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First game of the championship opposes Brasschaat, 3rd in D2 last season and victorious both times against the girls in green. First game had then ended on a violent 9-1 for the opponents.

This time the ladies went to Brasschaat in search of at least 1 point, if not all 3 of them.
The game starts on a lovely sunny day with the group doing a great job in the first half and Tess taking an awesome lob with the goalie outside of her box at the 20th.
0-1 FC Irlande
We keep combining and showing that we deserve to lead by having several additional occasions but the score remains 0-1.
After the break, they start pushing and playing better than the first half. We are having troubles getting out of our half and combining as during the first 45 minutes.
After 20 minutes in the second half and several saves by Clara, they end up scoring with a long shot.
1-1 25 minutes to go
FC Irlande keeps suffering while Brasschaat dominates the second half. But we manage to create 2 more occasions in the last 5 minutes of the game.
The ref whistles the end. Final score : 1-1
Very good first half for the girls in green, a not as good second half but one precious point brought back by the Ladies I.

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