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Vets2 played Omnisport Bierges. In the first half we created some chances and Xavier eventually scored from about 25 meters (with a little help from the wind). In the 2nd half we conceded 1 from an unfortunate own goal and then a 2nd. We had our chances to draw but it wasn’t meant to be. End score: 1-2. MOTM was Jörg, in his last FCI performance. Vets2 finish the season with the most points and best position ever, and achieving the captains’ goal of a top of the table finish.

Vets2 went to La Hulpe to play top of the table LTC. After 15 minutes we broke through and Oscar scored. 5 min later Yacine score our 2nd, a beautiful volley from a corner. Just before HT they scored from a penalty. In the 2nd half they pressured high but without much danger. When with 15 minutes to go we scored our 3rd (Oscar, with some help from their defender) we thought we could win it. But somehow they then managed to score 4 before the end. Final score 5-3. A proud performance vs top of the table. Special thanks to JP for an excellent work in goals.

Vets2 travelled all the way to Anderlecht at an impossible early hour (err, 12h30) to play Cornac. They opened the score after 15 minutes. This prompted a quick tactical change that resulted in 3 goals within the next 10 minutes (Xavier 1 and Jeff 2). But just before half-time they scored their 2nd. In the 2nd half we missed a penalty and then had to resist a very strong pressure for the last 15 minutes, but we ended up with our 3rd straight victory (2-3). As it happens, we now have 33 points, which is the highest ever achieved by Vets2!!!!

Vets2 won 3-1 vs a very verbal Karia team. We had a few chances already in the first 10 minutes, which resulted in our first goal (Xavier). In the 2nd half they increased the pressure but a 2nd goal (Oscar) and then a 3rd (Antonio V) decided the game in our favour. They scored their one goal with 2 minutes to go. Special mention to Antonio N. for a great job at refereeing in difficult circumstances. Thanks!!!

Again the taste of the win… 😁, with 2 goal on each half. One direct corner and a second goal from the middle against the wind, both by Yacine. A well deserved win and a lot of beers 🍺 to enjoy this amazing winning day.

Vets 2 came to the historic Trois Tilleuls stadium in Boitsfort with a task at hand easy as mount Mt Everest on a wheelchair. The opposition is strongly challenging for promotion, so this was not going to be easy. In the glorious sunshine it started quite evenly, until Mick Lamot had to go off injured. We lost the defensive shape a bit,and they fired up their howitzers from outside the box, eventually proving too hard for a brave Laurent in goal.
It turned very onesided and it could have been double digits if the opponent did not decide to throw in the granddads in second half. 8-0 in the end, let’s all go to the bar.

Vets2 played the 2nd British United Vets team, 8 points ahead of us on the table. It was a close game with few chances from either side. End result: 0-0, our first clean sheet for a while. MOTM was Joris

Vets2 lost 3-1, with the worst referee ever. At 1-1 we should have had 2 penalties for us that he didn’t give them. At that moment, we understood that the game was over. On top on that, the referee confirms that they were penalty. 😢😢😢.
Nothing more to confirm except that we are still unhappy

Vets2 played Nivelles, a strong team with a more than decent attack. We were missing a few key players and it was going to be a challenging match. However, we started off well, pushing high. This paid off when Jacob scored after 10 minutes. But soon after that Nivelles started pushing back…. and scored 4 before the end of the half. In the 2nd half, they continued pressing us and scored 4 more before Cédric scored one for us. Final score: 8-2, a match to forget….

Vets2 lost 1-3 to Postboys. In the first half we dominated but 2 very good individual actions got them two goals (and we missed a few chances….). In the 2nd half we dominated again, but they scored on a fast break. Oscar scored our goal 3 minutes from the end. A frustrating result…

Vets2 drew at Chenois, on a very heavy pitch. Chenois scored from the kick-off but then the game was very close. In the 2nd half, Pascal drew from a penalty awarded to Oscar. Then they scored their 2nd from a lucky rebound. They should have scored a 3rd, but Luuk stopped their forward, and got a red card for his efforts. 3 minutes before the end Jeff scored our 2nd on a fast break, which felt only fair. Final score: 2-2

Our match vs Pangloss was postponed from its original Dec. 11th date due to the bad state of the pitch. The rematch was at Rosières’ pitch on January 19th. Yacine soon opened the score for us, and soon after Jeff scored our second. Pangloss managed to score before the end of the half, but after the break it was all FC Irlande and we managed to score two more (Xavier and Jörg). Final score: 4-1 in a very good performance.

Vets2 drew 2-2 vs Karia on abssa’s smallest pitch. In the first half Oscar headed our first and soon after Xavier H. scored the 2nd. We thought it would be easy going from there, but Karia started pressing high and we were on the defensive for pretty much the rest of the game. They eventually scored 1 and then, one minute from the end, the 2nd from a penalty.

Our opposition didn’t show up…

Vets2 played Omnisport Bierges at probably one of the worst pitches in the whole of abssa. Details of the match are hazy, but it seems to be confirmed that Matt Williams scored a goal!! and that Pascal also scored from a penalty. Final score: 6-2 for Bierges.

Vets2, again with 5 or 6 key absences, were up against top of the league. Things started badly and we conceded one in the first 5 minutes. We had a couple of chances, but they scored another. 0-2 at half-time. In the 2nd half Xavier H. scored 1 and it looked like we could come back, but they soon scored a 3rd. Still, a 2nd goal by Xavier H. made for an exciting and close end of the game. End result: 2-3, which is an excellent result against such competition. Special mention goes to John Sparks’ excellent refereeing of a typical bunch of grumpy, whiney old men🙂

Vets2 lost 3-2 to Pangloss. With 4 or 5 starting players missing, we played a defensive game. They scored first but Oscar equalised before the first half. In the 2nd half we scored first (Oscar) but they equalised and just when it looked like we could score the winner, they scored their 3rd. MOTM Pietro with some outstanding saves.

Vets2 lost 2-1 in the last minute of the game. It was an overall even game, and a draw would have been a fair result, but we missed a few clear chances…. Bogdan scored our goal from a beautiful free kick.

Vets2 won 3-7 vs La Lorraine. It was 4-1 at half-time, with goals by Jacob (2), Oscar and John Sparks, making a special appearance. In the 2nd half John quickly scored 3 more. At the end we conceded 2, but it was still a great victory on a bright day

Vets2 played top of the table Coin du Balai, who hadn’t dropped any points yet. We started well and Xavier scored for us after 10 minutes. They got a bit nervous and we got a couple more chances, but then they turned on the pressure and scored an equaliser just before half time. In the 2nd half, a couple of injuries and our overall fitness levels made it difficult for us, and we conceded 5 goals. But everyone fought till the last minute. End result: 1-6

Vets2 had an unusually early kick-off at 11h00 vs British United. They scored with a bit of à fluke early in the game, but Xavier equalised shortly afterwards. We pushed on but they scored a 2nd on a counter. We dominated the 2nd half, and even got a penalty for it. We scored it but the ref made us take it again and then it went wide. We kept trying but couldn’t manage to equalise. End result: Vets2 lost 2-1

Vets2 played String Penelope and in the first half it was an even game with both sides scoring one (Micka scoring for us). However, 2 mistakes at the end of the 1st half cost us 2 goals. In the 2nd half we pushed hard, had a few chances and Alan managed to score 1, but it was too little too late and in the end Vets2 lost 3-2

We finally be able to play 11 with injured players. Nivelles is a great team which deserve this win. We do our best and we thank all the players for the investment in this difficult game. 3 goals against each half. We will be back next game for a win …

Vets2 report : we finally have a match after all those story about a forfait of the opponent. They were 10 on first half and 11 on the second. We have a strong game with a full new défense with pascal – Matt W – bart – xavi. We miss a few chance before doing 2-0. Laurent save a first penalty. We finish the first half with a 3-0. We change the team due to the injury of James. The second half was under control even they add a very good player. 6 more goals and again a great save of Laurent on a second Penalty. The most important is that we are still with no goal against. Cheers

Vets2 won 2-0 vs a good Chenois team. They wasted a few clear chances in the first 20 minutes and paid for that when Jörg scored on a break just before half time. The 2nd half was more even and Jacob scored our 2nd from a corner when Chenois were pushing for a draw. 2nd consecutive win and 2nd consecutive clean sheet. Vets2 keep marching on.

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#1 September 4, 2021 FC Irlande Vets 2 8 - 0 Cornac United 2
#2 September 11, 2021 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 0 Report Chenois SC 2
#3 September 18, 2021 Postboys FC 2 0 - 9 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#4 September 25, 2021 Nivelles CS 2 6 - 0 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#5 October 2, 2021 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 3 Report String Penelope 4
#6 October 9, 2021 British United 6 2 - 1 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#7 October 16, 2021 FC Irlande Vets 2 1 - 6 Report Coin du balais FC 2
#8 October 23, 2021 Lorraine 4 3 - 7 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#9 October 30, 2021 Cheverny Schaerb 2 2 - 1 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#10 November 6, 2021 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 3 Report Pangloss FC 2
#11 November 13, 2021 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 3 Report Brussels LTC 7
#12 November 20, 2021 Omnisport Bierghes 2 6 - 2 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#13 November 27, 2021 FC Irlande Vets 2 - Report Cheverny Schaerb 2
#14 December 4, 2021 Karia FC 2 2 - 2 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#15 December 11, 2021 Pangloss FC 2 1 - 4 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#16 January 8, 2022 Chenois SC 2 2 - 2 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#17 January 15, 2022 FC Irlande Vets 2 1 - 3 Report Postboys FC 2
#18 January 22, 2022 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 8 Report Nivelles CS 2
#19 January 29, 2022 String Penelope 4 3 - 1 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#20 February 5, 2022 FC Irlande Vets 2 0 - 0 Report British United 6
#21 February 12, 2022 Coin du balais FC 2 8 - 0 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#22 February 19, 2022 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 0 Report Lorraine 4
#23 February 26, 2022 FC Irlande Vets 2 3 - 1 Report Karia FC 2
#24 March 5, 2022 Cornac United 2 2 - 3 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#25 March 12, 2022 Brussels LTC 7 5 - 3 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#26 March 19, 2022 FC Irlande Vets 2 1 - 2 Report Omnisport Bierghes 2

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FC Irlande Vets 2

  • Team Captain : Laurent Michot and Pascal Hermant

Top goals scorers

  • Xavier 12
  • Jeff 8
  • Oscar 8
  • Yacine 8
  • Jacob 5
  • Pascal 5
  • John 4
  • Jörg 3
  • Joris 2
  • Alan 1
  • Antonio V. 1
  • Bodgan 1
  • Cédric 1
  • Matt 1
  • Mick 1

Top goals assists

  • Jörg 12
  • Xavier H. 7
  • Antonio V. 4
  • Pascal 4
  • Yacine 4
  • Oscar 3
  • Mick 2
  • Joris 2
  • Alan 1
  • Jimmy 1
  • Marco 1
  • Matt W. 1
  • Pietro 1
  • Scott 1