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It was the last game of the 2018-2019 season and during the week signs were not auspicious. 5 or 6 of the regulars were out of town or otherwise unavailable and on Tuesday we had 7 players, and no goal-keeper… But in the end the gods of football smiled upon us and we could recruit Antonio N, Axel, Alex, Paul and even Francois, the 3rds´ goalkeeper who could play with us because the 3rds´ opposition declared forfeit on Thursday. So Saturday at 15h30 it was a strong squad that gathered in Waterloo. With that, the nice synthetic pitch and the great football weather… everything looked perfect for Vets2 to finish the season in style… or to screw things up as we have done before this season☺. Oscar went for an “old-fashioned” 4-4-2 formation, with François in goals, Alan-Luuk-Paul-Pietro in defense, Jörg-Bart-Axel-Pascal in midfield and Alex-Oscar up front, with Antonio N on the sideline.

We started the game well, passing the ball from the back and putting pressure on their defenders, which led to them soon losing a ball in their own half. The ball came to Pietro in the left wing, who put a perfect cross on to Pascal’s head, who scored our first goal! Beautiful football. But Chenois is a good team, and soon they had had 2 clear one-on-one chances with François, which he easily saved, showing clear MOTM material even by Vets2’s strict standards. On the other side of the pitch, we continued making trouble and after a combination Axel-Oscar-Jörg, the latter had a good shot at goal, which the keeper did well to save… only for the ball to come to Pascal, who scored again! 2-0 for the boys in green.

In the 2nd half Antonio N came on for injured Alex and slotted in right back, with Alan going right wing and Jörg up front. The beginning of the first half Chenois put more pressure and spent a lot of time in our half. As a result, they had some chances, all of which François managed efficiently except for one, where the ball got past him and rolled into the goal. Paul almost saved it, but could only get to it after the goal line. So 2-1, but we were still playing well, which led to one time when, in what is probably unprecedented, we had 3 one-touch passes in a row (Bart-Axel-Jörg) and Oscar took also a first touch to lob over the keeper an make it 3-1. Surely we had killed the game now, anyone would have thought. But that would be without counting on Vets2’s outstanding capacity for, and delight in, suffering.

To their merit, Chenois continued to attack and this resulted in 2 goals for them: one after a throw-in and one own-goal. So with 10 minutes to go the game, which was turning out to be a cracking match, stood 3-3. Could Vets2 lose again and give away a 2-goal lead as it had happened twice before this season? Anything was possible, but soon after, in a great move, Pascal ran on to a pass from Oscar, dribbled the keeper and scored his 3rd(our 4th) into an empty goal. So 4-3 it was, and so it stayed. Chenois had a couple of more chances, but François did well to save them. We also had a couple of them, especially one by Axel after some more great passing, but 4-3 was the end result.

One cannot imagine a nicer way of finishing the season: great football, a victory, plenty of goals… and some ABBA playing in the dressing room (captain’s orders), to match the local brew (Waterloo). Despite having scored a hat trick (first one ever?) Pascal didn’t get MOTM honours, which went to François for his outstanding performance. As a last reflexion, if I’m to summarise the season, I would say: we started with a great victory and we finished with a great victory. As to what happened in between… well now it doesn’t really matter, does it?, but we tried hard, and we did have a good time trying. And that is what football at our lavel should be all about (though a few more victories would have been nice).


On a fine spring day, vets 2 turned up in Stockel to take on the mighty St Georges, second in the table and already promoted.

A somewhat depleted vets 2 team lined out as follows (front to back):


Pascal Bart Terry Jacob Luuk

Pietro Paul Laurent Alan


For most of the first half, surprisingly enough, the game was rather even. Ireland played some nice football and created the best of the chances. A nice move from back to front ended with Pascal with only the keeper to beat but not enough time to tee up the shot properly and the keeper saved easily. There were a couple of very good through balls to put Oscar through which were incorrectly blown off-side (and the ref seemed to realise that he had got them wrong).

There were warning signs at the back though. This St Georges team are very good footballers who like to spray the ball around on their nice astroturf pitch. One intercepted backpass led to a simple ball into an unmarked St Georges attacking midfielder who finished easily. 1 – 0 to St Georges.

Ireland fought back, constructing a few more nice attacks. Terry had a good effort from an awkward angle, the ball looping over the keeper and heading for the top corner, the keeper just managed to get his finger tips to it.

After half time Luuk and Alan swapped positions giving Alan a welcome opportunity to stretch his legs up and down the wing and giving Luuk the opportunity to do his thing dribbling past attackers and setting up attacks.

5 minutes into the second half Antonio came on for the injured Pascal. Pascal had been having a good game, picking out intelligent passes for the attackers. Antonio slotted in well as always, making good use of his defensive nous to protect the back 4.

The second half was a bit tougher than the first, St Georges brought on some fresh legs. The centre midfield trio of Bart, Terry and Jacob had their work cut out closing down the St George midfield and for the most part they succeeded. Ireland never stopped trying to play football but eventually the pressure told: St Georges got through, their midfield again managing to find an unmarked attacker who finished well. 2 – 0 to St Georges.

Shortly after a mistake at the back led to goal number 3: 3 – 0 to St Georges.

In the final minutes Ireland threw caution to the wind and pushed to get a goal back. The back 5 playing sexy total foorball. At one point keeper Ken had the ball at his feet, but rather than launching it long he decided to dribble past the St George attacker, which he did with some aplomb. Not seeing an obvious pass he carried the ball upfield, out of his box and dribbled another attacker.

Starting to enjoy himself, Ken then turned around and dribbled the same attacker again. But now he was starting to enjoy this a bit too much and tried dribble number 4. This one didn’t work out so well though and he lost the ball. Ken was now outside of his box, the opposition striker had the ball at his feet and the net was unguarded. Ken wasn’t beaten yet though. He dived on the ball. Unable to use his hands he made good use of his belly, using it to drive the ball back into the box, nimbly lept to his feet chased after the ball and made a spectacular save from a St Georges shot.

The biggest cheer of the day though was when we realised that there were not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 men of the match: Bart, Terry, Jacob, Luuk: so 4 free beers for the rest of us making the whole afternoon worthwhile.


A game vs. the Brits is always one of those long anticipated derbies for Irish veterans. This Saturday in March the pitches in Rosieres even got to host a multitude of these games, with Vets2 facing Brussels British 6.
In the pre-match we reassured each other that we are the far better team and beating them would be a walk in the park if everyone stayed focused over the entire 70 minutes. The squad to annihilate the opponent was setup in a 4-1-4-1 scheme by our coach Oscar:
Ken in goals
Patrick – Luuk – Alan – Pietro
Alex – Pascal – Jacob – Jörg
Subs: Antonio, Niall, Paddy
To the delight of Luuk his favorite player of the Brits didn’t show up this time, so everything was setup for a fair game. We started off quickly with a great combination through midfield where Jacob lifted a beautiful pass to Oscar who was free at the box and took a volley shot with full risk that just barely went over the goal.
Afterwards the game went back and forth in midfield for around 15 minutes without a lot coming out of it. Then the Irish pushed up again and created more good chances. A corner from Pascal ended up on the head of Jörg but their goalie was able to catch it. Soon after Oscar dribbled through a couple of their defenders until he was in shooting range but he didn’t get enough throttle behind his shot so the Brits keeper got it again.
Then our opponent started to pick up the pace. For most of the end of the first half they controlled the midfield and started to target our goal. Lucky for us all oftheir shots from good positions were missed by a wide margin. However the pressure resulted in various corner kicks and just before the referee’s whistle for half time we couldn’t clear a ball properly and their striker had no problem to calmly slot it into the net.
At half-time we quickly re-assured ourselves that we were the better team and should win. Antonio and Niall came on for Alan and Alex. Minutes after we conceded the 0:2 from a header after a corner kick. Niall got injured and was replaced by Paddy. We were fighting back but had difficulties to find build up our game, losing too many balls even before the mid line or after hoofing them out. Many of us didn’t reach their usual level with the exception of Jacob who had a great game in midfield. It was a pass of him that reached Jörg free in the box, but his shot was too weak to for their good keeper.
The Brits did what they had to do in maintaining the lead and badly missed a few more chances in counter attacks. Then the match was over. Jacob was voted Man of the Match – well deserved. Fortunately in the subsequent game Vets1 took revenge and beat the brits, so the Irish pride was restored!

Match was forfeited by La Lorraine

We meet for one of these sunny Saturday when we just want to enjoy the post-match on a terrase facing the sun.
But that’s without counting on the match briefing of Bart and Ken. And yes, no Oscar …

Oscar do not give us a message such “if we do not concede goal we will never lose, or try not to concede a goal in the first 15 minutes.
Not even a small comment about our famous fighting Spirit. Nothing at all.

The message was simple, just do everything in order to send a picture of the celebration for a legendary game for Oscar.

So no pressure to start the game. Everything goes as planned, we take a goal in the first 10 minutes (1-0). I do not think we can blame anyone. This goal awake something more fun to see on a football pitch . An opposition team that is fighting between themselves. So Funny to see

Niall decides that it would be nice to annoy them a bit more (if that was possible) and putting a huge pressure on the 2 central defender on a long ball. One of defender has only one solution, try to kick the ball out. Well done on his part, the ball comes directly to the left foot of Pascal who quietly lob the goalkeeper in one time. (1-1)
This goal calms down a little “Entente” who receive a penalty “GIFT” on Pascal’s arm fault in the rectangle. Based on the VAR, there was no penalty. The arms crossed on the chest were stuck to the body.
We arrive at half-time on this score of 2-1. Jacob gives way to Antonio.

The match starts on the same rhythm with an opposition team that tries to score a third goal to finish the game. Following a lot of occasion, the 3-1 falls on a corner.

Oddly enough, it causes no tension but a feeling of revolt. Bart decides to change the system and goes to a 4-4-2. We begin to press higher, and we had several corners. On one of them, Niall had a chance with a header, header in direction to Pascal who takes it back in one time in the goal. (3-2).
From that moment, we push even more, Entente stop playing. There remains 2 minutes of game, when Antonio sends a corner 30 cm from the ground at the first post. You might think it’s a bad corner, but no. Antonio has seen Laurent. And since Laurent has already missed two chances, very big chances with his foot, Antonio consider that Laurent can only score with a header. And boom we are there at 3-3 and we change the game into a legendary game as requested by Bart during the original briefing.

We can finally show all our science of high level football. Imaginary injury, loss of time, Ken controlling and waiting for pressure before clearing…..

Laurent is the man of the match, I think it’s only because of his war cry after his goal: Who’s the boss ???

The Squad

Patrick – Laurent – Alan – Pietro
Jorg – Jacob – Joris – Pascal

Sub : Antonio

FC Irlande Vets2 – Pharma

After two eerily similar 3-2 defeats it was a revenge hungry squad that met up on this sunny and warm Saturday at Nossegem.
Captain Oscar asked for some Irish spirit, and reminded about the importance of staying focused all the way. One could see the determination in everyone’s faces, time to put behind the defeats and get a result that would match the weather.

Lineup was something like this, in a 4-2-3-1 formation:

Laurent was carrying a slight knock and would come on at half time.

The ref told everyone to keep it fucking quiet, and it looked like he meant it, too.

The Irish started with the ball, and the game flowed quite evenly. The guests were a bit more intricate in their passing, and had more bodies in midfield. They had more possession, but were not creating much going forward. Our defence looked solid, with an inspired Luuk sweeping up the dangers like it was a Sunday stroll for him.
From a goal kick Jacob flicked the ball forward and the defender tried to control it back to their keeper, Oscar sensed the opportunity and stole the ball. He went round the keeper and it was 1-0.

At half time Laurent replaced Pietro, who is being careful after a lengthy injury absence. No other changes, the formation was looking solid. The guests obviously tried to push more forward, and managed to create a dangerous chance where it could have easily been a goal. But instead we cleared the ball forward, Antonio played a clever ball forward to a storming Pascal. He was cool as a snowman’s testies, and scored nicely down to the keeper’s left. Instead of 1-1 it was now 2-0.
Pharma lost a couple of players to injury, and one of the subs was a tall guy who they put up front. His physicality gave our defenders more to think about, but things remained fairly controlled.
They came close on a couple of corners, one of them could have been a tremendous own goal from Matt, but it was saved by Bart who was standing at the back post. Sometimes it pays off to have people at the posts when defending corners.

But the lead was now 2-0, and it was only 10 minutes left. This is where things fell apart in the last two games, so there were maybe a couple of nervous minds out there. But no reason to worry, because on yet another counter attack Oscar was alone with the keeper and extended the lead to 3-0. From there on it was cruise control.

It turned out that Vets2 was the only winning Irish team of the day, so we expected the masses to be there to celebrate the glorious victory as the sun was setting. But apparently something more important was happening somewhere, and there were only vets left at Nossegem. But the mood was good, and beverages were in plenty.

It was a fine Saturday, indeed.

Report by Ken H

“If one day seems very like another, people sometimes say that it’s like Groundhog Day, a film in which the main character has to live the same day (2nd February) many times.”

This is the explanatory entry to be found in the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English for a term which was to be heard uttered by many a Vets2 player after another frustrating defeat on Saturday. In fact, Vets2 could probably build a substantial case for plagiarism against the producers of the above-mentioned hit movie, as there is no way that the idea of main characters living the same scenario over and over can be said to have been in any way novel, not to anyone that has in any way been involved with Vets2 in recent seasons.

Despite days of driving rain and gale force winds playing conditions were actually quite fine. The top pitch at Nossegem was soft but not overly sticky and, as has happened a few times before this season, both rain and winds had let up literally minutes before kick-off time, as if the gods above felt obliged to assist Vets2 in any way possible in the endeavour to obtain another long sought-after win. The stands looked eerily empty and awfully quiet as Vets2 were away at home for a change, then again, this was a not altogether alien sensation for the team that usually play on Nossegem’s ill-reputed bottom pitch.

The team that took the field in a 4-3-3 formation were:


Matt – Bart – Alan – Pietro


Damien – Antonio

Jörg – Oscar – Pascal

R: Jacob, Patrick, Luuk

Vets2 had lost the first leg by 3 goals to 1, so this was never going to be a walk in the park. However, the squad looked strong and as Vets2, despite losing 3-2, had given Cornac a very good run for the proverbial money 2 weeks ago, the mood was quietly confident.  Gecko, however, took control of the game from the word go, accumulating possession and piling players forward, without, however, creating much in terms of chances as the men in green soaked up the pressure and managed to keep the opposition at bay. Unfortunately, when possession was gained, it was squandered all to easily in those initial stages, which meant that Irlande never really managed to set up camp in the opponent’s half. Tactically, the Irish midfielders were struggling as well, as, in an effort to stem the tide, both Joris’s partners-in-crime for the day in midfield tended to drift wide, leaving the lone defensive mid rather exposed and outnumbered. The upshot of Damien and Antonio moving wide, however, was that the opposition were never really able to break down the Irish defences on either wing where Pietro and Matt W were solid, while Alan and Bart were available to provide cover whenever it was needed.

In terms of chances, the game was non eventful for long stretches of the half. Both teams had a chance of sorts, with Oscar coming close at one stage and Pascal dragging a shot wide, but for most of the first half the Irish defence stood tall and Ken had little or no work, until the referee decided the slightest of nudges by Matt on a Gecko player to be worthy of a penalty. Fortunately, the penalty taker hit the post so 0-0 it stayed. Nothing much happened after that, Gecko still claiming possession and Vets2 threatening on the break through Oscar and Jörg. Then all of a sudden the opposition were one up when a Gecko player took hold of a clearance and lobbed the ball into the far corner from 20 yards out. A great goal by all accounts, probably deserved as Gecko had dominated the first half, but sort of unexpected anyway for the Irish. HT came and the men in green were one down but by no means giving up.

Oscar decided not only to proceed to the customary changes at HT, but also to change the formation in order to bolster midfield. Luuk and Patrick came on in defence, while Jacob came on for Joris in midfield with Bart moving up from centre back. Damo was asked to play as a second defensive mid and Pascal moved from the wing to a position just behind Oscar. And those changes paid off, the middle of the park now shored up for Vets2 with 2 additional players. Though Gecko were still a threat on the break, especially when possession was lost in the build-up from behind, the Irish were now slowly taking over control of the game. Oscar and Jörg were now finding spaces behind the Gecko defence as the service from midfield improved. When Oscar collected the ball in the box and went round the goal keeper, Jacob calmly slotted home a great ball across by the team’s top scorer. One-all and Vets2 were feeling confident, a little too much in certain areas of the pitch and when possession was lost again, Gecko had no fewer than 4 attempts on goal in one sequence, three of which were miraculously saved by Ken, with the final attempt going wide. Vets2 had gotten off the hook but it was a stern warning nonetheless.

Vets2 finally took the lead when Oscar latched on to a long ball for a one-on-one with the Gecko goal keeper, the latter felt overly confident of getting to the ball first, only to see Oscar take hold of it before slotting it home. Two-one and the usual appeals for concentration and shape could be heard around the ground.

It was not to be, however. While Vets2 went for the killer third goal, Gecko were getting a look-in at the other end of the pitch. The equalizer came after a set piece and when a long ball bounced off the back of an Irish defender and was played into the path of the Gecko winger, Ken was beaten by a neatly taken shot in the bottom corner.

And so Vets2 suffered another frustrating defeat at the hands of an opponent that was not much better on the day, despite claiming much of the possession in the first half. Everything that had happened on the day had felt strangely and disappointingly familiar. Groundhog day indeed !

There was much shaking of heads after the game and the word “unbelievable” will rarely have been used as often and by so many people at once as in that dressing room on Saturday. Not so much because of the defeat, but much more so because of the sight of Luuk applying facial cream in abundance while sporting cherry-emblazoned shorts …. . Further – more liquid than comic – relief was provided in the shape of a round of cool beers courtesy of Antonio, a round which was followed by several more at the bar, happily served by the bar staff in the knowledge that the day’s takings, thanks in no small part to the away team, would look better than expected in the ledger at closing time.

Oscar won much deserved MoTM honours after a goal, an assist and an overall excellent display as a lone striker.

Next up is Pharma, let’s put and end to this Groundhog Day lark all right !!!!!

“The One That Got Away”

It was nearing closing time, the bar was emptying and I had more or less secured breakfast on bed tomorrow morning. She was giggling of my jokes, the decision to buy her a rosé wine instead of flaming sambuca shots seemed to have paid off. It was just a matter of rounding up the deal. And then he slides in from left, the guy who had looked so out of depth and done for the night. First with a cheap funny story that was really borderline, but somehow was deemed inside. Then an audacious dance move, before a silly mistake from my part handed him the victory. Not for the first time, it has to be said, I had to take the long walk home on my own.

This could have been the feeling Vets2 players left Fortress Nossegem this afternoon, wondering what on earth really happened. Letting in the decisive goal in the dying minutes is bad enough, but even worse after a combination of debatable decision making and the opponent just being lucky enough to be hit by the ball and not really having to make an effort himself. Just like the terribly timed joke, and to be honest a rather sexist one too, and the round of flying sambucas just before she took off with the other fella.

And the unfolding had just started short before, with that audacious shot from far too away. But it was a wonder strike that flew into the cuckoo’s goal net. Top corner.
This was the follow up to the first crumble of the night, a rather peculiar goal that derived from a free kick, a rather well taken one. I was decided a goal after it had danced on the line, up and down, side to side, hitting many parts of bodies.
The game itself had been a strong contest, with the boys in green being very much up to the challenge. In fact, had the accuracy in decisive moments been better, this could have been a very very comfortable home run. One could even say that the show was run by the greens.

This comfortable situation was a result from a Thunderbastard© from Jacob, a shot that hit the bar so hard it is still heard rattling. In fact airport personnel are trying to figure out why the radars are not working properly.
Before this, there had been many good spells of up to 2 good passes to teammates in a row. Also some good collective pressure causing errors from otherwise decent opponents.

The first advance was a result of high pressure, not giving her a chance to build up an escape, and the rosé wine chip from Damo was very sweet. A proper icebreaker. It was duly noted that it was Damos second chipped goal this season. Quite a chipper, he is.

Unfortunately, earlier in the game Pascal had to call it a day due to injury, and Matt was woken up and sent out on duty. Apparently instructions were ‘figure it out, somewhere in the middle. And mark that bloody number 9’

Walking up to the 3rd fanciest lady/man in the bar can be daunting, but on this day Vets2 were determined to give their best. Give or take. The first game had ended with a 1-0 defeat after conceding in the second minute. None of that today, it was said.

Referee of the day was Virgil (huge thanks), and he kicked off the game where Vets to lined up strongly as follows:
Pietro, Luuk, Terry, Alan
Joris, Jacob
Jörg, Pascal, Damo

Matt on the line, and delegue of the day was Ken.

The pitch was in decent shape, considering there was still frost on the grass in the shadows. The sun was bright, and low. Believe it or not, sunglasses were actually needed. On the line we also saw Mick Koz, Kevin and Ian. Great to see club legends around.

Author, no rights claimed: Ken H

Vets 2 were away to Faubourg Brainoise out in Braine- L’Alleud (or Eigenbrakel) on a wet and dreary Saturday afternoon – a typical ABSSA affair! The pitch at Stade Gaston Reiff was grass and heavy in parts; we thought that may well suit our cultured approach to football – we were wrong! Both teams played out a goalless draw in the early part of the season, so Vets 2 were dreaming of picking up 3 points and gaining a 4th win of the season.


The line-up was almost as good as it gets: Ken in goals, a back 4 of Alan, Terry, Luuk and Damo; Bart, Jacob, Jorg and Antonio made up the midfield while Niall and Oscar were upfront. On the bench were Pietro, Matt and Pascal.


After the first few minutes it was apparent that their forwards were going to be a threat and soon they went 1-0 up after a move down our left flank and a cross that found their striker in the box. He slid his shot low into the corner with Ken’s bent over reaction just too late to reach it.


This woke Vets 2 up though and we started to pass well and create some problems for the opposition. Some good work down our left side by Antonio found Oscar who made a great run into their box and brought off a great save from their keeper’s outstretched left leg. The follow-up soon produced a goal though and Antonio found himself unmarked on the edge of the box and just poked the ball in to the goal with the keeper static on the spot. 1-1 it was -game on!


Soon Vets 2 were once again behind though with another low shot that again was just beyond Ken’s reach. Just before the half Branoise gained a free kick from nothing and swung the ball over from Irlande’s right touch line. Ken called “Keepers” as the ball dropped into the top corner! 3-1 down and half time beckoned!


Keeping with our policy of every player gets at least ½ a game, Vets 2 made 3 changes at the half. Bart, Jacob and Jorg went out. Soon we were back in the game again though. After a lot of Irish pressure, the ball found Pascal alone in the box who calmly slotted the ball home. Vets 2 came very close to drawing level when a cross found Oscar on the left side near the 6 yard box but he just could not get enough power or direction on it to steer the ball home. This proved to be a deciding factor since 3-3 would have changed everything and set a tense closure to the game. Unfortunately, a near 3-3 soon turned to 4-2 for Braioise with another well worked move on their part. The last 10 minutes saw the opposition playing with confidence and ease and attack after attack resulted in close calls for the Irish. After hitting the bar, Brainose gained another corner and this time once the ball was cleared to the edge of the box, their troublesome midfielder fired the ball home into the top corner. 5-2 it finished without any real complaints. We were deservedly beaten in the end by a more organised and accomplished team.


It was good to get out of the rain and sink a few cold ones in the nice club house. Some Vets (showing their real age and desires) ordered some hot soups for comfort! The votes were spread around the team with Terry just scraping the man of the match votes from Antonio.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sky was blue and a fresh, pleasant spring breaze was in the air. Our team was solid and ready to dive in. To avoid competition stealing info from our servers team and tactic are not disclosed this time.

And then it all happened….. we got a well deserved free kick about 40, 50 meters outside the box. Our central defender was rushing in to prepare for the free kick.

After gauging wind speed, density and velocity the ball was put on a small, well maintained piece of grass. A last check on all parameters was completed and the studs on the shoes fastened. A determined distance from the ball was taken. The defender run towards the ball. His leg bent backwards and the shot taken as precises as a Swiss watch. The ball started to fly…. 10 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters. The crowd was watching with open mouth. The opposition was screaming… keeper…. keeper.

The keeper was trying to touch the ball. It was however exactly reaching the crossing. Impossible the reach.

Goaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll !

And this ladies and gentleman is how we almost won but at the end lost with 2-5.

Ah…the Old Infirm derby.  Always the highlight of the season.  With all the recent violence in Brussels it was reassuring to know that this match would never be in danger of producing any such nonsense.

Well, except for the last one.  And maybe the one before that.

We were able to field one of our strongest XI of the season (and with a pretty damned strong bench too if I do say so myself!).

Goals: Laurent

Defence: Damo, Paul, Luuk, Alan

Midfied: Bart, Joris, Jorg, Jacob

Forward: Oscar, Niall

Subs: Matt, Terry

Manager/Mascot: Paddy

Oscar “Mike Bassett” Sanchez De Leon chose a bold 4-4(“f*cking”)-2 formation to accommodate the second coming of Christ (i.e. Niall) who had recovered from last week’s ankle injury and was looking forward to picking up another one.

The pre-match speech consisted of “All I ask of you today is to not concede two goals“.  Prophetic words indeed.  Perhaps in the first game of 2019 we should be instructed to “not score 12 goals please”?

We have, traditionally, started games slowly and, optionally, grown into them.  Quite often conceding after 10 minutes or so.  However, despite the bitter cold we started at a blistering pace (well…blistering for a bunch of 40-something Father Xmas look-alikes anyway).  The Brits were mostly being pinned back in their own half for the first 15-20 minutes as we moved the ball around confidently creating chance after chance. We probably should have been 2-0 up but poor finishing and some downright bad luck cost us.  After missing a complete sitter and having another one cleared off the line the Brits started to realise that that could maybe get something out of the game and grew in confidence.

It was at this point that Terry poked his head out from under the bundle of coats where he was hibernating and stated that “We’re dominating.  This is probably where they’ll score a lucky goal”.

A mere few moments later the Brits were able to craft a half-chance on the edge our box which took a minor deflection off Alan’s arm and nestled into the bottom corner of the net.  Prophetic words indeed Terry!  Perhaps he should give the pre-match speech next time?

Half-time came and the subs came on.  Surely this would turn the tide?  The team, to their credit, were not disheartened and came back out determined to equalize.  The second half continued much like the end of the first with both teams battling each other in midfield and creating a few chances.  Ultimately, however, the Brits grew into the game more.  Their #14 was running the show for them and his constant little dribbles and accurate passes were beginning to stretch the Irish defense.  It was one such move that brought the crushing blow as they worked the ball to the edge of 18-yard box and curled a lovely shot beyond Laurent’s grasp.

We had no choice now but to throw men forward in a final attempt to get back into the game.  Joris let fly with another of his trademark long shots (can you trademark something after doing it twice?) but was denied by the post and Oscar just couldn’t quite get to the rebound.

And so, the game ended exactly as Oscar had not requested.  A 0-2 loss to our fierce rivals.  Bragging rights remain in Rosieres for now but this surely a temporary situation.

MOTM was Niall for fantastic first-half where he consistently held up the ball wonderfully and distributed it even more so.

After the final whistle, it was touching to see Luuk and Johan embrace on the touchline.  Obviously realizing Santa was watching and wouldn’t bring them any presents if they were naughty boys (again).

A final shout-out to the Brits referee who did a fantastic job (even deservedly yellow carding one of their players!) but also maturely handling any potential flare-ups with a firm word.

For the 13th match of the season for Vets2, I can’t help starting this report talking about our recruitment policy. Since the beginning of the season, we have almost played with the same group of 12-13 regular people. The good point is that we got to know each other more and more… the bad point is that as time passed we became a real veterans’ team. So, what happens when some of us are missing? Where can we find some fresh blood? Oscar, who remembered this famous sentence “this is with old pots than we cook the best soup”, found the answer. He called the “arriere garde” of FCI Irlande with Paul (last week) and Niall this week-end.


So, let’s talk about the match. But which match? Our Irish squad thought playing against AEMA, a team which beat us shortly 3-2 on the latest match. But instead of them, some “gilets jaunes” (11 according to the police; 13 according to the protesters) were positioned in front of us with only one claim: taking the three points. Then, Oscar, the captain, decided to place his policemen like this:


Patrick – Luuk – Paul – Alan

Joris – Matt

Jacob – Terry – Antonio


Strategic position on the bench: Damo and Niall

At this moment of the report, two precisions must be given:

  • Our troops noted the defection of two members who used bad excuses (but certainly afraid by the risk of this opposition): Pascal and Ken. Jörg also went out of the ranks in last minute for a suicide mission with vets 1.
  • These clashes occurred with the supervision of two U.N. observers: Pietro and Paddy.

During the first half-time, the demonstration of the “gilets jaunes” was quite peaceful. Our positions were well protected by our defence. Some protesters tried to used adjacent streets but Alan and Patrick were attentive. But, sadly, after 20 minutes, Patrick was forced to leave the lines after a bad sensation in a part of his body which will not be mentioned in the official report… Then, Damo took his position and started a beautiful game. After that, it will be really difficult for me to explain to my son what is the difference between a “Damo” and a “Demo”.

Little by little, the Irish squad started to take control of the situation with some nice moves from Luuk who used our left side like a springboard for our offensives. And then, after a nice move (which started from our keeper -> Luuk -> Jacob -> beautiful pass to Antonio -> GOAL!!!), FC Irlande gave a big warning to the “gilets jaunes”: Nossegem won’t be a new Feluy or Arc de Triomphe!!!

But this brilliance didn’t make the protesters quiet. They started to besiege our goal. And after several attempts, on a corner kick, one breaker pushed Sergeant Paul who pushed too Second Class Laurent who was not able to catch their Molotov cocktail… So, the first half of the clashes finished with an equality: 1 – 1.

Then, Oscar decided to use the reinforcement of our shock troop with the entrance of Niall in front. Then, Oscar went to our right wing. Most of the second half of the fight was at the midfield. Irish squad tented many times to break the lines of the protesters without much success. Captain Oscar had a big chance to hit their moral but one more time, some breakers, without any consideration for law enforcement, pushed him on the floor. The judge, dispatched on the spot, decided that the « gilets jaunes » used well their right of demonstration.

While each side kept his position, Caporal Joris decided to use artillery to destroy one of the protesters‘ barricades. His only attempt was the good one!!! This shot and his consequences killed the motivations of main of the breakers… Some of them tried to save one point at last but these attempts never surprised the vigilance of our defence and our last rampart that had to block on the floor the only dangerous trial of the protesters. Then, the “gilets jaunes” were resigned and decided to accept the final sentence: 2-1.

After these events, Jacob complained about the changing room atmosphere after the match, probably because we had forgotten how to react after a victory: such a long time ago! But this didn’t prevent the squad to celebrate a mission accomplished. This was also the occasion to promote THREE good soldiers, heroes of the day: Joris, Jacob and Antonio. We just expect that this victory is just a good prelude of next week big battle: Brussels British!!!

1 December 2018

Amicale Jettoise – VETS2: 3 – 2

One of those matches…

On a not too cold, but dark and rainy afternoon VETS2 ventured out to the backstreets of Jette.

Spirits were lifted by having Paul Skehan added to the team sheet making his comeback to the pitch after a year of injury.

On the pitch we realized that the other team played with ten men. So it was clear, it could be a comfortable win for VETS2 or one of those matches where things just never work out.

VETS2 started optimistically enough, playing some decent passes. Paul Skehan showed he had not forgotten how to play. Excellent performance from him. Early pressure from the guys let to a corner kick. Pascal made a great delivery, Jacob got his head on ball and it was going in just needing to pass one guy on the line: Oscar. Oscar thinking someone was behind him tried to redirect the ball and send it over the bar. A little later though he made amends. Running onto a great ball over the top from Joris he rounded the keeper and put VETS2 in front. Maybe it would be a comfortable win after all.

The other team stood deep in defense with six guys and had three skillful players up front, one of them being clearly a great player in his days…  His days were not completely over, because middle of first half he managed to combine with the other two and even against six defenders they somehow managed to dribble and pass their way to an equalizer. A little later they repeated the trick and it started to look more like one of those matches…

Some decent Irish effort towards the end of the half did not lead to clear cut chances, but the VETS2 spirit improved.

Second half was fully controlled by VETS2, without creating too many open chances in the beginning. Jörg made many runs down the right side, without finding the open player. Cracking shots from tight angles hit the post and went just over. Eventually justice was served. On another of his runs, Jörg hit a pass/shot which took a big deflection and went over the goalkeeper into the goal. Still plenty of time to win the match.

However, it was one of those matches. The opponents gave up the ball and send it long over the top. Somehow one of the three front men managed to get to it before Allan, Paul or Ken and then it was 3 – 2 to them.

The last 15 minutes VETS2 pushed the opponents back. The opponent star attacker tired of his running duels with Allan and took instead to showing off his skills like shifting the ball to his fellow attacker on the other side with a kick behind his standing leg. Meanwhile VETS2 pressed on. Jörg made a hard pass to the center, where Jacob decided to try to control it. He missed a step and the goalie managed to block the following effort. Terry saw the goalie of the line, but he didn’t quite lift the ball high enough to get it over him. Several other half chances and free kicks outside the box lead to nothing. And so it ended up being just a wet and dark afternoon in the backstreets of Jette.

Paul Skehan was man of the match, but apparently his long absence had made him forget that you then have to stay and buy a beer. Instead the beer was bought by second man of the match Jörg.

Jacob Hansen


The grey wintry conditions were a bit of a novelty, there was even a bit of cold rain before the match, leaving the pitch a little sticky. Perfect conditions for FC Irlande.

Numbers were a bit depleted, but captain Oscar once again did a great job in getting a team together. Paddy McEneaney came out of retirement once again, and it was great to see Denis O’Sullivan back

Oscar laid out the team as follows (front to back)


Paddy Joris Jacob Terry Jorg

Luuk Alan Laurent Patrick



Oscar stuck with the same back 5 as last time which was either a remarkable show of faith given the defensive horror of the previous match, or more likely a reflection of the fact that he didn’t have a lot of choice.


As the match progressed though, Ireland actually looked reasonably solid at the back. The opposition had a couple of fast skillful strikers, but their attempts to play through balls were dealt with fairly comfortably – most of the time. At one point their number 11 skipped past Alan who saw an opportunity to finally get a yellow card by pulling him back. The ref gave him a stern talking to, but no card. The free was a few yards outside the box but sailed over the bar.  They were creating more chances than we were though, and Ireland were looking jittery defending the set pieces … and after about 20 minutes that was our undoing. St George score from a free header from a corner.


0 – 1


Disappointing. Oscar rallied the troops and Ireland constructed a few attacks.. The central midfield trio of Terry, Jacob and Joris are well able to play football and they started combining nicely with the Paddy and Jorg on the wings and with Oscar up front. Jorg’s pace allowed him to beat his man at will, it’s just a pity we couldn’t get the ball to him more often. Ken managed to reach Oscar with a few long kickouts. Oscar as usual, held the ball up well, and again as usual nut-megged the opposition defenders a few times for a laugh. On one occasion, Oscar slalomed through a couple of defenders and squeezed off a decent shot from a tight angle , not quite managing to beat the keeper.

On another occasion Oscar was clean through (after another long kick from Ken) but was blatantly pulled back by the shirt. The ref inexplicably waved play on.


As the second half got under way Denis cam on for Paddy, the teams seemed evenly matched. Then after 10 minutes a breakthrough. Some great hustle by Terry near the goal line on the right resulted in him accidentally squaring the ball across an open goal where Jacob arrived at the right moment to tap it home. Terry of course claims that his accidental cross/clearance was actually a nice shot from a very tight angle and was going in.


1 -1


Ireland were back in the game and their tails were up but it wasn’t to last. Patrick who had been having an outstanding game had a moment of bad luck when the ball came off his boot badly and fell at the feet of an opposition striker who shot from close range, Ken did well to parry the shot, but it fell to another striker who couldn’t miss.


1 -2


Ireland continued to plug away trying to get the equaliser, but with 10 minutes to go, Laurent slid in for a tackle in the penalty box, and from afar it looked like he got the players leg rather than the ball. What actually happened was that the attacker jumped to evade Laurent’s tackle and landed on Laurent’s leg. It was perhaps understandable though that the penalty was given. The St George striker sent it into the bottom corner, leaving Ken with no chance.


1 -3


In the last minutes Ireland frantically tried to get a goal back. Oscar got through again but was brought down by the keeper inside the box.  A clear penalty. You would have thought, but the ref didn’t see it that way and waved play on with the keeper down. Ireland sent the ball back into the box and Terry had a shot which was blocked. The ball fell to Joris at the edge of the box and an emtpy goal to aim at. The ref chose that moment to whistle because the keeper was still down and Joris’ chance of glory was gone.


The game ended with Ireland disappointed and frustrated, but with the consolation that the performance had been much better than the previous match.


Joint MOTM were Joris and Luuk. Two excellent performances. Luuk started many attacks from left back, playing with great confidence. Joris worked his socks off, winning the ball repeatedly,  taking the ball around players to create space and picking out nice passes.



Vets 2 were slow to get to grips with the earlier KO. And that was demonstrated to some extent on the pitch. At least for the first half. Ken, our weather shaman, prayed to the weather Gods and stopped the rain at around 2.30. I think I speak on behalf of everybody, we were thankful for that.

The referee was an absolute gem. All he needed has a baguette and a string of garlic round his neck to go with his beret like cap. According to Oscar, the chap was almost 80. So that’s dedication for you. Turning up in such weather.. He was pretty good I have to say, perhaps a touch severe, and you could tell he was a cantankerous old bastard at times, but no real complaints overall.

The line up.

Patrick Luuk Laurent Alan
Joris Bart
Jorg Jacob Pascal

Terry and me were on the bench to provide strength and depth. Terry had a nice blanket (kindly provided by Ken the witch doctor) to keep his wee legs warm. Matt, our délégué for the day, was also present and correct. Paddy MC was ever present and spurring on the lads with his encouraging sideline shouts. Not sure they were listened to mind you. Especially in the first half.

The game started fairly spritely by the Irish. Nice build up play followed by a neat cross into the box. Jorg managed to latch on to it. However the keeper managed to get a hand on it and turn it round the post. Then Entente suddenly woke up and started to string lots of decent passes together. We stepped off the gas and were against the ropes.

Some errors were made and after 20 minutes we were 4 nil down. It was surreal. Never seen anything of the like. Fortunately, a lucky own goal made it 4-1 and then we woke up a bit and Oscar finished well to make it 4-2. Then as the half came to a close we let in one more which was a little unfortunate but well taken by their guy who had scored 4 of the goals. It was a crazy half and one we will find hard to forget.

The second half was a different story. We made a couple of subs and decided to mark their striker, which was ably and delicately handled by Luuk. We begun the second half very well taking the game to them. Pascal moved the right side of midfield and started to cause problems, with Jorg moving to the other side. Terry, Bart and Joris got stuck in and we literally dominated the half. Going close at least 5 times. Finally we got another back with a peach of a goal from Tel. Kens blanket must have had magical properties. Anyway, we didn’t let up until the end. We gave everything, but couldn’t claw back the goals. Shame really, but it wasn’t our day. Good attitude all the same.

Thank god for buvettes. Beers ensued and spirits were lifted by a hearty stew kindly prepared by Laurent. Very nice stuff. Loved the onions stuffed with cloves. Nice touch that. To celebrate his birthday, David also brought some tasty dishes from his part of the world. Very nice fare all in and thank you gents for preparing it.

MOM. Our very own urbane Terry Waite esquire. Bien mérité.

Don’t forget that next week we have a bye.. Which to the unitiated means no games. Enjoy ikea and domestic bliss.

On a sunny early November morning, FCI Vets 2’s ruthless warriors made the long trip to the other side of town to face Pharma. Pharma’s season-to-date results were a mixed bag of good and bad, including a recent draw vs mighty Watermael, so we were curious to see how it would play out. We had support from a couple of Vets1 guys, plus even overseas’ reinforcements to make up for the usual school holiday lot of absences and we felt ready to get back to winning ways. A wise man in Vets2 said once that if you score more goals than the opposition, you usually win. Armed with such trivial banalities, as well as some other irrelevant comments from the captain, the team started warming up.


Some players were late, but the officially appointed referee was even later. So much so that he didn’t even show up and it was one of Pharma guys who had to whistle. As starting line-up we had Laurent in goals, Patrick, Rob, Terry and Luuk as back 4, Jörg, Bart, Joris and Alex as mid 4 and Pascal and then Oscar further up, with a strong bench of Dave, Carlos and Jeff.


We started dominating and, against what has become almost a tradition we didn’t concede in the first 5 or 10 minutes. In fact we didn’t concede at all in the first half, and Laurent only had one soft header to deal with. We were easily passing the ball from defense on to mid-field, where Joris had plenty of space to create havoc for the opposition. And havoc we created. After a couple of missed chances, Oscar put a pass down the wing to Luuk, who was bored at left back and had decided to explore the rest of the pitch. Luuk cut inside past 2 defenders and curled a shot out of reach for the keeper. 1-0. Shortly thereafter Oscar was chasing a long ball and managed to hold off their tall center back long enough to pass to Jörg, who had run in support and coolly scored from inside the box. 2-0.


At half-time we were all optimistic to win. Jörg, Alex and Rob came off and Dave, Carlos and Jeff came on. Luuk even tried to swap sides with Patrick because he was still bored. Little did he know what was coming.


Pharma made 2 changes and the 2 new guys were really good. One was a centre midfielder who could dribble himself and would have been brilliant if he had passed the ball (which, luckily for us, he mostly didn’t do). The other was a right winger that replaced Luuk’s boredom by a moment of panic, followed by a serious performance as a “reducer” (see match report 3 weeks ago). These 2 new players turned the tables in the game and Ireland found itself defending for most of the 2nd half. A serious defensive exercise by the back 4, supported by Bart and Joris, plus some of Laurent’s magic in goals (great saves jumping to that top right corner or with his feet…) helped keep Pharma at bay. Offensively we were less active than in the 1st half, but still managed to have some dangerous moves. In one of them Oscar went running down the right and took a shot (or was it a pass to Dave?) which the keeper managed to save… for the ball to rebound on one or two of his defenders and end up in goals. 3-0 for Ireland. For the rest of the game, we continued to defend and Pharma eventually scored from a penalty, after there was a handball in the box. Still, we finished at 3-1, happy with an overall solid team performance.


The after-match drinks this time included listening to a bizarre selection of French music on the bar stereo and cheering FCI 2nds on to a well-deserved victory while the autumn sun was setting. All in all, a great day for Ireland in Forest. As for Vets2, looking at previous seasons, it usually takes us 2 or 3 months to get into the swing of things. Was today the long-awaited turning point of the season? We’ll see, but for now it was a nice victory.


PS: Regarding the wise man’s theory, it was proven wrong today, as it is indeed possible to win scoring only as many goals as the opposition…



11-2, 9-4, 2-9 … Chinese betting odds? For Vets2 not to concede a goal before 5 minutes? No, unfortunately these were some of the results that our opponent Watermael had racked up so far in the season. So, as if it was not already difficult to find enough eligible players for this first Toussaint holiday game, it had to be against a juggernaut that is steamrolling through the season.

Throwing in the towel and going for a forfeit would probably have been the sensible option. But we are FC Irlande Vets, so we prefer the hard and proud way.

Every stone was turned, most of them several times, and in the end our captains had managed the small miracle in assembling 2 teams for the day. Big round of applause for both the brave captains and everybody who stepped in from retirement and other life related situations normally keeping them busy in the weekends. We even had 2 vets debuts in Axel and Diogo, and a vets comeback by Enda.

And finally the weird repeating occurrences of sun and warm temperatures on match days had been replaced by the more familiar bipolar Belgian weather. Rain, sun, wind, hail, repeat. All set for the match.

The venue for the day was the old and prestigious stadium Trois Tilleuls/Drie Linden, once built for the football club Racing Club de Bruxelles, about 10 times the capacity that was needed. It was full only on the opening game versus AC Torino on 11th November 1948. Yes, the very same Torino team that perished in a plane crash just 4 months later, in March 1949.

Back to Vets2, who found themselves in a changing room as big as the bar in Nossegem, with a massage table and a big tactics blackboard. Both remained unused on that day.

Oscar presented the challenge of the day – finish the game with no injuries. He remained realistic about the task ahead, but he wanted to at least give Watermael a run for the money. A big roar rose up as the Vets2 warriors drove to the pitch as being led by William Wallace. (this may only have happened in the writer’s imagination)

Lineup was something like a 4-4-1-1:

Ken (GK)


Paddy-Joris-Axel-Alex (cue some confusion)


Captain “Braveheart”

No subs. No injuries, please.

Game started with a composed approach by the greens, keeping the team shape and working hard on and off the ball. It quickly emerged that they had a skilled player in number 18 (oh no, not again… after THAT number 11), and Alan had a busy time as he was mostly active on our left side. There was something George Best like over him, as he would dribble someone (could have been Alan, but we name no names), stop and dribble the same player again. And again. Later it was told he was a futsal player, apparently that’s what those indoor playing fancy pants do.

Anyway, it did unfortunately not take as long as we had hoped before they scored the opener. A through ball on our left, a precise cross that was cleverly headed in by “the balded one”, another skilled player in the home team. But as much as all the opposition teams have found amazing ex-professionals to terrorize us, we have also found a resilience which has seen us come back from difficult spots before. No heads dropped yet.

Up front Oscar was leading the line and chasing balls, darting around their defenders and

keeping them busy. And he was receiving a fair share of knocks, which the referee either did not see or did not care about. He was mostly standing still in the center circle anyway, so probably not interested.

Up to this point the game was not too unbalanced, our midfield was working hard and tried to play quick balls forward as this seemed to be a way to breach their defence. Axel had a physical ruggedness combined with a decent eye for a pass. VanMalcot genes, so it seems.

But there were more goals in this game. And the second was a clever lobbed shot from far out, after keeper Ken was spotted out of position. (he later complained that all the lines in the box were confusing, but keepers are good in finding excuses)

Several decent combination from the greenies did not lead to great chances, the goal did instead come from a moment of brilliance from Oscar. He chased a ball that was strictly already lost, forced his way between the rugged defenders and as soon as he was goal side of them he unleashed an unstoppable shot that stroked the cross bar before stretching the net. Just like for William Wallace, giving up is not an option for Oscar.

2-1 and they were visibly concerned.

But it has to be said, their 3rd goal was excellent. A short pass forward from their midfield, and then a very tricky through ball between our central defenders that was more like an average Vets2 shot. Controlled mid air with the thigh and then a controlled lob over Ken who tried to run out to close the angle. One has to acknowledge quality, and this was quality.

At this moment the idea of getting something from the game started to dematerialize, a bit like when the memories were disappearing in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Or the image fading away in Marty McFly’s picture when he kissed his mother.

The rest of the game was probably entertaining to watch, less so for the greens who now were in damage control mode. A couple of the goals were in fact presents (Bart, we remain silent), so we could maybe have kept the score a bit prettier. But in the end there are no minus points in football, a loss is zero points and that’s it.

On a lighter note we had support from Matt Williams who had been to a scan and learned that his knees are in excellent condition. Currently the odds are 7-1 for him to appear vs the Brits. Fingers crossed, Matt.

Vets2 did not hesitate to seek to the bar, and glasses were raised several times for all good reasons. This group will not give up, and next time they will have to work a lot harder for the win that is for sure!

MOTM was Oscar



By: Ken Haetta

This time, our coach change the speech before the game. No need to warm up and we can concede goals during the first 5 minutes. I would say it was a good speech, because everybody was doing the opposite.

Good pressure, great pass (from the back to the middle, yes it was an amazing start …) between lines and some interesting option upfront. After 25 min, we decide that it was enough to contradict the coach. Honestly, it was not the case, ITT score a very nice and surgical goal.

From that moment, we totally lost our football for the next 10 minutes. It was the perfect timing for the halftime.

A good speech and positive comment from everybody. We decide to start the second half as we did  during the first one, but the second half was the longest one we “play” since the beginning of the season ( at least 45 min).


There were a lot of discussion, pause and discussion on every 5 min. The defense stay strong like a rock with our Goalkeeper on fire and a present and concentrated defense. The midfield decide to push higher and Oscar stays Oscar.

Receiving a fault ( even he still confirm that there was fault). We choose the perfect timing to score a goal with an amazing, not incredible free kick  from the left side….. with offside, no sorry no offside. After 5 min of discussion, the opponent convince the referee that there was offside.

But we convince again the referee that there was no offside, so the goal was validated. (I would agree that there was no offside and that Oscar’s goal was valid). The opponent was so edgy, that they score a second goal within 5 min.

We never give up and decide to play man against man at the back and let Spiderluuk free on the pitch. We had some good chance but we were not able to equalize. Itt Gecko stay strong at the back and score the 3-1 in the last 10 minutes.

It was may be on of the best team we play this season, and our first “official” (special dedication to our Captain) home lost.

We get 4 Man of the Match, but the most important was to support our 1st ladies team against the best team in Belgium “STANDARD DE LIEGE” for ever.

On another gorgeous day to play football, adding yet another argument to the Belgian application to become the next holiday destination in Europe, Vets 2 found their way to a familiar venue, Rosières, famous for hard fought battles, great wins and some humiliating defeats at the hands of our favourite opponents, as well as for the pet cemetery nearby, to face Lorraine, a team that had been relegated last season and wanting to find their way back to where they thing they belong. Searching deep in the ocean of whatsapp contacts, Captain Oscar managed to replace injured players and stars on loan to Vets 1 by a new goalie, Javier, and by the tactical understanding of the game and the language skills of today’s reporter (if he was looking for quality, he had been searching elsewhere). So the Irish started with a mix of new, Javier in goals, and old (as in household names) Patrick, Alan, Laurent and Damo in defence,  Bart, Terry, Jacob in midfield, Jorg and Pascal on the wings supporting the lone ranger, Oscar. On the bench, Ken, António, and, just-in-case-someone-breaks-a-leg, Joris. Huge crowds came to support the BIG but in the end preferred to watch the first team on the opposite pitch. Speaking of preferences, Matt chose to watch old farts in shorts instead of young girls and soccer moms in bikini at Walibi. Just saying…..
Football has many unwritten rules, some of them were demonstrated yesterday at Rosières, as you will see below, eager reader. One of them states “Football is a game of two halves”. So true, but in the case in display here, the first half was 5 minutes long, while the second lasted for the remaining 65 minutes of the game. Confused? So were Vets 2 yesterday: paying attention to Oscar’s words before the game “let’s start the game focused, let’s not concede in the first minutes as we always do” the team did exactly the opposite and within 5 minutes the score was 2 nil down: the first after their striker nr. 11, picked a long pass, ran by Alan Norton as if he was on a bike to put it in, the second a shambles between Laurent and Javier, both under pressure by the same striker, with the ball finding its way into the net. Were our heads down, thinking WTF? No, because then the second half started (please read above). And we put on a string of passes in midfield to make use of Jorg on the right, who had a tremendous game, over and over again passing through their defence and creating chances, either by crossing to the second post, either (and more successfully) by passing the ball low to the edge of the box, where our first shot by Terry came from. Then it was Oscar, and Pascal (twice, one of them after three passes inside their box, in a lovely move) who tested their goalie (did you see that most of our shots were on target, only a few went wide?). After a few attempts the deserved goal finally came by Oscar, 2-1 and game on.
Lorraine, to be honest, look solid in midfield but shaky at the back. The real problem was their attacking duo, a 1,95 m tall striker, confident on the ball and clever in his positioning, and the above mentioned nr. 11, who remained too fast, too skilful and overall too energetic to the Irish defence. In a good connection with their left winger, he managed his way in the box and scored a third before half time. By then Patrick had already got injured and had been replaced by Antonio, and Javier had made two or three miraculous saves to keep us in the game.
Halftime came and the spirits were high. It was obvious that we were in the game, our passing game in midfield was paying off (the Bart-Jacob-Terry trio was in total control) connecting well with Jorg on the right and Oscar, who had moved to a more leftbound position. At that time, another change in tactics was being discussed on the sideline, examining the possible success rate of the introduction of a reducer in the game. For the ones less familiar with advanced football tactics and the concept of the reducer, it’s a position aimed at reducing (hence the name….) the impact of a player in a game, usually an opponent, this time targeting the famous nr. 11, although Mourinho famously used the same tactics with his own team in Inter Milan when he moved Samuel Etoo to the right full back position (and arguably doing the same now in ManU placing Rashford on the right side of the bench). Speaking of full backs, Damien was winning the battle of the left side of the pitch, while Antonio did the same on the right, adding his poise to the game and initiating the move that turned out to be the 3-2: Laurent to Antonio to Bart, to Jorg, who got in the box yet again to cross it low to an incoming Terry who netted it nicely, doing a “Dave Verdon”. Now what’s a “Dave Verdon”, you ask? It’s a goal scored by the guy who thinks he’s the oldest man on the pitch! The man himself missed the momentous event as he was watching the firsts thrashing their opposition.
So, 3-2! After our second, we went for the equalizer, which should have come from a Maradonesque move by Oscar,  dribbling their whole defence to see the ball passing 5 cms of the wrong side of the post. Having failed to score, another unwritten rule of football kicked-in: “if you don’t score, you will concede”, and so we did, courtesy of “you know who”, a Brazilian player who had failed the cut to the first team of Flamengo a couple of years back, migrating to Belgium as a consequence (not true, but adds a tropical flair to the story, doesn’t it?). 4-2…. when, all of a sudden, in another collective move, Jacob does a “Ian McConnell”! Yes, a “Ian McConnell”! (to the not so familiar with FC Irlande footballing practices, a “Ian McConnell” is a goal scored by the player who’s ACTUALLY the oldest on the pitch). 4-3, and only 10 minutes to go. The tension on the sidelines was as thick as the non existent fog, can we pull it off? In the end we couldn’t despite the change in tactics (and subsequent introduction of the reducer, aka Ken), because someone (need I say more?) decided to run through our defence another 4 or 5 times, scoring the fifth on one attempt, hitting the crossbar on another and giving  Javier the chance to shine yet again in a superb dive. Final score, 5-3.
In the dressing room, the mood was light and cheerful, helped by the continuous inflow of  Jupiler, Leffe and AA drinks, as well as the vision of Jacob’s very classy shirt with light blue thin stripes- fashion is a statement, right gentlemen? Layers of mystery piled in when Alan refused refused a beer, and then a Leffe, as well as when Oscar saw himself voted MOTM, honours outside his reach even when he scores 3 goals in the same game.
The festivities continued through the evening and late night at Casa Miguel, please check whatsapp for pictures and recordings (I think there’s a YouTube viral success in one of them).

Seldom will the post-game beers have tasted as sweet as last weekend and seldom will a draw have been hailed – quite as justifiably so – as a win as this one.


It was that time of the year again when hundreds of excited sports fans travel to Nossegem from far and away to celebrate the high mass of competitive and high level sports that is a Vets2 home game. Hundreds of parked cars lined the streets near the ground as well as the parking area created specifically for this occasion and across the street from this area was an actual camp site where hundreds more could be seen sitting by campers and caravans, cooling boxes and lunch packs at the ready, killing time before the main event at 3.30. To stem the tide of anticipation, bored crowds can spell trouble, Nossegem city council had even organized a minor event in the form of a cyclocross race known locally as the “Patattencross” or internationally as the, ahum, “potato cross”.


As a result, parking near the ground was about as scarce as a flowing attacking move around Old Trafford, which meant that FC Irlande stars and opponents alike had to endure a longisch walk through the massed ranks of fans in order to reach the pitch. Most players had paid heed to Patrick’s and Oscar’s admonition to get to the ground in time. Pietro, however, could not park anywhere near the ground and in an effort to make up for lost time decided to sprint across the patch of cultivated land behind the Nossegem stand only to … pull a muscle. Having only just recovered from an injury and missed the previous game, it was a harsh blow to Pietro to have to pull out of another one. Legal counsel for FC Irlande are currently examining the merits of a potential tort case against Nossegem city to seek damages.


Vets2 had no fond memories of the encounters with Chenois in the previous season, having lost both, and were hell-bent on getting a result against a team that had proven to be pretty good but by no accounts unbeatable. While the team had certainly defended well in previous games this season, the number of chances created left quite a bit to be desired so Oscar decided on a more attacking line-up, preferring a 4-3-3 to the usual 4-2-3-1 formation, the idea being to push more players forward when in possession. The line-up was very much familiar to the home crowd, though Paul Janknegt (on loan from Vets1) was handed a Vets2 debut on this beautiful late summer or early autumn day. Roberto was back from London and started as sub.



Patrick – Laurent – Terry – Alan


Joris – Damien

Jörg – Oscar © – Pascal


R: Roberto


It would soon become clear that Chenois, if anything, had become an even stronger team than last year and for much of the first half this contest bore a worrying resemblance to the first rounds of the famous boxing match between Messrs. Stallone and Lundgren in the hit movie Rocky IV. The Irish would not, unexpectedly and inexplicably, come back to win the bout and cry out for Adrian, but, as will become clear, the outcome of this particular contest would be every bit as thrilling. Indeed, after having conceded early on, a brilliant finish in the top corner after a daring run through the Irish defense by one of Chenois’ top players (no. 6), the men in green spent most of the first half in the ropes, trying frantically to ward off the barrage of blows dealt by the opposition. Truth be told, the Irish had started the game quite lethargically and the opposition were given too much space around the pitch, especially in midfield where Joris, Damien and Bart were struggling to contain the Chenois midfielders, which meant pressure on the Irish defence was massive and constant, Paul J having to come up with several great saves to ensure the men in green were still in with a chance. Having said that, the defence led by an excellent Terry and Laurent from the centre and manned on the wings by a very solid Alan and Patrick worked tirelessly all afternoon to deal with the threat posed by Chenois’ attacking force, especially the no 13, a former P2 player it would become clear after the game.


The early goal served to shock the team into reaction mode and for a spell the Irish were building neat moves down either wing involving Jörg, Pascal and Oscar. One such move saw Oscar through on goal after a brilliant through-ball by Pascal, but the shot went just wide of the post. Pascal had another long-range effort stopped and a few corners were earned that yielded no real chances, but in the end the half ended with Chenois leading by a goal.


A brief but decisive consultation between Oscar and Ken (Age Haareide) Haetta, delegate for the day, led to the decision to revert to the familiar 4-2-3-1 formation with Roberto coming on for Pascal on 36 minutes, Rob moving into the number 10 position and Damien moving wide, a move that would prove providential later on in the game.


The second half proved – literally – to be an uphill battle, the men in green trying to claw a way back into the game and Chenois looking to finish off a dazed opponent. What had seemed inevitable for long stretches of the games happened 10 minutes into the second half, when a Chenois striker finished a neat move for the 2nd goal. Now, many teams may have caved in at this point but not the Irish. Having nowt to lose and all to gain, the men in green stepped it up another gear and tried to turn the tables. When Terry went on a great run down the Chenois right flank and combined neatly with Oscar, the latter found space in the box and rifled a  very nice low shot past the goal keeper. 1-2, and game on! Chenois were only mildly rattled and continued to look for the goal that would effectively kill the game but time and time again the Irish defence and Paul came to the rescue, in fact the entire team put up an incredibly gutsy performance to stay in contention. The unexpected reward came towards the end of the game when Vets2 earned a free-kick in the centre circle, where many heroic battles had been fought by the Irish midfield, one of which nearly left Joris a few joints short of a full set. Bart’s long ball over the top was missed by a Chenois defender and sailed towards the left side of the six-yard box, where all of sudden Damien – bruised and battered after another brutal encounter, with a “tool box” at home – materialized; milliseconds after the ball was in the back of the net, leaving not just the opposition stunned to be honest. A great goal by all accounts by Damo – “no typo” as swiftly assured by Director of Football Paul Staunton after the game – though at the time of going to press it was not quite clear whether Damo actually lobbed or Ibra-kicked the ball into the net. Then again, who cares ! Two-all !!!!


And so the game finished on a high for the men in green. Full credit to Chenois for showing true sportsmanship after a game that should have been won and would have been won deservedly. Chenois are a great side, with, arguably, only 2 great players, but when the other 9 range from either good to (mostly) very good, you are still in for a tough game indeed as a team. The men in green stumbled to the sidelines to have a picture taken after a truly brave performance and after having won a point that was deserved for the sheer effort and determination shown by each and every Irlande player on the pitch.


Paul J deservedly won MoTM by a large margin, with Laurent (outstanding since the start of the season) a well-deserved runner-up. This draw felt like a win indeed and it may just be the point to kick-start the season for Vets2.

Last Saturday saw Vets2 travelling to Cornac Utd in high spirits. The sun was shining, we had beaten them twice last year, (once a hard fought win; once an easy rout with some assistance from Vets 1 players), we had a strong squad (though missing Terry who had been claimed by Vets 1 and got MOTM) and most, importantly, there is a frietkot next to the pitch.
Soon after arrival, however, things started going south. Alex was lost in public transport at the other side of the city and Pietro had to pull out due to an injury he got at training (rumour has it it was linked to a poor pass by Bart). That meant we had no subs and the following line up
And the first minutes didn’t show any improvement. A well taken corner kick by the opposition resulted in Vets 2 being 1-0 down after 2/3 minutes. Perhaps our marking could have been better but the corner was well taken and their tallest guy headed it in really well.
After this set back, Vets 2 started playing football. Luuk managed to convince Bart and Joris that instead of our usual approach of hoofing it to Oscar and hope he makes something out of it, we should try to play football with short combinations through the middle. And this approach worked really well. Luuk did an excellent job playing the ball to midfield from where we could feed our wingers Jorg and Pascal. At times, this possession game even allowed Alan – who was playing at left back – to move up close to the opposition’s goal. With the exception of a through ball on Oscar (called off for offside) and a shot/cross by Alan that was put wide by Jorg, we did not create that many chances though the opposition was clearly on the back foot.
Their attackers, particularly their right forward, remained a threat throughout the first half; also because our “footballing” contained an element of risk, especially when Luuk tried to dribble from his center back position, lost the ball and then let go a sigh of relief when their attacker put it wide.
Towards the second part of the first half, the pressure started paying off. A nice combination involving Alan, Joris, Jakob, Pascal and Patrick resulted in a shot by Jorg that went just wide. A bit later, Bart put Pascal through on goal but their goalie stopped the ball outside the penalty area and with his hands. To our surprise, the goalie was only given a yellow.
1-0 at half time it was but Vets 2 continued the second half as they finished the first one. Thanks to the good defending by Luuk, Laurent and Bart, Joris could move higher up the field and Alan and Patrick also moved up higher on their wings, at times playing as left/right wingers rather than backs. While Vets 2 put a lot of pressure on the opposition, we did not create many chances as the nice midfield football meant we could not put our striker Oscar in a goal scoring position (in fairness, their central defenders did a good job covering Oscar).
With the exception of one counter by the opposition that resulted in a header saved by Ken with an arm reflex, all the action was on the opponent’s half. Our best chances were probably when Jorg was through on goal alone but put it wide and when a cross to Oscar was just too high but it turned out not to be our day and the game ended at 1-0.
All in all a very good performance by the team (arguably the best football we have played in the past years) which was also reflected in the voting with basically everybody getting votes. Bart was MOTM with Jakob being a good second. Yet, we didn’t score (and we didn’t win) it might be better to return to Plan A for the next games and simply hoof it forward hoping that Oscar does something with it.

At the Start of Autumn it usually rains in Belgium. So the Captains had to come up with additional goodies to lure the best players to sign up for the game. The captain succeed in his mission with the promise to bring good weather and organise a BBQ. It worked. We had a very strong starting team indeed.

Goals : Ken
Defence : Pietro, Laurant, Luuk  Demo
Midfield: Bart, Joris, Pascal, Jorg, Jacob (Terry)
Forward : Oscar (Alex)

Missed for the game and BBQ : Alan N

Before the game started the captain had done his homework and informed us on the insightful outcome of a deep dive analysis based on the game results of the Vets2 teams from the last couple of years. The outcome of this analyses will probably put football in a complete new perspective and will change the game for-good. Cruyff, Pele and Eusebio would be jealous to only know a little bit of these insights. Therefore I will summarise the outcome here for everybody to keep it in mind  and bring it along for each game :

1) If you score 2 or more goals you have a good change of winning the game.
2) If you do not score, your probability of loosing increases.
3) If you concede 2 or more goals there is a high change of you loosing the game.

Equipped with this new knowledge the team was extra motivated to deliver upon the new insights. In contrast to our last game we where well up for it in the first 15 minutes. Some strong passes from Pietro on the right leaded to the first chances. Jorg on the right wing had an amazing day a slalomed trough some defenders to give an excellent cross. However the first half ended 0-0

The motivational speeches during half times prepped us for an other good half. The second half though did run a bit less smooth then the first half. The opposition was getting stronger. Defence however did an excellent job. Laurant put in some sharp slidings and Bart put in a strong tackle which was by accident seen as a fault by the referee. Jorg who had a very strong performance had probably the best chance of opening the score for the Vets2. He just missed. In the last 5 minutes Joris had a good shot on goals as well. The ball perfectly aimed at the lower crossing was put out by the goalkeeper with his fingertips.

So, we ended the game with a 0-0 draw. This was a fair score confirmed by club legent Antonio N who was supporting vets2 this day.

We however celebrated the draw as a win and the beer was flowing richly. The best part of the day came at the end. The team had voted 4 man of the matches by coincidence.  So more beer and more celebrations.

Vets 2 had an early kick off (12.30) out in Anderlecht for their first away game of the season. Expectations were high after starting the season with a 3-1 win last week. Only 12 names on the team sheet with a couple of players carrying colds (Bart and Joris) but still a good, solid squad: Ken in goals; Pietro, Luke, Terry and Laurent at the back; Joris, Jacob, Antonio and Pascal in midfield and Oscar and Jorg upfront.


Vets2 starting off incredibly sloppy! in fact, the first 10 minutes of the game saw almost every player making mistakes – poor control and bad passing! This culminated in a defensive error gifting Aema vets their first goal. A poor pass by Joris in midfield gave the opposition the option of a ball over the top to test Irlande’s defence. The long high ball was totally misjudged by Terry which allowed their forward in to finish and go 1 up. Oscar made an immediate change by switching (I’m a wanderer) Luke with Laurent. Wake up time for Vets 2. Antonio suffered a hamstring injury and was replaced by Bart who ended up playing left back. Luke was switched again to left midfield now – he certainly gets around!


This proved to be a turning point in the game though and Vets 2 woke up and finally started playing some football. Soon we were back on level terms when Oscar finished off a fine move and kept his composure in the penalty area to draw us level. Half time 1-1 – spirits were up.


Irlande dominated the second half but lacked creativity in the attacking third. Against the run of play, Aema went in front again from a cross come shot outside the box. We all watched in slow motion as the ball dropped into the net as a ‘pedestrian’ Ken back peddled. Back the Irish came again though with Oscar once again proving his man of the match award with another goal after a persistent run in the opponent’s box. 2-2 with 18 minutes to go – the win was there for the taking. Vets 2 put the press on the opposition but could not penetrate effectively to create a clear scoring opportunity. Aema’s defence were all over the place when Oscar was fouled on the edge of the box, no whistle from the referee but the ball fell to Pascal who should have run straight at goal but ‘fair play’ Pascal kicked the ball out of play since Oscar was down -we are such a fair team……at times too fair!


Aema’s attackers (6 and 11) were still causing problems though with counter attacks. To our surprise one such attack stretched our defence and after a cross the ball ended up on the edge of our box, their captain spun and hit a high shot into Vets 2’s net – 3-2 to the home team! After all our domination, how could we concede 2 goals! Once again we went chasing the equaliser but time ran out and we were left dejected – we certainly deserved a point from this match! We all felt that we could and should have won this game.


Since there was no bar on site, Vets 2 retired to a bar across the road called the Mew Faufadet. Spurs v Liverpool live on tv and leffe blond on draft set the scene for a nice few post match drinks. On top of that we had the best service ever with free salami, nuts and a bar maid with piercings, tattoos and a pair of pecs to match them! We thought she deserved a place on Vets 2 whattsapp but Bart had great difficulty in pressing the right button to get a photo – there was even some spillage at this point! Never a dull moment with Vets 2!

After a long break and an international competition which show that not every team members has the same analyse of what is efficient football and nice football, Vets 2 meet at Nossegem for a new season.

« New »can also be applied to the captaincy with Oscar who succeeded to Bart.

New policy too in the pre-match speech when Oscar insisted about positive and constructive encouragements and talks during the match. A new way of communication in which Alan didn’t understand than it could also be applied to the opposition (mention in the second half of the match)

New strategy too : our new captain took his inspiration in the world cup with a certainty : success will come with a strong defence and fast players upfront who will surprise the opposition, whatever the aestheticism of this strategy. So to achieve this plan, Oscar decided to copy the actual reference in his player selection.

Starting Line:

N’Golo KENté

Pietro BIENVENUmtiti Adil RamiCHOT Terry WAIThauvin Raphael VarALAN

Hugo LJORIS Kilian MBARTpé

Damo HEGARTuidi Pascal HERMANdanda Antonio PavarGIU

Oscar SANCHernandes

Of course, this starting team is completed with a strong bench:

* Paul JORGba

* Thomas LeMATTHEW

* Jacob HANSEmbélé

The opposition of the day (Jettoise amicale) was composed by a strong attack but a brittle defence; a bit like Uruguay.

So, let’s talk about the quarter-finale… Heu… about the match.

During the first ten minutes, the game was mostly in our side. FCI players were a bit shy, refusing to go in contact of their opponent. So Jettoise used this liberty to keep his chance. But every time, a foot, a head or our keeper’s good positioning prevented theirs tries.

Full of trust, Jettoise played higher on the policy until the two-time punishment. The wingers, Damo and Antonio, and Oscar used their sense of passes to surprise the apathetic defence of Jettoise to keep Pascal in great condition to score twice. Two occasions = two goals: it never happened before in the Vets2 history (Information confirmed by our fans of the day and historians of the club: Paul, Jan and Terry). After this lesson of realism, Jettoise didn’t play so high and the first half finished just after a missed chance from FC Irlande to kill the game.

For the second half, our three subs joined the game and our midfield.

The rhythm was a bit higher than the first half (slower wasn’t possible…) with an opposition who tried to get back in the match. But our defence, one more time, didn’t let them trust that they can be back in the game. Every time, Terry’s placement, Pietro’s covering, Laurent’s tackles and Alan’s fighting spirit stopped their ambitions. And if this wasn’t enough, Ken was here, especially with an amazing dive on this left that T. Courtois wouldn’t have denied.

A third goal was the answer to finish this game in serenity. As a responsible captain, Oscar used the weakness of the opposition’s defence to open his goal counter.

After that, nothing special except three little events:

* In a desperate long shot, Jettoise scores a goal just under the bar to deprive FCI of a clean-sheet.

* Alan proved that Saturday’s sport isn’t every time the best moment to make some new friends.

* Matthew and Pascal started a Olivier Giroud challenge for the best miss of the day (The jury is still in discussion to choose the winner)

So, 3 – 1 at the end of the match. A decent two stars display to start this new season.

After that, it was time to return to Vets 2 traditions: shower, beers and, of course, MOTM: A good re-starting game for every team members; but Pascal was, so, in charge of the round of beer.

P.S.: As requested by Oscar, you can see that the word « France » has never been used during this match report!

All fixtures and results

#1 September 8, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 2 3 - 1 Report Jettoise Amicale
#2 September 15, 2018 Aema Veterans 3 - 2 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#3 September 22, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 2 0 - 0 Report Fauborg – Brainoise
#4 September 29, 2018 Cornac United 2 1 - 0 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#5 October 6, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 2 Report Chenois 3
#6 October 13, 2018 Lorraine 4 5 - 3 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#7 October 20, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 2 1 - 3 Report ITT-Gecko
#8 October 27, 2018 Watermael CS 7 - 1 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#9 November 3, 2018 Pharma SC 4 1 - 3 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#10 November 10, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 2 3 - 5 Report Entente RACB 2
#11 November 24, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 2 1 - 3 Report Saint George RCS 5
#12 December 1, 2018 Jettoise Amicale 3 - 2 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#13 December 8, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 1 Report Aema Veterans
#14 December 15, 2018 FC Irlande Vets 2 0 - 2 Report Brussels British 6
#15 January 5, 2019 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 5 Report Watermael CS
#16 January 12, 2019 Fauborg – Brainoise 5 - 2 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#17 January 19, 2019 FC Irlande Vets 2 2 - 3 Report Cornac United 2
#20 February 9, 2019 ITT-Gecko 3 - 2 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#21 February 16, 2019 FC Irlande Vets 2 3 - 0 Report Pharma SC 4
#22 February 23, 2019 Entente RACB 2 3 - 3 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#19 March 2, 2019 FC Irlande Vets 2 5 - 0 Report Lorraine 4
#23 March 9, 2019 Brussels British 6 2 - 0 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#24 March 23, 2019 Saint George RCS 5 3 - 0 Report FC Irlande Vets 2
#18 April 6, 2019 Chenois 3 3 - 4 Report FC Irlande Vets 2

Sorry, no matches were found for this team.

FC Irlande Vets 2

  • Team Captain : Oscar Sanchez de Leon

Top goals scorers

  • Oscar 14
  • Pascal 9
  • Jacob 4
  • Terry 2
  • Jörg 2
  • Luuk 2
  • Antonio 2
  • Damo 2
  • Joris 1
  • Laurent 1

Top goals assists

  • Oscar 8
  • Jörg 5
  • Terry 3
  • Pietro 2
  • Pascal 2
  • Antonio 1
  • Bart 1
  • Patrick 1
  • Joris 1
  • Jacob 1
  • Alan 1