Alex was brought in to trouble their defense as we went in search of an equalizer.

Just like the first half, we had the possession but couldn’t quite get into dangerous positions. Ben did well to set himself up but his scuffed shot from outside the box didn’t trouble the keeper. Later in the game, David MG was fouled on the edge of the box and the resulting free-kick from Greg cleared the wall and was well placed but the keeper had taken up a good position and dealt with it comfortably.

That’s how it stayed. A 0-1 defeat then and a slightly disappointing performance against a beatable team. We’ll have chances over the coming weeks to make up for this loss against newly promoted teams. Onwards and upwards…

MoTM: Darragh

On the back of an impressive performance and victory against Metrasport the previous weekend, FC Ireland VETS1 took to the field with confidence and desire to make it 2 wins in a row. The pre-match talk in the changing room was all about working as a unit, keeping all the lines close together and moving the ball quickly to surprise our opponents.

A last minute cancellation by Ollie due to injury saw the following 11  men take to the field Karl; Fede; Terry; Greg; David MR; John; David MG; Emmanuel, Sasha; Ben; Alex with Carlos and Diogo waiting on the sidelines.

Our opposition was no other than the Brazilian national side, or at least they looked the part and spoke the lingo too. RU Auderghem are a skilful and technical side that move the ball well and have fast and lethal strikers. However, at the back discipline is not their forte and we knew this could be exploited if we took our chances.

Vets 1 started the game strongly with a couple of efforts on goal and a shot by Emanuel that hit the post. We were containing the oppostion’s attack and things were going as planned during the dressing room talk. However, when we were looking our best, a stray pass from the defence left the striker one on one with Karl who managed to get a hand to the shot but just couldn’t keep it out. A gift from our side meant we were chasing the game. The game became more open and Karl pulled off a couple of good saves to keep us within distance. The midfield worked tirelessly to shut down their attacks and the defence was coping well with any threats….an so we came to the break 1 goal down.

The second half saw Carlos come in for Alex and within 5’ he had a good chance to score but couldn’t direct the ball pass the keeper (signed from Campomaiorense). Vets 1 kept finding themselves at the edge of the box but the chances went begging, first Emanuel with a half volley, then a cross that bounced off the bar but nobody could put away the rebound.

Suddenly out of nothing a marvellous shot from a RU Auderghem striker from a long way out found Karl out of position and Vets went 2-0 down.  Unfair and against the run of play. Diogo made his debut by coming on in the second half.

Vets 1 then threw everything forward, David MG hit the post with a shot and a couple more efforts that were cleared off the line. This left us exposed at the back and RU Auderghem took advantage of a fast counter to score the third and put the game to bed.

The team is playing some of its best football for a while and we deserved better but it is a tough division and small mistakes will cost anyone very dear. More concentration and good decision making will be important to stay in the division and reach the end of the season trouble free. We are on a good path and need to build on this for future games.

Man of the Match: Terry

Back to our home field and specially motivated by a highly promising barbecue (and a few rounds of beer), VETS 1 faced a tough challenge against an historically strong team – Metrasport Royale.

The team started extremely focused and the first 10 min were about an intense fight for possession in the mid-field. The whole team was working as a block, keeping control for as long as possible and jointly applying pressure to the adversary. Metrasport players underestimated us and after the first 10 min we took control of the game and started creating opportunities for goal.

At min 15, David has a fantastic counter-attack initiative on the right and crosses to Carlos that was dragging to defenders, the ball gets deflected on a defender and ended up on Emanuel’s right foot for the first goal. Metrasport couldn’t believe it, but the worst was still to come. We wanted more and kept the pressure on. During the next 10 min we had 3 more clear opportunities to score and their keeper was forced to great saves. Close to the end of the first half, David finds a breach between the central and the right defender and launches Emanuel that passes by the keeper at the entrance of the box and scores our second goal.

The first half was done and we were all highly energized for the second half but at the same time apprehensive as Metrasport players are physically robust and fit, which could make the difference for the remaining of the game.

We continued the great work, defending as a team and controlling the game.

Metrasport refreshed the midfield with a new player and changed tactics to an attacking 4-3-3. Our defense and midfield had much more work on the second half but everyone was committed to get out of the pitch with the 3 points. Metrasport gave us a lot of space to counter attack and we created a few very good opportunities. We did not materialize those and ended up conceding a goal close to the end of the match.

The whole team deserved the win for the tremendous effort, concentration and team spirit shown during the whole game.

MoTM: Emanuel

Well done lads.

On a sunny Saturday in September, vets 1 ventured into the heart of Molenbeek to take on the mighty Mutuel. It’s probably fair to say that this was not the strongest vets1 team ever assembled: It was a bare 11 including Alan  drafted in from vets 2 but strengthened by the recall of Walter from semi-retirement and Daragh making a rare appearance outfield. In fact this was a kind of a homecoming for Walter who had played for the legendary “Racing, White, Daring Molenbeek” back in their glory days [1950s?] .


David managed to instil a bit of belief before the game, convincing us that if we could do the simple things right, avoid silly mistakes, work hard and stick to strict man-marking, we could cause an upset. The 11 that took to the field were (from front to back):



Emmanuel Sacha Daragh

David-MG John-O

David-R Walter Gregorio Alan



with new guy Michael giving up his Saturday morning to do Delegue.


So we took to the field with David’s words ringing in our ears and our tails up.


The mood of optimism and belief lasted about 4 minutes. Somebody had forgotten Davids advice and made a mistake giving the ball away in a dangerous position, and Mutuelle strolled through the centre. As the defense were closing in, the Mutuelle striker, still 20 metres from goal, sent a low shot with pin-point accuracy just inside the post. Paul was at full stretch but couldn’t reach it. A few minutes later Mutuelle scored again, again capitalising on a mistake, again looking like they weren’t trying too hard.


In fairness to Ireland, we didn’t collapse. Not yet anyway. We fought back, with Daragh and Emmanuel causing  trouble on the flanks, Sasha finding some gaps in the middle,  Ollie hustling up front, both Davids  and John-O managing to support the attacks. Paul made a few good saves to keep us in it, and the defense, although nervous and a bit overwhelmed, appeared to almost be coping, with Gregorio and Walter making a number of important tackles and interceptions and managing to relaunch attacks.

After 10 minutes or so, this Ireland pressure paid off. Some good work by David and Emmanuel on our left led to us winning a corner, which Sasha  dispatched expertly to the back post where big Walter was lurking. Walter nodded it back to Emmanuel, who twisted acrobatically in the air and got his head to it an steered it into the net.

So, 20 minutes played and Ireland were only 2 – 1 down against a Mutuelle side, that were, in all honesty, vastly superior to us.


But that was as good as it got. Irlande did manage to create a few chances, with Daragh and Ollie unlucky a couple of times, but for the most part, Mutuelle ran us ragged. Their movement was excellent. Man-marking them just meant that they dragged you out of position leaving holes for unmarked payers to arrive into in numbers. One-on-one they were excellent. They could knock the ball past you with their first touch, then accelerate away and pick out a pin-point pass long before you could catch them.  Every mistake was punished, and we made a lot of  mistakes.


So they scored lots of goals without looking like they were even trying that hard. The final score was 9 – 1. Irlande left the pitch mentally and physical frazzled.  Had it not been for some excellent saves from Paul, and some heroic tackles from Walter and Greg, it could have been a lot worse.

The MOTM vote reflected the fact that the defense was kind of busy. Goalkeeper Paul, who is now heading off for two weeks off debauchery prior to his wedding, came second. Centre back Walter had to buy the drinks.


There were flashes of good play from Irlande. In between all the awfulness, it was clear, to this reporter anyway, that this vets1 team it stronger than it was last season and will do well.



Fc Irlande Vets1 V Brussels LTC  5


The auld lads of Fc Irlande returned to action after a long hot summer of beaches, beers, cocktails, concerts, dancing, dining, repairing classic motor bikes, vodka, and vino. Many countries were visited, good times were had and all sorts of images appeared on the WhatsApp group.

We all know what is ahead of us this season having danced with relegation annually for the craic to keep things interesting. Azur our old foes have decided to drop out of the league so no more battles with the terrible twins. They always reminded me of the character in the cartoon The Perils of Penelope Pits stop from The Ant Hill Mop. The British are back. First up LTC who we spanked 1-7 on the 2nd last game last season to keep our place in the division and then we duly lost 1-2 to them the following week.

It was a beautiful day in Nossegem to get things started for the season, the pitch looked good if not a little dry and hard. Vets 1 had 3 new players to the team, Luuk and Karl making their first appearance for Vets1 and Michael his first appearance for the club. El Capitan had talked about being a bit more attacking this year playing a system of 4-2-3-1 rather than the 5 in the middle that we usually play. I was very happy to hear that. We had no official ref so 1 of the LTC lads agreed to the job. The team lined up as.



Fede    Kark    Luuk   David R

David M    John O

Ollie     Sasha    Emanuel


Sub  Michael


Before kick-off the ref had asked for patience as he’s not really a ref and had promised to be as impartial as humanly possible, it would not take too long to see if he was true to his word or full of the proverbial. We had plenty of the ball in the early stages and dominated play especially with some great play coming on our left side. Luuk and Karl were handling everything coming their way with the latter show his playing ability taking the ball up the pitch and linking play with midfield. Carlos had 2 lovely chances the 2nd of which I’m not sure if he wanted to tango the ball into the net after dancing through 2 defenders he then seemed surprised to find himself in front of goal or  maybe he just ran out of steam and passed the ball to the keeper. David M was getting shots in, Emanuel causing problems, I skied one over the bar. John O and Sasha seeing plenty of the ball. Fede  had a chance arriving at the back post but couldn’t keep it down. The decisive moment came after 15 minutes. Emanuel swung a beautiful dropping ball into the back post from the left, I managed to get on the end and square it to Sasha who had a tap in only for the retreating defender to stick his arm out and knock the ball out. Screams of penalty, defiance from the defence and silence from the ref. My mind immediately goes back to Azur last season in what was an identical situation. Their ref, blatant hand ball and no penalty with the score 0-0. I turn around the ref is walking towards the box, he seems hesitant people are looking at him he slowly raises the whistle and blows penalty. A man of his word, faith restored in humanity and belief in the integrity of Abssa. LTC bitch a little to him but he returns a stare as if to say cop the fuck on it was that blatant that he’d have to be as blind as King Lear to let that go. Up steps David M rolls it in the corner. 1nil thank you very much. Side note, you hit the post with 1 penalty and NEVER get to take them again, not fair. Throughout the 1st half LTC caused us no real problems, the lads at the back had a solid performance and Karl dealing with everything that came his way. Half time 1 nil but we all agreed we should have had a few more in the bag.

Ben and our coach Liam, I think that name should stick for the season, were very positive on the bench telling us to keep doing what we doing and the 3 points would be ours. 1 change Michael on right of mid for Carlos and I moved up front.

The 2nd continued the same as the first. We had plenty of the ball and some really nice sequences of play, David R and Emanuel working well down the left, John O had a crack from outside the box but couldn’t work the keeper. At different stages we broke on the counter and had good opportunities but our last ball and decision making just didn’t really click today. Comic moment of the day provided by David M midway through the 2nd half while disputing an offside decision with the ref running backwards towards his own goal. He trips ups falls flat on his ass the dust rises from the ground to form a cloud. Legs and his ass appear from the cloud as David gracefully continues his backwards roll like a gymnast in one smooth flow up onto his feet. 10 out of 10.

With 15 minutes or so to go most of us were running out of juice if not completely empty, tired legs and some late tackles. With about 5 left on the clock LTC worked the ball down their left side with a few quick passes, Fede got a little pulled out of position they got into the box and with a very tidy shot scored in the top corner. 1-1 final score.

A little disappointed but we played some nice ball at times and for the first game of the season many positives to be taken from it. Some really good individual performance throughout the team and MOM performance from Karl in his first Vets game. He played a blinder!!!!!!!

Vets lost their second test match against our good old rivals Royal Brussels British with a clear 4-0 score. In perfect conditions, we lined up a mixed Vets 1/2 team to play the Brits who have just gone up again into division 6A.

Paul – Luuk, Greg, Fede, Pietro – Ben, Jacob, Joris, Pascal (Bart) – Ollie, Manu

We started into the match by giving a ball straight to the opposition to go down in minute 1…  but then found into the match and created good chances for Jacob, Manu and Ollie so it felt like a balanced game at halftime. In the second, unfortunately, out concentration went down a bit and we gave our opponents more chances, which they took without mercy. We were barely able to create good opportunities ourselves and didn’t test the keeper much.

Luckily, this was only a test and we will be ready to give them a tougher game come December, in the league. We finished the day in style with a couple of points in the sun, as usual.




All fixtures and results

#0 September 1, 2018 Brussels British 5 4 - 0 Report FC Irlande Vets 1
#1 September 8, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 1 1 - 1 Report LTC 5
#2 September 15, 2018 Mutuelle 9 - 1 Report FC Irlande Vets 1
#3 September 22, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 1 2 - 1 Report Metrasport Royale
#4 September 29, 2018 Auderghem RU 3 - 0 Report FC Irlande Vets 1
#5 October 6, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 1 0 - 1 Report Tourinnois 3
#6 October 13, 2018 Ettekijs 3 2 - 0 Report FC Irlande Vets 1
#7 October 20, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 1 3 - 0 Ebl FC 2
#8 October 27, 2018 Goalois 3 2 - 1 Report FC Irlande Vets 1
#9 November 3, 2018 Forestois SC 3 5 - 0 Report FC Irlande Vets 1
#10 November 10, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 1 2 - 3 Jefke Country 2
#11 November 17, 2018 FC Gast 2 4 - 3 Report FC Irlande Vets 1
#12 November 24, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 1 - Ambiance Auderghem 2
#13 December 1, 2018 LTC 5 - FC Irlande Vets 1
#14 December 8, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 1 - Mutuelle
#15 December 15, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 1 - Brussels British 5
#16 January 5, 2019 FC Irlande Vets 1 - Goalois 3
#17 January 12, 2019 Metrasport Royale - FC Irlande Vets 1
#18 January 19, 2019 FC Irlande Vets 1 - Auderghem RU
#19 January 26, 2019 Tourinnois 3 - FC Irlande Vets 1
#20 February 2, 2019 FC Irlande Vets 1 - Ettekijs 3
#21 February 9, 2019 Ebl FC 2 - FC Irlande Vets 1
#22 February 16, 2019 FC Irlande Vets 1 - Forestois SC 3
#23 February 23, 2019 Jefke Country 2 - FC Irlande Vets 1
#24 March 9, 2019 Brussels British 5 - FC Irlande Vets 1
#25 March 16, 2019 FC Irlande Vets 1 - FC Gast 2
#26 March 23, 2019 Ambiance Auderghem 2 - FC Irlande Vets 1

FC Irlande Vets 1

  • Team Captain : David Martin Garcia
  • Vice Captain : Ben Nupnau
  • Coach/Delegate : Liam Durack

Top goals scorers

  • Emanuel 4
  • David M. Garcia 3
  • Alexander 2
  • Carlos 1
  • Emmet 1
  • Michael 1
  • Ben 1

Top goals assists

  • David M. Garcia 3
  • Sasha 2
  • Emanuel 1
  • David M. Rubio 1
  • Greg 1
  • Ben 1