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Vets 2 had an early kick off (12.30) out in Anderlecht for their first away game of the season. Expectations were high after starting the season with a 3-1 win last week. Only 12 names on the team sheet with a couple of players carrying colds (Bart and Joris) but still a good, solid squad: Ken in goals; Pietro, Luke, Terry and Laurent at the back; Joris, Jacob, Antonio and Pascal in midfield and Oscar and Jorg upfront.


Vets2 starting off incredibly sloppy! in fact, the first 10 minutes of the game saw almost every player making mistakes – poor control and bad passing! This culminated in a defensive error gifting Aema vets their first goal. A poor pass by Joris in midfield gave the opposition the option of a ball over the top to test Irlande’s defence. The long high ball was totally misjudged by Terry which allowed their forward in to finish and go 1 up. Oscar made an immediate change by switching (I’m a wanderer) Luke with Laurent. Wake up time for Vets 2. Antonio suffered a hamstring injury and was replaced by Bart who ended up playing left back. Luke was switched again to left midfield now – he certainly gets around!


This proved to be a turning point in the game though and Vets 2 woke up and finally started playing some football. Soon we were back on level terms when Oscar finished off a fine move and kept his composure in the penalty area to draw us level. Half time 1-1 – spirits were up.


Irlande dominated the second half but lacked creativity in the attacking third. Against the run of play, Aema went in front again from a cross come shot outside the box. We all watched in slow motion as the ball dropped into the net as a ‘pedestrian’ Ken back peddled. Back the Irish came again though with Oscar once again proving his man of the match award with another goal after a persistent run in the opponent’s box. 2-2 with 18 minutes to go – the win was there for the taking. Vets 2 put the press on the opposition but could not penetrate effectively to create a clear scoring opportunity. Aema’s defence were all over the place when Oscar was fouled on the edge of the box, no whistle from the referee but the ball fell to Pascal who should have run straight at goal but ‘fair play’ Pascal kicked the ball out of play since Oscar was down -we are such a fair team……at times too fair!


Aema’s attackers (6 and 11) were still causing problems though with counter attacks. To our surprise one such attack stretched our defence and after a cross the ball ended up on the edge of our box, their captain spun and hit a high shot into Vets 2’s net – 3-2 to the home team! After all our domination, how could we concede 2 goals! Once again we went chasing the equaliser but time ran out and we were left dejected – we certainly deserved a point from this match! We all felt that we could and should have won this game.


Since there was no bar on site, Vets 2 retired to a bar across the road called the Mew Faufadet. Spurs v Liverpool live on tv and leffe blond on draft set the scene for a nice few post match drinks. On top of that we had the best service ever with free salami, nuts and a bar maid with piercings, tattoos and a pair of pecs to match them! We thought she deserved a place on Vets 2 whattsapp but Bart had great difficulty in pressing the right button to get a photo – there was even some spillage at this point! Never a dull moment with Vets 2!

After a long break and an international competition which show that not every team members has the same analyse of what is efficient football and nice football, Vets 2 meet at Nossegem for a new season.

« New »can also be applied to the captaincy with Oscar who succeeded to Bart.

New policy too in the pre-match speech when Oscar insisted about positive and constructive encouragements and talks during the match. A new way of communication in which Alan didn’t understand than it could also be applied to the opposition (mention in the second half of the match)

New strategy too : our new captain took his inspiration in the world cup with a certainty : success will come with a strong defence and fast players upfront who will surprise the opposition, whatever the aestheticism of this strategy. So to achieve this plan, Oscar decided to copy the actual reference in his player selection.

Starting Line:

N’Golo KENté

Pietro BIENVENUmtiti Adil RamiCHOT Terry WAIThauvin Raphael VarALAN

Hugo LJORIS Kilian MBARTpé

Damo HEGARTuidi Pascal HERMANdanda Antonio PavarGIU

Oscar SANCHernandes

Of course, this starting team is completed with a strong bench:

* Paul JORGba

* Thomas LeMATTHEW

* Jacob HANSEmbélé

The opposition of the day (Jettoise amicale) was composed by a strong attack but a brittle defence; a bit like Uruguay.

So, let’s talk about the quarter-finale… Heu… about the match.

During the first ten minutes, the game was mostly in our side. FCI players were a bit shy, refusing to go in contact of their opponent. So Jettoise used this liberty to keep his chance. But every time, a foot, a head or our keeper’s good positioning prevented theirs tries.

Full of trust, Jettoise played higher on the policy until the two-time punishment. The wingers, Damo and Antonio, and Oscar used their sense of passes to surprise the apathetic defence of Jettoise to keep Pascal in great condition to score twice. Two occasions = two goals: it never happened before in the Vets2 history (Information confirmed by our fans of the day and historians of the club: Paul, Jan and Terry). After this lesson of realism, Jettoise didn’t play so high and the first half finished just after a missed chance from FC Irlande to kill the game.

For the second half, our three subs joined the game and our midfield.

The rhythm was a bit higher than the first half (slower wasn’t possible…) with an opposition who tried to get back in the match. But our defence, one more time, didn’t let them trust that they can be back in the game. Every time, Terry’s placement, Pietro’s covering, Laurent’s tackles and Alan’s fighting spirit stopped their ambitions. And if this wasn’t enough, Ken was here, especially with an amazing dive on this left that T. Courtois wouldn’t have denied.

A third goal was the answer to finish this game in serenity. As a responsible captain, Oscar used the weakness of the opposition’s defence to open his goal counter.

After that, nothing special except three little events:

* In a desperate long shot, Jettoise scores a goal just under the bar to deprive FCI of a clean-sheet.

* Alan proved that Saturday’s sport isn’t every time the best moment to make some new friends.

* Matthew and Pascal started a Olivier Giroud challenge for the best miss of the day (The jury is still in discussion to choose the winner)

So, 3 – 1 at the end of the match. A decent two stars display to start this new season.

After that, it was time to return to Vets 2 traditions: shower, beers and, of course, MOTM: A good re-starting game for every team members; but Pascal was, so, in charge of the round of beer.

P.S.: As requested by Oscar, you can see that the word « France » has never been used during this match report!

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FC Irlande Vets 2

  • Team Captain : Oscar Sanchez de Leon

Top goals scorers

  • Oscar 3
  • Pascal 2

Top goals assists

  • Oscar 1
  • Pascal 1