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On a mild and overcast afternoon at our old training ground in Auderghem, the Seconds secured a good point against a formidable reptilian adversary (Cobra). A tentative and tightly contested first half saw chances at a premium with both teams keeping each other in check. Nevertheless, Cobra had a few half chances from long diagonal balls and FC Irlande were dangerous on the counter with Amadou, Gabi and Julian breaking effectively. Ionut and Tommo had a few good opportunities from delectable Gabi corners.

The second half rolled around and our serpentine foes sharpened their fangs as they attempted to go for the killer bite. However, the boys in green kept their poise and unbeknownst to Cobra, the Seconds had a snake charmer on the bench. Enter Lorenz Blanco. The Seconds secured a free kick soon after he entered and he stung the paws of the keeper and went out for a corner. Lorenz then sent an Olympic goal straight in from the corner. 1-0 FCI.

Not long after, a Cobra long ball was flicked on by their striker and landed kindly to his teammate and was slotted in from close distance. 1-1. But the boys in green remained calm and combined effectively in counterattacks, despite not having much of the ball. But anyone who has studied history or watched a nature documentary knows that eagles eat snakes.

A little while later, Lolo broke off on the left and found a delightful pass onto our soaring German bald eagle’s head who put it in the back of the net, with victory in the clutches of his talons. It was not to be, however, and as the boys in green stepped on the nest of vipers, Cobra increasingly constricted the FC Irlande airways. The Seconds decided to double up on their most dangerous winger (the number 7, who definitely has such severe mommy issues that Freud would even have given up) and allow them to knock long balls into our area.

The Seconds dealt with this threat well but despite a heroic effort, Cobra managed to equalize with the last effort of the game through another long ball and a strong header. 2-2. Despite the bad taste of conceding in the last seconds of the game, in the grand scheme of a season it is a good point away from home. Venom was injected into our veins, but thanks to a tenacious effort, it was not lethal. Well done The Gars.

Its always tough to talk about a painful experience..a man describing his prostate exam springs to mind..and the match against Cobra is no different but I’ll give it a try

The only problem about describing said experience is that the mind tends to try and forget it as quickly as possible so this might not be a detailed account..the focus surely would have to be on the referee though who after turning up late wondered why all the setup work hadn’t been done for him..promising signs..after duly warning that he would take no talk back(not even if it was to help him get a grip on the situation) 19 for 5..12 for 8..or is it 63 for 1 or 112 for 652..remind me please..oh really..well his a yellow for your troubles..classic stuff

But I digress..the football in the first half was immensely pleasant on the eyes with the boys in green running rings around there opponents at times..many half chances and glorious chances were had by Ireland but only one was made to count when a quick free quick was taken culminating in Julian floated a lovely pass in to Lolo who took a deft touch with his right to set himself up for a sweet finish on the half-volley on his left.

Defensively Ireland were rarely troubled in that first half but we’re going to be made to work much harder in the second.

Few would have quite put their money on the next goalscorer and the bookie would definitely have given wonderful odds as everyone was shocked that Hadri got the now before you get all excited he put the ball in the wrong net..I wont pile on, but….what a header!

At 1-1 the game became hectic as both teams adopted a bit of a gung-ho tactic to get the three points and many chances were had by both sides and the boys were fortunate to have MOTM Sheikh Joshinho in goal in order to keep the game all square.

Enter, calamity referee..who, not satisfied with his mid-game chat with his buddy on the side of the pitch decided that Gineste was playing for the opposition and so when Ryan clattered him on the edge of the box promptly gave a free kick..for the opposition…a worse tragedy has not been seen since the infamous sea incident of Malta..

To make matters worse a pestering little man-child git decided to slam the ensuing free into the roof of the net leaving the keeps grasping at air

The boys tried hard in vain to rescue a point and even Lolo buoyed by his heroics of the previous week was incapable of turning a multitude of half-chances in to something concrete

So, like that unholy and unpleasant prostate exam(and that Malta incident), I invite you all to just forget everything I just said and move on with your’ll excuse me then the fact that I can’t remember the lineup and more details about the day.

Ps sorry for the delay but the only thing lazier than me on the pitch is me writing an essay.


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