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Match Reportage – Irlande FC vs Cornac Sep 7th 2019
The great hunter, among its Cornac pack, moved silently through the grass, propelled by short steps of its powerful legs. The mouth was open just enough to permit a rush of air over its massive lungs. There was little other motion: an occasional correction of direction to warm-up, a raising of an eyebrow as it peered briefly at its new prey, Irlande FC. It wore the number 13 on its back. It was quiet, for now.
The Irlande FC pack sensed nothing standing just 10m away, jovial pre-season banter was in flow, followed by a rousing speech by the leader of the group, Oscar. Spirits were high, socks were clean, egos were intact.
The game unfolded, and some early attacks on both sides were handled effectively. The Cornac opposition looked for gaps through the Irlande FC channels left, right, center. They moved at pace, retaining the ball well. These guys could play. A gap opened, and the Cornac attack surged at pace. Bang, the first successful strike was in, 0-1 Cornac. A second followed, then a well taken penalty following a moving together in the box with Piedro leaving Ken no chance to save. 0-3 Cornac. The Irlande FC defense unit Alan, Lauren, Neil, Piedro were feeling the pressure now. Its last line of defense Ken stood firm saving 4, maybe 5, decent shots to give a comeback odds. ‘Come on guys it’s early yet’ was the cry at the 3rd reset! Irlande FC rallied and launched several attacks through Bart and Joris in the center and Antonino and Terry from wide, opening glimpses of chances for Oscar, Pascal and Bart to open their account. The half ended, 0-3 Cornac. Still their hunter waited, restlessly now.
Fresh legs in the water after half-time with Matt and Jacob, and a lull from the opposition saw Irlande FC back in the game with a clean long-range strike from Pascal and a nicely worked goal also from Pascal. Cornac got one through open play to make it 2-4. The wound of the two early second half Irlande FC goals must have put blood in the water, as when the greens were denied a third goal from Pascal with a close wide, the Cornac hunter stuck. With slick movements of play to supply it through ball, 13 struck. And struck again, and again and again. Pack hunger increasing with each strike and supplied ball for goal. 2-5. 2-6. 2-7. 2-8. There was no let up. Finally, it seemed the monster and its pack were sated. 2-9 Cornac. Legs tired, options limited, yet Irlande FC battled on with the two subs and tireless work by Pascal right to the end.
Not the opening day everyone wanted but plenty of team spirit for Irlande FC to live to fight again another day.
Team: Ken, Piedro, Lauren, Alan, Neil, Matt, Antonio, Joris, Terry, Bart, Oscar, Jacob, Pascal
MOTM: Pascal

Reporter: Neil

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FC Irlande Vets 2

  • Team Captain : Oscar Sanchez de Leon